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  • Philips LED Daytime Running Lights  

    Philips LED 12810WLEDX1 DayLight5 - Discontinued (Automotive)
    Hello There, the Philips LED Daytime Running Lights've built into my Porsche 928 GTS. I am impressed by the material and workmanship of these lights and the control unit. The description is to use, when one considers that it is multilingual. It must
  • Philips hue revolutionizes the light - it was time!  

    Philips Hue - 3 LED bulbs Starter Kit connected Hue + connection Bridge - Controllable via smartphone (Kitchen)
    And for once, the word revolution is not overly used, not as in other misfits / Kale. Price is pretty, but it's really worth, and once we have used this system, you can not live without it! I even regret not having 44 parts over to my house to put th
  • Light greenish light  

    LE 5.5W LED candle, E14, replaces 40W incandescent lamp, 470lm, warm white, 5 pieces in each pack
    I have two lamps are side by side. Compared to the Philips 40 watt LED light this lamp is slightly greenish and slightly darker. In addition, one of the LEDs flicker.
  • Bright white light, to short service life  

    Philips Philips Blue Vision H7 12972BVSM headlight bulb - Discontinued (Automotive)
    Philips Blue Vision - A light that initially absolutely loved it! Bright white, slightly bluish light color, good lighting ... who so far knows only standard bulbs will come into raptures. But the joy tarnishes rapidly: in misty weather or rain wet t
  • Finally E27 LED bulbs with "100 Watt light output" at an affordable price  

    LED lamp PHILIPS CorePro 15W 827 E27 warmton Extra 100W Replacement (Home)
    Positives: - A lot of light - I do not hear anything - Light since immediately - Light quality felt good Negatives: - Relatively large (about 1/3 longer compared to classic bulbs) - The distribution of light upwards is rather poor - Life only 15,000
  • Saving electricity and pleasant light  

    Philips 4W GU10 LED Spot MyVision Light Bulb (household goods)
    LEDs are a dime on more. However, most of them do not keep what they promise. It is different with this lamp. She has (what should make only about 1-2 mm longer in virtually no version problems) the same design as your traditional halogen lamp 50w. T
  • Very bright and pleasant  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 40 Watt, 2700 Kelvin, 470 lumens, warm white 8718291762324 (household goods)
    Another great Philips LED. The light is just great, just like the traditional light bulb. It seems even brighter before than expected. I'm very satisfied. Note should be, that the candle little bigger than the normal halogen candle.
  • Almost too low. For DLNA streaming with subtitles (SRT) not only perfect, but virtually the only true BR player  

    LG BP420 3D Blu-ray player (Smart TV, DLNA, HDMI, 1080p upscaler, LAN, USB) (Electronics)
    This review compares the LG BP420 with the Philips BDP7700. (Find Accordingly detail and in both products). Actually, maybe you should oppose the Philips to something "bigger" LG BP660, the BP420 is ready from the outset to less extras, but
  • Old problems in a new design ...  

    Philips Wake-up Light, waking up with light, 2 natural wake-up sounds HF3505 / 01 (household goods)
    After I had already tried two Philips Light Alarm Clock (3510, 3520) and was not satisfied with this, I thought, I order to talk about this. Perhaps Philips has anyway once the many reviews to heart and stopped the complained defects? Cheered too soo
  • Vollstens met expectations  

    Philips Beard Trimmer QT 4015/16 (Personal Care)
    Having failed in my two years young Remington MB4030 the battery and the device only broke off their hair, much was needed replacement. However, I realized that in all similar devices the reviews are very mixed here ... Best cut there's this Philips
  • Could be almost the perfect Blu-ray player. Had .. almost ..  

    Philips BDP7700 / 12 3D Blu-ray player with Full HD (Smart TV Plus, WiFi, 7.1 surround sound), Black (Electronics)
    This review compares the Philips BDP7700 with the LG BP420. (Find Accordingly detail and in both products). Actually, maybe you should oppose the Philips to something "bigger" LG BP660, the BP420 is ready from the outset to less extras, but I ha
  • A very good idea for a cozy atmosphere.  

    Philips 6910860PH Imageo CandleLights White 3 LED Lanterns Candles ambiance luminaire design gray or white charging base (Kitchen)
    the "Imageo Candle lights" are small glasses inside which are placed LEDs giving the visual impression of a candle (crackle effect), all placed on a stand with a charge indicator, making a charger induction, the first time will ask for a load ap
  • Passable Alarm clock - Seller (Marie Melody) to avoid  

    ARW100 Akai Portable Radio White (Import Germany) (Electronics)
    The alarm clock is quite complex to use and broke down after a few months. The Melody Marie to whom we had bought the shop through the Marketplace was first given us a false return address. When we sent it to the right, found with the help of the Pos
  • Effective and very affordable product  

    Philips BHD002 / 00 Compact Hair Dryer Essential Care Silence (Health and Beauty)
    Regarding this Philips hair dryer: Most: -Light And compact and thus well when traveling -silencieux and therefore avoids waking the house when you dry your hair in the morning. -It Has 3 speed settings and a button to send cold air
  • Nice ceiling  

    Philips - Ecomoods Ceiling 326104816 ceiling lamps 1 x 40 W 230 V Aluminium (Kitchen)
    I expected a little more light output. I wanted to put it in my 8m2 bathroom, but after a test connection before installation, I quickly realized that it was a ceiling light powerful enough to illuminate a small storeroom and toilet. So in the end, i
  • right product 3720  

    Philips - Ecomoods Ceiling 326104816 ceiling lamps 1 x 40 W 230 V Aluminium (Kitchen)
    Fine, ultra modern design, small burst of color (3 colors to choose from plastic filters) remains discreet but calls the look, super made. A flat but that is only my opinion, accustomed to a warm halogen light, I struggle with this white light a litt
  • Beautiful iron with a unfortunately a few too many cons  

    Philips GC7619 / 20 Perfect Care Pure steam generator iron (OptimalTEMP), blue and white (household goods)
    The package was smaller than expected and not particularly difficult - so I could not imagine that the promised Philips points could agree lightness and compact size. The manual is easy to read and understandable written. Included in my delivery were
  • Little mouse with a big impact  

    Philips LED Night Light Disney "Mickey" (household goods)
    + Soft and cuddly by silicon surface + I can alone make on and off + Not too bright or too dark + Can stand anywhere and is not of a socket abhänig + Also the charger is suitable for children with induction technology + Great if you have to go to the
  • Great design and easy assembly  

    BUTLER Satellight floor lamp black / gold
    The Satellight floor lamp is a real eye-catcher in my living room. The construction is easy and done within minutes. First, I had used a 50 W bulb. After a few days, I then changed to a 9 W LED bulb from Philips. A color / light difference is not not