polar t34 belt


  • Almost completely satisfied, only the belt is not optimal  

    Beurer PM 250 - heart rate measurement with smartphones (equipment)
    Since I was aufzeichne with the iPhone in the arm pocket my humble Jogging successes have long been looking forward to the latest bells and whistles to the enrichment of my training program. Flight of Beurer PM was pulled directly from the box before
  • Association shows a pleasant and Polar knowledge for sport  

    Polar Heart Rate Monitor V800 / GPS without chest strap (Sport)
    How to wear a watch dedicated to the sport in everyday life? Apart Polar, I find that other manufacturers do not make a lot of effort on the aesthetics of their products. Here more than a month I wear the watch every day, and I remember as positive:
  • Very good equipment, a few things should reconsider Maxxus but!  

    CROSSTRAINER Maxxus CX 6.1 - 5-year warranty, free shipping (Misc.)
    Use the elliptical machine is now about 2 weeks. Power mechanically a very good impression, the building was not really a problem, but this can not be that the grease to lubricate the sliding tubes is not here. Quote: "Now anoint the top of the
  • Works perfectly with my Kettler SG4 controller  

    Polar® heart rate belt for T34 Maxxus treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine, exercise bike (Misc.)
    I wanted to replace the troublesome ear clip my Kettler exercise bike and have the polar ordered belt. The belt has immediately synchronized with the controller and works perfectly !!!
  • Simply the best tracker of the moment  

    Fitbit tracker bracelet load HR activities / sleep (Sport)
    I have this bracelet for a month and I am fully satisfied. I had doubts about the accuracy of the pulse sensor but having done several tests in parallel with a POLAR chest belt I can say that the sensor is very accurate. sleep analysis is also part m
  • First effective outputs  

    Polar H7 Bluetooth transmitter (Sport)
    Looking for a cardio that can work with my watch and my Polar FT4 runtastic app simultaneously, the Polar H7 belt seemed the top. And this is the case. No worries synchronization and simultaneous operation is awesome. I can see my live shows while Ru
  • Beautiful, easy to use and motivating.  

    POLAR Loop Bracelet logged activity (Sports)
    Super Polar product. Very well made, it is well finished and with good quality materials. The bracelet is adjusted perfectly, even for small wrists. Simple to use, it is waterproof (20m), so nothing to fear for daily outings and swimming pool. It is
  • Analogous?  

    Sigma Chest Strap analog (equipment)
    Well whatever works, awarded to my Daum ergo_lyps 8080 TRS3. Was recognized immediately. What now should be analogous to the chest strap (the transmission is not in principle digital?), I do not know, but the main thing it works. So inexpensive to ch
  • Robust and super engine but grottenschlechte Software  

    Treadmill Hammer Life Runner LR22I, 4321 (Equipment)
    First the positives: Extremely stable and sturdy treadmill with very good engine. Optical if you from above or from the side sees a real eye-catcher. The negative points: Atrocious and chaos shipping by Hermes. Kudos to JCL (the partners in Austria)
  • Polar Belt  

    Polar Soft Strap chest strap (for all products except Polar T31 / T61) (Sport)
    Bought to replace the original belt of my FT100 thriller which began to have contact problem after one year, the sensor this fixed as on the original belt, the electrodes do not need to be moistened and have better contact with the skin.
  • H2 sold without the Polar belt.  

    Polar RC3 GPS Heart Rate Monitor (Sports)
    Great, damage the belt costs 50 euros more ... Easy to use just download websync and works great.
  • Bought Polar FT4 H2 belt for clock  

    H 2 hybrid WearLink (equipment)
    I bought this belt because my old belt for my FT4 clock had send dropouts in heart rate or total had displayed the nonsense. Have received the belt, belted, switched on my clock and everything worked immediately. The strap is very comfortable and is
  • Belt Polar H7  

    Polar H7 Bluetooth transmitter (Sport)
    The cardio is recognized with an S3 samsung android 4.3, you have the verse with the application thriller beat free download on GooglePlay.
  • Polar is catching up! GPS RF sports watch M400 HR for more than the entry (incl. Activity Tracker as Loop). Compare M400 vs. V800.  

    Polar training computers M400 HR (equipment)
    The M400 is a new GPS Running Watch Polar RF with many benefits at an affordable price! The price-performance package of the new Polar M400 HR as GPS RF Sport computer is remarkable: a GPS clock, including Activity Tracker (corresponding to the Polar
  • Finally a chest belt for me and my Galaxy S3 Mini  

    POLAR Accessories Heart Rate Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Set H6 (equipment)
    Hach, in some reviews you wonder what to write, what not somehow stands in the product description. So I let the times and tell you what I've done special. Immediately after ordering, I realized that my smartphone dominates a Bluetooth LE. And I have
  • ... As Garmin replacement belt ...  

    Polar chest strap Soft Strap (equipment)
    ... Got myself these textile belt as a replacement for my Garmin textile belt (310XT). Unlike the original product the HF no longer fluctuates or the strap loads with static electricity. Have it now has three weeks with the belt and the sports stuff
  • Polar H7 Bluetooth transmitter  

    Polar H7 Bluetooth transmitter (Sport)
    I bought this cardio POLAR belt connected to my watch POLAR M400, thereby automatically synchronizing and fast, no manipulation to just plug in lluetooth his phone, and the phone is otherwise the synchronization cardio transmitter is compatible with
  • Belt Perfect cardio!  

    Polar H7 Bluetooth transmitter (Sport)
    This cardio belt is simply perfect, it connects without problem in Bluetooth with my iPhone 5s through free app Polar and it also works with the Endomondo app. The icing on the gift is automatically recognized by the cardio equipment of the gym or I
  • POLAR V800 GPS watch designed for the practice of Triathlon.  

    Polar Heart Rate Monitor V800 / GPS without chest strap (Sport)
    POLAR V800 GPS watch designed for practicing primarily Triathlon. But nice surprise you can add more than 20 sports. The watch is very simple to use and easily customizable .The website is well done and clear. The big plus of this GPS watch is its ba
  • Polar RC3 GPS Bike  

    Polar RC3 GPS Bike Black Heart with altimeter (Sport)
    Ordered on Amazon because it is the only site that lets RC3 thriller with the belt of cadio pédalge and cadence sensor for cycling within 200. I was quickly delivered. Nevertheless, the opening of the Polar pack, I found a product that had apparently