• ST Replacement remote control Designed for Pioneer DVR 530 HS (DVD)  

    ST Replacement remote control model suitable for Pioneer DVR 530 HS (DVD) (Electronics)
    The remote control was gelieffert quickly and made a decent impression. It was meant for my father almost eighty years, but he did not cope with it. The occupation is quite different from the original and some features were not found !? The remote co
  • rewritable dvd review  

    Sony DVD-RW Recordable and Rewritable Speed ​​2X / 1X 10 Spindle 4.7 GB 10DMW47ASP (Accessory)
    I know this product remains constant in its quality. For cons, I can not take advantage of promotions offered in case of purchase of a significant number copies: your site is not clear on this point.
  • Perfect January 1500  

    Pioneer DVR-221BK Players - CD / DVD recorder DVD R / DVD RW 40, 24, 24, 6 (Personal Computers)
    Very good product fairly quiet compared to my old drive . . Pioneer DVR-221BK Players - CD / DVD recorder DVD R / RW DVD ...
  • The PIONEER S-555H, the best thing you can buy in my opinion  

    Pioneer DVR 555 HS DVD and hard disk recorder 160 GB (1080p upscaling, HDMI, USB) Silver (Electronics)
    I've bought a DVD recorder, because the recording quality of my Videoreorder no longer fits in the time ... Another reason was that we were forced digitized ... after I had heard and read that even the analige reception should be better with a digita
  • Lousy blank Committee-Ware! NOT RECOMMENDED!  

    Platinum DVD + R Double Layer 8.5GB 8x 10er Spindel DVD blanks (Accessories)
    I've already bought several Platinum Double Layer blanks with different burn rate. 2.4 times, 4 times and 8 times now. Somehow I had because of the low price compared to brand blanks (Verbatim, etc.) the hope that they hold someday deliver what they
  • Versatile Disk / Bluray recorders - Recommended  

    Panasonic DMR-BCT745EG9 Blu-ray recorder 500GB HDD (Twin HD DVB-C tuner, Einkabelfunktion, WiFi, 2x CI +, HbbTV, 4K upscaling, streaming) Silver (Electronics)
    We were looking for a successor for our (analog) HDD video recorder and have found it with this device. Unfortunately, our good old Pioneer DVR-555H has only an analog receiver. By now, most Transmitter only digitally receivable. And if you want to r
  • No all-rounder  

    Panasonic DMR-EH 56 EC-S DVD and HDD recorder 160 GB Silver (Electronics)
    have since last week the Panasonic recorder. am somewhat biased, since I already have a Pioneer DVR-720H with 160 GB hard drive and am really happy with it. Now for Panasonic: I bought it to me, because he tests that I know with his sharp image quali
  • Very good, but the cover is somewhat misleading  

    Creative flash photography with Alexander Henry - The Photographic Training (DVD-ROM)
    Alexander Henry are in this DVD tutorial sovereign an introduction to the subject "slave flash". But I write aware of "introduction" as being too many basics are covered and it is by far not about to create such complex images suc
  • Very disappointed 12  

    Auna MVD-480 touchscreen Moniceiver Bluetooth Car Stereo Double Din (DVD-CD-MP3 player, front USB SD slot, 6.2 inch HD touchscreen 16cm) (Electronics)
    Hello, I bought the radio because of the many positive Rezesionen. Was very disappointed with the processing still looks very cheap. In addition, you do not get very sensible visor in my Golf Plus 2006, the radio does not fit in the standard norm. Th
  • 4 1/2 stars  

    Toshiba HD EP 30 E KTE HD-DVD player (1080p upscaling, HDMI, Network Attached) (Electronics)
    After I was disappointed when buying my last DVD player from Toshiba several times (unit had several quirks such as Just switch on blue screen even though the auto detect PAL / NTSC was active) I was initially a little skeptical whether I should give
  • Fewer errors there's almost no (Plextools & 716UF Plextor)  

    Verbatim 43500 4.7GB 16x DVD + R Matt Silver - 25PK Spindle (Accessories)
    Through a Test in c't magazine I BITN the blanks hear. I ordered the 25er Spindel immediately and have been really surprised again! I use the Plextor PX-16UF with the current to the present time firmware 1:04. and Plextools 2.19a. In c't has tested i
  • Very good 641 1  

    MediaRange MR470 read / write DVDs (Personal Computers)
    I take that brand and size for years because it is 100% compatible with my PIONEER DVR 215D DVDRW drive. So for me no compatibility issues.
  • Fantastic! 109  

    Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers Black (Accessory)
    So far, my PC speakers were type "stereo - classic" banal sound without any effect ... Anyway, recently my hugely pregnant sizzled and became inaudible. Well decide to redeem myself pregnant and having read hundreds of positive opinion on this s
  • "Live is Life" ...  

    I Do not Know-Live (Audio CD)
    ... With these three words the booklet brings back the "master" it in a nutshell. Even with his last published studio production Udo also set new standards in the eyes of many fans, and laid their best album for many years. Eagerly, therefore, w
  • Legends are back!  

    Celebration Day (2CD + DVD) (Audio CD)
    A brief introduction: this is a review of the music of this extraordinary concert and no DVD review that interests me only at the very edge, because I might switch the DVD, look twice and the CD probably a lifetime to hear every now and then will. Th
  • ... And suddenly a gem!  

    Live from Paris (Audio CD)
    I want nothing here to write the picture and sound, which can be read in all the DVD Reviews. What I am particularly pleased with the DVD, was the acoustic part and the song "Antes de la seis" - which was, unfortunately, never played in the 3 co
  • Easily connect, but a short cable.  

    USB 2.0 Optical on 7 +6 13 Pin SATA Slimline Laptop CD / DVD-ROM drive Adapter Cable Black (Personal Computers)
    Yesterday I have a USB / SATA receive cable. The shipment ever lasted just seven days (provided 7-21 working days), so kudos! The cable is simple packaged in a resealable plastic bag, without instructions, but who will buy this cable to know what he
  • Topfield TF 5000 PVR - Topfield Masterpiece 500GB: What is new?  

    Topfield TF 5000 PVR Masterpiece 500GB satellite receiver with twin tuner and hard drive (Electronics)
    Among the new features / changes in the technical area I will not say anything, which I understand too little. Here are just some of the practical use for non-technical users: After our Topfield TF 5000 PVR showed initial failures after about 5 years
  • pioneer dvd player nickel easy assembly  

    Pioneer DVR-221BK Players - CD / DVD recorder DVD R / DVD RW 40, 24, 24, 6 (Personal Computers)
    ****** Arrival time in well packaged and clean no installation cd but recognition by Windows Vista when the operating perfect product quality price ratio good bill even if Pioneer Corporation and marked Made in China like many PC products I think his
  • Super DVD recorder. The reviews speak for themselves.  

    Panasonic DMR-EH 56 EC-S DVD and HDD recorder 160 GB Silver (Electronics)
    This is our first DVD recorder. We have informed us in great detail, have read almost all the reviews and looked at the various units in the business. The external appearance of the Panasonic DMR-EH 56 we found a bit strange at first sight, others se