• iPad 4 iPad iPad Air Air 2  

    Apple iPad Air 2 24.6 cm (9.7 inches) Tablet PC (WiFi, 64GB memory) Silver (Personal Computers)
    My tablet career began with the iPad 4, which I then gave the benefit of the iPad Air. At that time, a leap that really paid off. The leap from Air to Air 2 I (losbekommen the Air for a good price and the Air 2 bought with EDU discount) only due to f
  • Small, light, light. Perfect versatility  

    NiteCore Tube - keychains lamp, max. 45 lumens, infinitely variable, USB charging (Misc.)
    I got the tip from a friend who is familiar with LED lamps. I wanted a lamp that has a low-mode (Read) and a high mode (EDU). This lamp has both and also combines performance with very low weight (9g). The lamp can be easily mounted to a temple and s
  • Ciranda (2000) - Márcio Faraco  

    Ciranda (CD)
    With Ciranda (2000), Márcio Faraco is in the lineage of his illustrious and prestigious inspirers are Chico Buarque, João Bosco, Edu Lobo e Caetano Veloso. Chico Buarque even sings a duet with Márcio Faraco on the beautiful title song "Ciranda"
  • Pure bossa!  

    Made in Brazil (CD)
    This disc will be a delight for all fans of bossa nova. Eliane Elias, Brazilian from Sao Paulo, is still one of the best current representative of this exciting music so subtle and complex harmonies. It is found here on vocals and keyboard in interpr
  • Angra is back for the best.  

    Rebirth (CD)
    Simply beautiful, this new album will reconcile the fans of the first hour. "Rebirth" finds the magic lost since the album "Holy Land". The good news is that the new singer Edu Falaschi makes us forget A.matos with class and grace. His
  • An album that wants (too) reassuring (3.5 / 5)  

    Rebirth (CD)
    "Fireworks" (1998), the third album of Angra, has its fans ... I am not one. After the 2 bombs "Angels Cry" and "Holy Land", I was truly disappointed. Then the band split: singer, bass player and drummer (no less!) Left and f
  • Everything a professional needs  

    Manga Studio 5 Mac / Win English. (DVD-ROM)
    - All major Photoshop paint functions can also Manga Studio; including Layer Masks, Auswahlmalwerkzeug and extensive brush editor. The keyboard shortcuts are identical to the respective Photoshop equivalent. Anyone familiar with Photoshop CS6, will g
  • Super hourglasses (small size)  

    Eduplay Mega hourglasses 5er Set (Toy)
    The Edu-Play hourglasses are super! The set consists of 5 hourglasses that are smaller than the Edu-Play hourglasses of individual sizes. 16 cm - which is about a hand span high - instead of 30 cm at full size. Nevertheless, hourglasses are really gr
  • Brave new world of learning  

    Clementoni 69294.1 - Children Clem Tablet Pad 3+ (WiFi, Android 4.1.1, 4 GB, 1 camera) (Toy)
    We bought the Clempad for our 5-year-old godson and are very fond of the tablet. From the application it looks really stable that already designated by the pad Silicone Skin is very thick and will probably also protect against drops. When we have it
  • Too many cooks  

    This Is service design Thinking: Paperback Edition (Paperback)
    The book is very well laid out, fresh and relaxed. One gets really immerse pleasure and read across. But quickly evident: If one has dealt before with design thinking (without prefix "Service"), then offers to book a little new, and if you profe