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  • End of the reverse vending machines pendency  

    SodaStream Soda Cool (with 1 x CO2 cylinders 60L and 2 x 1L PET bottles), orange (household goods)
    I always went there to stand on his nerves to the reverse vending machines in the world. In short: it's over! Lecker mineral water and also with the syrup you can make friends, depending on your taste mostly niederiger metered as indicated. Have him
  • Senseo coffee pod machine optimally  

    Philips Senseo HD7810 / 60 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1-2 cups, black (household goods)
    In my Jura coffee machine is the Senseo coffee pod machine my second favorite for the summer time in my trailer. Very easy to use. Purification by Philip instructions every 1/4 year should be followed. Warning: This unit is not frost resistant, so it
  • Philips Senseo HD7863 / 60 Quadrante coffee pad machine  

    Philips HD7863 / 60 Senseo Quadrante coffee pad machine (Senseo coffee brewing system, XL tank water, 1450 Watt) Piano finish black (household goods)
    The Philips Senseo HD7863 / 60 Quadrante coffee pad machine is fairly quiet, compared to its predecessor, Senseo pad machine. Coffee as always top, nice and hot, everything as it should be. The Quadrante coffee pad machine is top handles, looks great
  • Melitta Look Selection 1011-03 coffee filter machine  

    Melitta Look Selection 1011-03 coffee filter machine -Aromaselector -Glaskanne black (household goods)
    I for many years put forward to Melitta Coffee machines and had always been very satisfied. But with the 1011-03 Melitta Look Selection Filter Coffee Machine, I now experience the first time some really great new features. So I found it very positive
  • Coffee pod machine  

    Philips HD 7810/55 Senseo coffee maker white / orange (household goods)
    After my old conventional coffee machine had broken down, I've decided finally to a coffee pod machine. The Senseo is easy to handle, easy to clean and the coffee is delicious. Senseo offers a variety of coffees. The only drawback is that only small
  • Good coffee pad machine.  

    Philips HD7825 / 61 SENSEO Viva Café Coffee Black (Kitchen)
    A very good buy for the moment, the coffee is good, it works perfectly and no plastic odor problem in the café (I only use mineral water to make it work). The possibility of two cups at the same time is very handy when you have the world or we want t
  • Coffee pad machine KM 34.07  

    Petra Electric KM 34.07 coffee pad machine (household goods)
    Anticipation, who, hot and fragrant just want a regular coffee, which can be reached by this machine and for example pads from Aldi (Extra or Our Best). Who I like the wonderful Crema the predecessor KM is but usual at 30.27 espresso and cappuccino,
  • Petra Electric KM 34.07 coffee pad machine  

    Petra Electric KM 34.07 coffee pad machine (household goods)
    Unfortunately, there is no zero stars. I had to order the machine twice, each time a complaint. The first order was the same broken. From charging for the coffee, the water sprayed. In the second order of the same error after one week of operation. T
  • Great coffee capsule machine  

    Tchibo Saeco Cafissimo latte capsule machine (0.5 liter milk jug, 1 liter water tank) for coffee, espresso and Caffè Crema, Nero (household goods)
    The Cafissimo is a coffee maker be used in the capsules. It's quick and easy, and is particularly useful if you take just want to make a single cup of coffee. The Cafissimo looks nice and does really well in my kitchen. The operation is very simple.
  • Flop coffee top, machine  

    DeLonghi Nespresso EN 266.CWAE Citiz Capsule Machine (Household Goods)
    Hello, the subsequent experience as a report for those who are thinking about buying a coffee capsule system. Santa Claus replaced my previous Tassimo system by this chic Nespresso combination device. The Tassimo system I was quite happy, but it was
  • Stylish coffee pod machine by the manufacturer of the original  

    Philips Senseo HD7817 / 99 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1450 W, 1 or 2 cups, red (household goods)
    A few years ago there were only Senseo - and we were very pleased. In the meantime came / come increasingly capsule systems on the market, which are mutually course completely incompatible. Even in the family we can not agree: My good old Senseo OER
  • Philips Senseo Viva Café coffee pad machine  

    Philips Senseo HD7825 / 72 Viva Café coffee pad machine, 1450 W, Kalkindikator, cassis (household goods)
    Adjustable spout in polished stainless steel. Coffee has risen in recent years to diversity. Those looking for next to the filter coffee for a change, which should start with Philips his journey. This pod machine is a feast for the eyes and bring som
  • Petra KM coffee pod machine  

    Petra KM 45.00 coffee pad machine / test VERY GOOD (EMPORIO 10/2008) (household goods)
    Machine works great. The shipping was fast and einwandfrei.Egal what kind of coffee or cocoa or hot water. Anything goes and even the children are from the "frothy" cocoa total begeister. We would buy the Maschiene anytime.
  • WMF coffee pad machine  

    WMF 04 0010 0002 10 Kaffeepadmaschine, black / purple (household goods)
    The coffee arrived very quickly and undamaged. She has an excellent design in piano finish and makes very good coffee. Optimal is that everything has already been pre-set and makes them independent Latte machiatto, latte, cappuccino or just regular c
  • Good coffee, neat machine, acceptable price!  

    Krups F 309 4C Proaroma glass coffee black (household goods)
    I have for a long time once again an aromatic coffee getrunken.Das lies offentsichtlich not on the type of coffee, but at the Krups with special Heißbrühverfahren.Bei the last machine of AEG, despite aroma switch of nothing to flavor spüren.Diese Kru
  • Melitta coffee filter machine Look Therm  

    Melitta coffee filter machine Look Therm, Aroma Selector, thermos, black 101110 (household goods)
    For several years, I'm a big fan of Melitta coffee makers. Before my "Melitta Look Selection" that I currently use and which does not provide thermos, I had an older model of the "Therm Melitta", which made me even then very excited, e
  • A coffee / "cocoa" machine for all ages  

    BEEM Germany i-Joy Café Ultimate, espresso portafilter machine with 20 bar with integrated milk frother, chrome-Brilliant (household goods)
    After I passed my beloved espresso Perfect to my mother and I was very pleased, I was thinking back to buy a BEEM product. I love coffee and drink also like different variations and plenty. I wanted something with a milk container and frother not pur
  • ground coffee, Fucking Machine  

    I just made a first attempt with this article. As a result, I could not more to extract the capsule and suddenly my machine is in a carafe. A strongly discouraged!
  • WMF Lono coffee pad machine  

    WMF Lono Kaffeepadmaschine (household goods)
    It's a nice design, the coffee schnmeckt super and is very quickly done, more quickly than in the Senseo, also there where little space is fit. It is well made
  • Coffee Pad Machine Petra  

    Petra KM 45.01 coffee pad with milk froth (household goods)
    I changed from the Petra KM30 for KM 45.01 because my very pleased with the milk frother, unfortunately the work is not really actually comes only hot milk out, not a real foam. So if I want my latte macchiato I have to prepare the milk foam separate