poorly designed system


  • poorly designed system  

    Prettyland C918 - 80cm long red wig stiff - resistant to high temperature wash
    Very nice wig. Superior quality only problem, she keeps slipping .... I'll try to make it fit with strips for bun ......
  • Fragile and poorly designed model to be avoided  

    Saeco RI9752 / 01 Espresso Machine Odea Automatic Grey / Silver (Kitchen)
    Initially somewhat satisfied, not comparable between coffee obtained with this type of machine and a conventional filter coffee. The more, so a real pleasure of drinking coffee. Cons: The coffee grounds collected is often full of water, making it unp
  • Poor design 5  

    Suspended shelf balcony table 60 x 50cm poly rattan
    The idea was nevertheless good, however the attachment system is poorly designed and does not match the one shown in the photo. The work is sloppy, metal cutouts are not sharp and the whole frame is already rusty. I notice also that it was greased to
  • A poorly designed toy for little  

    Chicco Toy Cottage infancy of Animals (Baby Care)
    Big disappointment that this toy, bought for my daughter two years. For a year she has barely played. I thought develop their motor skills by making him open the little doors, teach him the forms with the openings in the roof but also the doors, teac
  • No, poorly designed to avoid.  

    Beaba Babycall 1 Pilot Tone System - Colour to choice (Baby Care)
    We were offered this baby monitor, and there is simply zero. Nothing else to say. It sizzles non-stop when baby cries, it sizzles, as he sleeps, he sizzles when there is no sound in the house, it sizzles. In short, it is useless, it's just poorly des
  • Poor design, poor materials  

    TARION extensible reflector 1700mm Arm Support for video photography studio with mounting block to the tripod (Electronics)
    Plastic hinge shaking badly and more poorly designed: nothing to do with Matthews kneecap. Interest only the price but very low end hardware.
  • Poorly designed, shame !!!  

    The display will therefore never wears out the battery faster. And the second point: the magnet is very convenient to set the timer on the fridge but if you leave the battery in the timer, the weight drags and the magnet is not strong enough. Poorly
  • Generally friendly but poorly designed  

    Vtech - A1402997 - Miniature Vehicle - Garage - Slide - Tut Tut Bolide (Toy)
    Toy cool colors, but poorly designed: the different parts of the external slide part fit poorly and suddenly he falls continuously when moved etc. And the car gets stuck as it is stopped by the parties that fit together poorly. Same in the part that
  • Ineffective product ert poorly designed  

    Philips - HD4417-20 - Electric Grill - 2000 W (Kitchen)
    I bought this to replace a Tefal grill. Result: I keep my Tefal grill and it went in the trash !!! Grill inefficient, insufficient temperature, flow poorly designed fat, the plate is difficult to clean. Moreover, it is advantageous to dry the element
  • Poorly designed 2  

    Backpacker Portuguese Conversation Guide (Paperback)
    This guide is essentially a small French-Portuguese dictionary (and Portuguese and French). Complete and convenient format, certainly, but I find poorly designed (for use) for the purpose it is supposed to achieve: The usual sentence for the "convers
  • SIM poorly designed part  

    Universal USB Drive Pack all in one (Personal Computers)
    Delivery OK but poorly designed for SIM reader part that interested me. Having lost in the micro-sim obliged to dismantle (easy) to understand. The card is only maintained on the sides so micro-sim may detach. Without dismantling not easy to understa
  • Very poorly designed! 1 1  

    I Kitchenaid Citrus Press (Kitchen)
    If you like the juice that flows into your sleeve while you press or spurting all around you, then this juicer Kitchenaid is for you: little faster, you have more violently citrus press you wish for as juice! And in the end, a lot of assembly and dis
  • Very poorly designed 2  

    YouSave Accessories HA01-SE-Z928 Case wallet PU / leather for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The product has pretty well unpacking, but that's it. Two days later, the "leather" is already damaged. Very poorly designed, this cover prevents charging the phone. The opening of the case is also ill-conceived, making the simple complicated an
  • Expensive and poorly designed!  

    Dish Drainer with Tray - Black
    I bought 3 because of the size (few) that suited me to a specific location. Yet this article is expensive, 20 would have been an acceptable price. Badly for the seller which, in my opinion, abused. Moreover, it is poorly designed: The holding is poor
  • Poorly designed 9  

    Allibert 213199 Eureka Bin 50 L Polypropylene Black / Steel 34 x 45 x 60.5 cm (Housewares)
    Good quality trash rather successful but visually very poorly designed. Unable to close the main cover: Tank plastic bag and the small opening above the touch and prevent the closure of the main valve. Allibert should have chosen between the reserve
  • 9 poorly designed  

    32 in 1 Screwdriver T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T10, T15, T20 Repair Mini Laptop PC Phone, Set Kit for Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony, HTC Mobile Phones with integrated magnet. (Electronic devices)
    First: there is no "Iphone kit" and the proposed caps do not work for such small screws than Iphone. Second: generally the screwdriver bits are so poorly designed that the specified size is not really. I think it's worth paying a little more for
  • One particularly poorly designed book  

    Introduction to Dowsing and micro-vibration physical (Paperback)
    This is probably the most poorly designed manual I know. People who seek it an "introduction to vibrational physics" will be disappointed. This book is intended for specialists particularly sharp. You will find some introductory chapters at rand
  • nonfunctional and poorly designed product  

    Beneo Machine Popcorn Cinema as in stainless steel, 1200 W
    a tier of unpopped kernels are ejected with popcorn !!! Provide with a broom or vacuum cleaner because the alluvial beak but is poorly designed and a significant amount ends up out of your container returned object
  • Poorly designed 16  

    Russell Hobbs 18356-56 heating 1000 W Master Blender Soup Bowl Inox 1.5 L (Kitchen)
    Russel Hobbs is a brand known for its quality. But then the device is poorly designed: the lid does not close tightly, and in brewing, while overflowing! it remains only to clean the machine and the work plan. Competitors put a seal and obviously do
  • Poorly designed battery compartment  

    Watt% 26Co UPS power meter (Electronics)
    The battery compartment is very poorly designed and contact with the batteries is not done correctly. It ended with tape ... not top