permanent dust bag روينتا 700


  • High dust bag  

    Miele Maxipack GN Hyclean dust bags - 16 bags (household goods)
    This dust bag is the only one in my Miele S8 vacuum cleaner comes. High quality at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the security has the you something good does his vacuum cleaner and the suction power remains until the end will receive nearly full!
  • Fine dust bags  

    Kärcher 6959-130 Bag paper Wet and dry vacuum cleaners filter (pack of 5) (Kitchen)
    These dust bags are also provided for the WD 3500P, high quality paper, to be used only for very fine dust (sanding plaster type) otherwise use the vacuum cleaner without putting bag. Indeed the very fine dust could pass through the filter cartridge
  • Bosch / Siemens Type G / dust bag fleece / 12 --Gut and günstig--  

    Bosch / Siemens Type G / dust bag fleece / 12 Pieces / ua Bosch BSGL3-7, Siemens VS04 / 06/07 (household goods)
    Cheaper brand Steubbeutel of fleece. I use this bag in a vacuum cleaner Bosch (Bosch BSGL5PRO5). They fit perfectly and no dust occurred so far (3 years) of the dust bag or the filler neck and dirty inside. Per ---- + Good fit + Large volume + The fi
  • Dust bag for Siemens Siemens VS51A12 / 02  

    10x dust bags + filter suitable Siemens Super XXS speedy VS51A12 / 02
    Hello There, after we were 'baffled' 'compatible' at a business prior to the huge list of the dust bag and found nothing, and was advised 'that could be suitable and well - which also look good ...' I have a friend for this one bought because namepla
  • Dust bags without dust emission  

    Swirl M 50 AirSpace 4 Vacuum Bags + 1 Filter, absorbent, lockable mounting plate (household goods)
    The vacuum cleaner bag from Swirl, M50 fit, seams or gaps in my Miele vacuum cleaners. Due to the high quality processing of these dust bags, the dust is trapped even with a nearly full bag not through the bag through, and from there into the device
  • This dust bag is not suitable for the Siemens VSZ 31455!  

    20 Dust bags Siemens VSZ31455, VSZ 31455, (with Kunstoffkopf SP 6) of storage bag PROFI®, MADE IN GERMANY
    Have 6 anthers tried for the vacuum cleaner Siemens VSZ 31455.Bin more than upset! The hole of the dust bag is slightly larger than the original Siemens Staubbeutel.Auch the seal qualitatively very schlecht.Größeres hole and seal it follows a bad Mis
  • Recommended dust bag  

    AEG Gr 19, 3 vacuum cleaner bag for Liliput / Junior AG 1411 AG 1412 (household goods)
    This dust bag, we bought 2.0 Akkusauger for AEG Junior, filter very well, for the first time need to be replaced after prolonged use, since they can in the meantime after repeated vacuuming manually auswedeln.
  • AEG dust bag Gr. 19  

    AEG Gr 19, 3 vacuum cleaner bag for Liliput / Junior AG 1411 AG 1412 (household goods)
    Spare dust bag for the AEG Liliput table vacuum cleaner (3-pack): Good value for money, easy handling when changing a purchase is recommended. If both, buy both the cleaner and the dust bag again.
  • Caution - 3 instead of 10 ... Dust bags are good  

    Philips FC8027 / 01 Disposable dust bag s-bag Ultra Long Performance 5 l volume (household goods)
    I bought these anthers about half a year ago - at that time the price was still at 24.99 instead now at 9.99. So I was naturally appalled that there were only 3 bags. Problem is that another Prdouktbeschreibung appear on the tablet than on the PC. In
  • 20 non-woven dust bags suitable for Miele ... Wamos  

    20 non-woven dust bags suitable for Miele S371 parquet 381 711
    20 non-woven dust bags suitable for Miele ... Wamos are saugut - ei faultlessly repeatedly ger nThree words yet
  • Dust bags for Bosch Logo BSG62023 Pro Parquet 3  

    20 vacuum cleaner bag for Bosch BGB45331, BSGL5ZOODE Zoo'o ProAnimal, BSG62400, BSG62023, Logo, SP6 of anther PROFI® Made in Germany (housewares)
    I have the vacuum cleaner bag type SP6 for my older vacuum cleaner "Bosch Logo BSG62023 Pro Parquet 3" bought because I've found in retail, no matching dust bags more for this model. This bag fits perfectly, instantly snapped firmly into the hol
  • Dust bags  

    Miele 9917730 Miele dust bag GN HyClean 3D, Content: 4 anther GN, 1 Air Clean exhaust filter for clean room Run, 1 motor protection filter, blue (household goods)
    The bags fit in the vacuum cleaner, the dust stays inside, "clean" air comes out - great, just have to make a vacuum cleaner bag!
  • Good dust bag  

    Swirl M 40 AirSpace 4 Vacuum Bags + 1 Filter, absorbent, lockable mounting plate (household goods)
    Volume fits, even fine dust remains reliably in the bag and especially all at once little creepy-crawlies in the bag must come determined never get out ...
  • Dust bags do not fit  

    10 premium vacuum cleaner bags Siemens VS 01 G 600 Super SX
    The vacuum cleaner bag look beautiful, arrived very quickly. Unfortunately, they do not fit. Even after trimming bends the plastic orifice and the dust lands throughout the interior, just not in the bag.
  • Dust bags super cheap.  

    10 vacuum cleaner bag suitable for Vorwerk Kobold 118 119 120 121 122, with extra strong flange (4 mm !!) (household goods)
    I am totally satisfied with these bags. I can not tell the difference to the original which are very expensive. Have tested it and sucked in the sunshine where you can see the dust of the possibly leaking accurate. Will they always buy me.
  • Dust bags from turning Flex  

    10 vacuum cleaner bag suitable for EIO 80/88 / series, BS 97 / series, 98 / series of DREHFLEX®
    Compared to the original (EIO 80) no significant differences. Price / performance is very good. Fit perfectly. The vacuum cleaner bag, I can only recommend.
  • Dust bags 1  

    Miele Dust bag type G / N HyClean - 4 bags (household goods)
    For years, this type is used by us. Keep the dust properly and must be replaced by the large capacity, not ever. The handling is easy. The suction performance until the end of something.
  • Dust bags 2  

    Swirl M 40 AirSpace 4 Vacuum Bags + 1 Filter, absorbent, lockable mounting plate (household goods)
    Actually, I'm used to from swirl-products, it all fits just as described. Unfortunately, although the type is indicated by our Miele vacuum cleaner on the packaging, these bags are much too big for our vacuum cleaner. Conclusion: for a not exactly ch
  • Dust bags cheap  

    Miele Carefree box - 5-year warranty and 16 anthers HyClean G / N (household goods)
    Of course, the bags are cheaper alone, however the extended warranty for so little money has been already tempting. Hopefully we never have to use it :-)
  • Original SWIRL Dust bags  

    8 Original SWIRL M50 Dust bags for Miele Tango Plus, fleece
    They were shipped quickly and are working properly with my Miele jam sucker. Packaging printing is not in German, but the use of a vacuum cleaner bag is self-explanatory.