odys cosmo tablet 10.1inch applications


  • Odys / Visio Tablet, 10.01 inches  

    Odys Visio 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) tablet PC (quad-core processor (4x1,3GHz), UMTS (3G), GPS / AGPS, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB HDD, Android 4.2.x, HD IPS display (1280 x 800), Bluetooth 4.0, OTA) black / aluminum (Personal Computers)
    Have bought the tablet. Am pleasantly surprised. Everything works fine. The battery lasts for 8 hours at me loose. Is probably because because I have somewhat reduced brightness. The weight is not worth mentioning. For such a price the tablet is bril
  • 6 tablets! = 6x application!  

    Bosch / Siemens Entkalkungstabletten 6 pieces, No .: 310967 (household goods)
    Super fast delivery - so far everything great. The product operates safely but also: Here the marketing department has done the best work. It is thick on the packaging: 6 tablets. And I of course think (so it seems to me that at least naĆ¼trlich) - pr
  • Fits also for externally identical Odys Boox tablet / media player  

    Bag for Trekstor 3.0 of Hugendubel Weltbild Jonkers eBook readers - Best Case for eBook readers Trekstor 3 - electronic book (Electronics)
    Hello There! I was looking for a bag for OdyX BOOX eBook reader my wife. At first I had bought the hardcover XIRRIX Eva Case. Since this bag but was clearly too large, and also is the rubber band across the screen, I have the XIRRIX Eva Hardcover Cas
  • Odys Titan VS. Intenso TAB814  

    Odys Titan 20.3 cm (8 inch) tablet PC (1.6 GHz Rockchip Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 8GB HDD, Android 4.1.x, IPS panel (1024 x 768), Bluetooth 2.1, Support OTA) (Personal Computers)
    I had no own tablet so far, but have Galaxy Tab 2 and iPad 2 had in his hand. So much money I did not spend my own tablet, because I wanted it only for occasional surfing and reading eBooks use. In addition, the battery life was secondary, I wanted t
  • Best Tablet less than 250 €  

    Odys Cosmo 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) tablet PC (Cortex A8 kernel, 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 4GB flash memory, HDMI, Android 4.0.3.) Black (Personal Computers)
    Overall Conclusion: Having tested several tablets at 250, I must say that the Odys Cosmo is the best among them. The assessment must be seen in relation to price Equipment: 4 of 5 stars - Micro USB - HDMI - 4GB Memory - Small fabric bag case Everythi
  • Also for Odys Boox  

    Bag for Trekstor 3.0 of Hugendubel Weltbild Jonkers eBook readers - Best Case for eBook readers Trekstor 3 - electronic book (Electronics)
    Not for Trekstor 3.0 also the Odys Boox tablet / media player (17.8 cm (7 inch) LED backlight color display, 4GB Memory, MicroSD Slot, G-sensor, incl. 5 books) black fits your pocket! (Thanks to A.Kersten !!) The dimensions are confusing. When Odys a
  • great drawing application  

    SketchBook Pro (App)
    Here's a great tablet for drawing application. There are plenty of options and effects. Would recommend for pro and amateur.
  • Perfect Hybrid APN Smartphone & Tablet! A True 'favorite'; p  

    Sony Camera ILCEQX1LB enabled smartphone with 20.1 megapixel sensor + 16-50 mm Lens Wifi / NFC Black (Electronics)
    I tested for you LAPN Hybrid "Sony ILCE-QX1L" for Smartphones & Tablets! Product size (Body + Lens): 74 x 69.5 x 52.5 mm Product Weight (with battery + support): 216 Gr. Packaging the cylindrical shapes neat. The box contains: - Nu Housing (
  • Interesting with the application Bamboo Paper  

    Wacom Bamboo CS-130 Alpha Stylus for Touchscreen Black (Accessory)
    I use it to take notes on Windows RT Surface tablet with the application Bamboo Paper. It is not as responsive as a real pen on paper but the result is quite interesting. The width of the peak was quite annoying at first but you get done quickly and
  • Cover buying Tablet PC  

    EasyAcc Odys Noon Case Cover Leather Case Cover Leather Folio Case with Stand (Black, PU leather) (Electronics)
    The selling sleeve for my Odys Noon tablet PC I find very inexpensive and practical. I can recommend the best products. Horst
  • Super Tablet for the price  

    Odys Noon 24.6 cm (9.7 inches) Tablet PC (IPS screen, dual core processor, 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB HDD, HDMI, WiFi, Android 4.1, Bluetooth 2.1.) Black / Alu (Personal Computers )
    Have appointed as Amazon Warehouse deal the Odys Noon (dual core). Flawless delivery, Tablet looks like completely new, no scratches, no signs of use, first impression - Super! Loaded, turned on all the needed apps installed and tried the same times,
  • Very good and affordable alternative to expensive brand appliances  

    Odys Cosmo 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) tablet PC (Cortex A8 kernel, 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB HDD, WiFi, HDMI, Android 4.0.3) Black (Personal Computers)
    Since I was looking for a tablet with 10 "for me and did not want to spend more than 300 I stumbled through research on the Odys Cosmo. The main applications for the tablet are with me: - The couch surfing - E-book reading and - Watching movies be. F
  • Very streaky? Or Monday device? (Addendum)  

    Odys Cosmo 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) tablet PC (Cortex A8 kernel, 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 4GB flash memory, HDMI, Android 4.0.3.) Black (Personal Computers)
    I wanted to do something good and to grow me a tablet for comfortable couch-surfing to me, preferably with the following characteristics - Android version 2.3 (because I already know that the telephone and so am satisfied) or later -. 10 inches with
  • After 2 weeks, still not satisfied ...  

    Odys Cosmo 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) tablet PC (Cortex A8 kernel, 1.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 4GB flash memory, HDMI, Android 4.0.3.) Black (Personal Computers)
    For about a year I was looking for a decent tablet for surfing on the couch. My requirements were: 0. a maximum of 200 Euro 1. Capacitive Display 2. Rapid processor (1GHz) 3. at least 512 MB RAM 4. 10 inch size 5. Easy access to the Android Market 6.
  • Super suitable as "Car Phone Navi computer"  

    Connect Odys 17.8 cm (7-inch) Tablet PC (1.3GHz Dual Core, phone function, GPS / AGPS, UMTS (3G), HD display (1024 x 600), 1GB RAM, 8GB HDD, Micro SD, BT 4.0, Android 4.2.x, OTA) Black (Personal Computers)
    The Odys Tablet Connect accepts with me in the car for a long time the function of a navigation device, MP3 player, telephone with speakerphone and more. Even texting and surfing the Internet is pretty good, if you stand in a parking lot (anything el
  • The winter low escape with light effect?  

    Philips HF3419 / 01 EnergyUp White (natural white light, 10,000 lux, Dimmer) (household goods)
    The EnergyUp White uses the invigorating effect of bright light. It mimics the natural power of daylight on a sunny day to and thus stimulate specific receptors in the eye, triggering the positive reactions of the body to light. So you feel more ener
  • Excellent product 5 1  

    Samsung ET-FP600CTEGWW Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) (Accessories)
    The fit is perfect. I have already applied some films on mobile phones but not on a tablet. The application of the film succeeds exellent. I can see no difference in operation, with or without film. Strong buy recommendation!
  • Excellent way of Display protection  

    2 x atFoliX protector Odys Connect Screen Protector - FX antireflective glare-free (electronic)
    I was very impressed by the quality of this protective film, cut to size for my new Odys-7 "tablets. Thanks to an understandable instructions, I was able to install the foil easily.
  • Ideal when traveling 1  

    Lenovo A7-50 17.8 cm (7 inch) HD IPS Tablet (ARM MTK 8382 QC, 1.3GHz, 1GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, 3G / WIFI, touch screen, Android 4.2) Blue (Personal Computers)
    I have long been an iPad with 16GB, but that I would like to take home not take with when I'm on the road because of the weight and the limited storage space. Therefore, I have put on me for a long vacation this tablet. Main applications were a) it h
  • Budget - to a lesser extent  

    Odys Winpad V10 2in1 25.7 cm (10.1 inches) Convertible Tablet PC (Intel Atom QuadCore Z3735F, 1,83GHz, 2GB RAM, 32GB HDD, Win 8.1 Office 365 Personel, HD IPS display, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro HDMI, Micro USB, Micro SD) Black (Personal Computers)
    So first of all: the tablet meets all expectations. Compared to more expensive tablets, it is quite thick - and in the keyboard plugged no battery, but only a metal plate as weight, so the construct does not tip backwards. Not beautiful, but reasonab