Oasis Pond Filters


  • The "Mercedes" among the pond filters!  

    Oasis Pass Filter BioSmart UVC, 16000 (garden products)
    Previously I had the pond filter from. Heissner, this was literally the beating the air (inadequate filter performance and constantly muddy, so cumbersome daily cleaning). Since about 2 weeks of the new filter is installed, and I am more than pleasan
  • Pond filters 1  

    Oasis Pass Filter BioSmart UVC, 16000 (garden products)
    Super filter, after about 1 week, the water in the pond was clear. So far, also, no algae growth. Pond is filled with about 10 goldfish and has a size con approx 6m3.
  • Pond filters UV-C lamp  

    Philips TUV PL-S compact lamp 11 Watt UV-C pond clarifier 11W
    In my garden pond turbidity had eingstellt that resembles a pea soup in the summer. After the lamp at my suswechseln Gardena pond filter and repeated cleaning of the filter mats (about 5 times) I have now again super clear water like in an aquarium.
  • Only plant pond filtering  

    Jebao FTP 8500 Eco Pond Pump 8200l / h 95W
    Enjoyed my pond for years and never have a pond filter and connected pump used by the biological purification. This year I came to enschluß thoroughly overtake my pond and to revise, for all Plnzen have been banned from the pond. To compensate for th
  • Replacement lamp for garden pond filters  

    Philips TUV PL-S compact lamp 9 Watt UVC pond clarifier (household goods)
    The Philips PL lamp 9 Watt UV-C is perfect. - I can only highly recommend and hope that the impending summer stays away from the algae growth occurs or reduced!
  • Super value for money 35  

    Golden Peanut ascorbic acid Vitamin CE 300 1kg / 25kg (Personal Care)
    I have ordered the ascorbic acid in the first place, to clean our pond filters, pond after our expert had advised with it. I for just 150 g needed, I will take the rest in tea and water to me. So I save with taking NEM that I would anyway taken. If e
  • TIP WDF 10000 Pond external filters with UV-C  

    TIP pond Außenfilter WDF 10000, Black, and 10,000 liters (tool)
    The pond filter TIP 10000 with UV-C is in our pond (about 5 m³ water volume) for three weeks without a break in service. The assembly was. unlike some other opinions, without problems and quickly done. Before the filter was used, the heavily interspe
  • Oasis Aqua Pond Clear  

    Oasis Water Clarifier Aqua Activ PondClear, 500 ml (garden products)
    We used this means for our garden pond - 10,000 liters - bought. After about 1 hour, the water was clear again, we could see the ground again, and the fish felt comfortable. Unfortunately, it was in order up some more expensive - when I tried to orde
  • Solar pond pump Oasis 500-1  

    SOLAR POND PUMP Oasis 500-1 Solar Pond Pump Set 5 Watt f garden pond, max. 500l / h, Solar Fountain Fountain with sturdy aluminum frame NEW: IMMEDIATE-start system! OPTIMAL for ponds up to approx 4-5qm
    Solar pond pump is working properly, in full sunlight, on the solar module. It should be bemängel, the junction box on the module for the pump connector, is just stuck and has become detached during commissioning immediately.
  • For us, the starter bacteria a good solution to the pond after the winter break are to revive properly  

    Oasis starter bacteria for pond filter Aqua Activ Biokick, 200 ml (garden products)
    The oasis starter bacteria are packaged as a fine-grained granulate in a stable and resealable hard plastic box. The can is sufficient according to the manufacturer for a pond with a volume of 10 m³. Now all you need is the content of your own pond k
  • Good filtering function  

    Oasis Pass Filter BioSmart UVC, 16000 (garden products)
    The good filter function of Oasis 57377 16000 BioSmart allowed in conjunction with the pump Pontec 50855 that the water quality in my fish pond (about 5000 liters) has greatly improved within 14 days. Thanks to the UV-device is not affected by algae
  • Pontec 50754 PondoMatic pond vacuum  

    Pontec Pond & Pool vacuum cleaners PondoMatic (garden products)
    I have long wondered and me on the internet a little inquired about various Silt Remover because I did not want to spend so much money and have me then decided on this silt remover of Pontec 50754 PondoMatic pond vacuum with which I am personally ver
  • Only in a clear pond, the light from the sun is reflected.  

    Oasis starter bacteria for pond filter Aqua Activ Biokick, 200 ml (garden products)
    The oasis starter bacteria are proving to be extremely sustainable and helpful in the fight against algae-affected, polluted and turbid pond water, only respect. The application allows the manufacturer unsuspecting users are literally in the rain. Th
  • Clear Pond - clear recommendation!  

    Oasis starter bacteria for pond filter Aqua Activ Biokick, 200 ml (garden products)
    Since we have our pond indulged a completely new filter system this year, we also took advantage of the first time the Oasis starter bacteria. We had previously made us a little on the internet and really clever you can also not go far wrong. The gra
  • In the pond filter system well suited  

    25 kg of zeolite GRAIN 8-16 mm FILTER MATERIAL Zeoliet phosphate binder ZEOLITE zeolite CEOLITH - FREE SHIPPING WITHIN GERMANY
    Works for filtering in of protein in the Koi very good. Try it now 4 weeks and have no more foam on the water surface of my koi pond.
  • Oasis Biosmart 14000  

    Oasis Pass Filter BioSmart Set 14000 (Misc.)
    14000 have now turned on three weeks day and night to Biosmart. At the beginning of the same in given Bio Quick Starter. At first the water was cloudier than a few days before the filter insert. Now it's in untieferen part with about 80 cm deep cryst
  • Pond Filter Oase 57377  

    Oasis Pass Filter BioSmart UVC, 16000 (garden products)
    Have a pond about 7 - occupied with goldfish and koi 10 m³. Already have a filter of similar size from another manufacturer. I have read different reviews, I was convinced that the filter gets my algae problem under control. Far from it. I have now i
  • The pond filter is TOP  

    Oasis Pass Filter BioSmart UVC, 16000 (garden products)
    Hello, I have, because I was tired of the green broth, my existing filter from. Heissner (sorry is junk), replaced by the those of haven. The best decision ever. The filter of Oasis is our 10,000 l pond and is located about 80 fish souvären finished.
  • ideal for starting pond season  

    Oasis FilterStarter Aqua Activ Biokick Fresh, 500 ml (garden products)
    Especially ideal for the start of spring to the start of the pond season and a worthwhile investment. Good complement to the other products from the Oasis series. , 5 stars and a clear reception
  • Highly recommended, Pond in 2 days re clean  

    Söll 11602 filter starter bacteria 100 g (garden products)
    My pond 3500 liters was very cloudy. Have distributed nicely in the filter according to instructions the bacteria. After 2 days I had clear water. My old pump (1 year) from the hardware store had given up the ghost. In the glass of the UV lamp water