Pioneer n50 exfat


  • Pioneer N-50A DAC  

    Pioneer N-50A (Electronics)
    I bought it from Amazon DAC PIONEER N-50A to 521, nine and returned as too expensive, I saw on the site to 481 thank you to the Amazon return policy through 2 fee. Amazon had delivered me as planned ... great. A DAC is a file format converter that co
  • PIONEER N-50A  

    Pioneer N-50A (Electronics)
    I bought it from Amazon DAC PIONEER n-50A 410.61, used but like new. Amazon shipped me as planned ... great. A DAC is a file format converter that connects a computer, a server, hard drive or memory stick .. to an amplifier to listen to music stored
  • Pioneer vs. Competition  

    Pioneer VSX-924-K 7.2 Network AV receiver (150 watts per channel, Airplay, ext. Control, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, gapless playback, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, multizone) (Electronics)
    I want to briefly share my experience with the RX-V777. I have long back and forth thinking, what should I buy AVR as a replacement for my defective Marantz SR6008. A new SR6008 came for me not in question, even though I was sonically more than pleas
  • Perfect for Pioneer VSX-S510 and BDP-160/170  

    0.2m Sunshine Tronic High Speed ​​HDMI Flat Cable With Ethernet | Ultra HD, 4Kx2K, Full HD, 3D, ARC, CEC, Vollbeschaltet (Electronics)
    Have been using this cable my Pioneer VSX-S510 is connected to the Blu-ray player BDP-160. Cable has just the right length to connect the two devices. It should be noted that the two devices have the ports to almost the same position. Thus, the cable
  • Experience with the Pioneer AVIC F 920 BT  

    Pioneer AVIC-F920BT DVD Media Center with Multi-sensor GPS (SD card slot, iPod / iPhone connector USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    To put it straight to the point, the device is getting used to the manual a disgrace and the service of Pioneer impudence. Nevertheless, the device is recommended. Sequentially. The manual has 228 pages and must be downloaded from the internet in Ger
  • 7200 compared with Philips HTS and opted for Pioneer  

    Pioneer BCS-FS505 2.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System (Electronics)
    Since the two home theater systems were found in any single Munich Store, I have against my usual habits ordered both devices and compared a couple of hours together. The Philips 7200 Philips HTS 7200 Blu-ray Home Cinema System (HDMI, 1080p upscaler,
  • OK, but bass too weak compared to Pioneer  

    Sony XSF1337SE 3-way car speakers (13 cm, 160 Watt / 40 Watt, 86 dB) (Electronics)
    I have these speakers together with the Pioneer TS-G1323i 13cm 3-way car speakers (89dB, 220 watts) and the 2-way model Pioneer TS-G1321i 13cm ordered and compared. The Pioneer TS-G1323i 13cm 3-way car speakers (89dB, 220 watts), but about 10 more ex
  • Pioneer VSX-924 at Teufel Concept S  

    Pioneer VSX-924-K 7.2 Network AV receiver (150 watts per channel, Airplay, ext. Control, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, gapless playback, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi, multizone) (Electronics)
    At a Glance: Had previously Denon and Yamaha RX-V575 last. Compared to these devices, and in this price range for me in sound the best you can get. Is of course subjective, but the Pioneer offers a balanced sound, especially in the middle as opposed
  • Compare Denon X1000, Denon AVR 2113 Pioneer VSX-923, Marantz SR6007  

    Denon AVR-X1000 5.1 surround AV receiver (Internet radio, HDMI, DLNA streaming, AirPlay, 145 Watt) (Electronics)
    Understanding the purchase of a modern AV receiver: There are many reasons, trade in an old AV receiver against a modern instrument of current vintages. In addition to the expanded HDMI specification that can process 3D signals not only, but also pro
  • Pioneer TS-WX120A - small box, neatly oomph  

    Pioneer TS-WX120A Active Subwoofer 150 watts closed (Electronics)
    Why this device: For my BMW Z3 Roadster with standard boxes I was looking for a sound appreciation. Special doorboards fell out due to complexity and costs. A trunk solution makes little sense - there is anyway very little space and you could only a

    BELT FOR TURNTABLE PIONEER PL-2 PL-16, PL-117D (Electronics)
    BRAVO, I could not find a belt for this pioneer platinum, very satisfied, I need a very efficient stylus for this plate, thank you to contact me by mail at the earliest, thank you Mr. HERNANDEZ
  • Great device, full NAS fileserver, and MediaServer Powerbank in one !!! Goal exFAT Support :-(  

    RAVPower® Filehub NAS with 6000mAh external battery portable wireless router Hot Spot (wireless terminal) WLAN For tablet PC and smartphone - transfer data (photos, music, video) of your SD card or USB external hard drive to your tablet or smartphone WiFi (model RP-WD03) Black (Electronics)
    Just Bought the RP-WD03 and putting the device through a full test cycle. Great functionality, to reliably connect my iPad, Android phones, ... directly to this device and playback, all kinds of media ... It est aussi ble to connect to my home networ
  • remote control for Pioneer DEH-X5600BT  

    Pioneer DEH-200 W X5600BT Dash Bluetooth, In Front (Electronics)
    unlike information there is no possible control (shame otherwise I would have spent another product). fortunately not buy the tied product remote control Pioneer CD-SR110
  • pioneer dvd player nickel easy assembly  

    Pioneer DVR-221BK Players - CD / DVD recorder DVD R / DVD RW 40, 24, 24, 6 (Personal Computers)
    ****** Arrival time in well packaged and clean no installation cd but recognition by Windows Vista when the operating perfect product quality price ratio good bill even if Pioneer Corporation and marked Made in China like many PC products I think his
  • exFAT, had to tell us!  

    Poppstar Flap USB 3.0 64GB Black (Accessory)
    The key to great rates, great design but unfortunately it is formatted in exFAT, so difficult to install OS on it let alone a Windows To Go, you can format it to NTFS or FAT32 installing the driver Hitachi Microdrive then too much hassle for big bugs
  • Good but not for key Pioneer car stereo  

    USB 3.0 32GB SanDisk Ultra Fit up to 100 MB / s (SDCZ43-032G-G46) (Personal Computers)
    As stated in the title, this key is of very good quality but it is not at all compatible with a Pioneer car stereo 370BT. The songs are played but saccade therefore completely unusable. I had to fall back on the USB 2.0 model that works wonders.
  • pioneer burner  

    Pioneer BDR-208DBK Writer Optical Blu-Ray Internal (Personal Computers)
    I had already a Blu-Ray burner Pioneer but after a problem my fault on the drawer I have taken the new model and no problem
  • Music from the German Reggae pioneer  

    Journey to Jah (Audio CD)
    What is associated with reggae? Hm, sun, smoking weed, Bob Marley, palm trees ... but certainly no white boys. All the more astonishing that Mr. Gentleman as a accurate. A "Whitey." And as another one who is a genuine Cologne. As a teenager he d
  • Pioneer A-30: Superior Sound in unremarkable robe  

    Pioneer A-30-S stereo amplifier (2x 70 watts, AUX, Tuner, Loudness, Direct Energy Design) Silver (Electronics)
    After my previous amplifier / receiver, a Sony STR-DG520, had had enough, I found myself at this time to a pure stereo amplifier. Surround I had never used and the SONY had pesky noise or a constant, but low, buzzing. As evidenced by some research, m
  • Served its purpose - Caution: Do not 924 compatible with Pioneer VSX!  

    HDMI 1x2 Splitter Full HD 1 IN 2 OUT for 3D 1080P HDTV PC (Electronics)
    I forgive five stars - but would probably assign one, because I had to return the splitter. However: the HDMI splitter was not "guilty". For my purpose the splitter did not work (more on that later), but I already tested different brands and thi