proximity sensor lumia 735


  • This film covers the proximity sensor of the phone!  

    Voguecase® Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Ultra-High Quality Ultra Clear scratchproof Resistant Tempered Glass Nokia Lumia 730/735 -ultra resistant index 9H hardness High (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Good quality, easy installation and clean ... but unusable on my Nokia 735 as it covers the proximity sensor and therefore the screen goes out during communications. The screen turns off and you can not access the HP functions keypad, contacts, calen
  • Enables proximity sensor - no input function during call  

    (3 x 3 x front and rear) Membrane screen protector for LG Nexus 4 (E960) - Crystal Clear Screen Protector, invisible film, original packaging and accessories (electronic)
    Film was good to install, but unfortunately you will activate the proximity sensor. That is, the film suggests the display when a call is an approximation (eg the ear), provides the display black and no input options are no longer present. You have t
  • Fits perfectly with the Lumia 735!  

    Nokia CC-3086 Wireless Qi Charging Clip-On Case Cover Hard Shell Case with charging function for Nokia Lumia 735 - Green (optional)
    This is an original Nokia Lumia 735 Cover in green. Please note that you can only use the A 735, the wireless charging feature. Technically, this function will not fall from 730er model.
  • Problem cutting pitch for the proximity sensor  

    atFoliX FX-Clear Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z (3 pieces) - with front and back! Ultra clear screen protection! (Accessory)
    Hellos, here I inform you that the protection is ultra clear and sticks very well and also of superb quality but the problem, it did not cut to the proximity sensor that is to say when you call the screen goes black is impossible to hang up has by re
  • problem with the proximity sensor  

    kwmobile® Tempered Glass Screen Protector Nokia Lumia 730/735 transparent. High Quality (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The proximity sensor is located between the speaker and the camera sensor. It captures protection (even without the presence of trace) and the screen turns off with each call. It is very problematic to handle the telephone during a call, even if only
  • ok with Lumia 735  

    Anself NFC smart tags stickers 10pcs for Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 Note 3 Nokia Lumia 920 Sony Xperia Nexus 5 (Electronics)
    ordered Sunday afternoon received on Monday morning in the mailbox! Programming seamlessly with Lumia 735 to run directly into the car GPS in general, the GPS directly back home and app traffic. Not yet found how to stop or start the WIFI without any
  • His solved HS proximity sensor  

    Tablecloth Proximity Sensor, Power Button, Brightness Sensor and Micro for iPhone 4 (Electronics)
    I ordered the table to solve micro problems. Perfect on this point. By against the web also manages the proximity sensor. Does not work with this table.
  • Cover the proximity sensor  

    (Pack Of 1) Nokia Lumia 735 Premium Fitted Case Cover Case Screen Protectors tempered glass Crystal Clear LCD Packs With Chiffon & Card application by Spyrox (Electronics)
    The protection initially struck me very well. Easy to install, nice touch without loss of touch sensitivity. Then came the first call: unable to access the speaker buttons on the keypad. Why? It's very simple protection covers not only the brightness
  • Good protection perfectly adapted to the Lumia 735  

    2 x slabo Screen Protective Film Nokia Lumia 735 Protective Film Screen protection film "Ultra Clear" invisible MADE IN GERMANY (Electronics)
    Good protection perfectly adapted to the Lumia 735, easy to install. The delivery is fast and efficient (in a mailing envelope) so directly in the mailbox. Shame that the cost of delivery is as expensive as the article itself
  • bp protection screen lumia 735  

    Scrub Shield superb MYLB high quality hard shell Skin Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 735 (Nokia Lumia 735 For Brown) (Electronics)
    Hello The screen protection does not match the Lumia 735 Lumia 730 but (as indicated on the package). The shell it fits perfectly to the Lumia 735.
  • Do not load on a Lumia 735  

    QUMOX Qi Wireless Charging Pad Power Pad Blue Wireless Charger For Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Google Nexus 5 Nexus 4 Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 S4 i9500 N9000 Note II N7100 Note3 (Electronics)
    This module absolutely not load, even discharge rather ... Anyway on my Lumia 735 that is compatible IQ I have 2 different tests and c is the same result Note, however, that the supplier was fully professional since proposed to me in return a second
  • Product that you expect, when reassembling everything worked except the proximity sensor. But all the same good profuit  

    PlaneteMobile - Lcd Display + Touch Glass Color White - for Apple Iphone 4 (Electronics)
    Product that you expect, when reassembling everything worked except the proximity sensor. But all the same good profuit
  • Proximity sensor no longer works  

    2 x mumbi Screen Protector Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro Screen Protector "Crystal Clear" invisible (Electronics)
    After my initial good review I have to refuel here. The films are scratch resistant and generally well applied. Two problems occurred: 1. The films are a little too big (or exactly the size of the display surface) and thus allow no leeway in position
  • Perfect for Lumia 735  

    6x kwmobile® Screen Protector for Nokia Lumia 730/735 in crystal clear - Premium Quality (Electronics)
    Since my Lumia 735 is quite large, and I want to do without an additional protective cover, I bought these sheets. They were quickly sent in a letter, and are quite easy to apply. And when I look at how the first film looks now, I am happy to have bo
  • Product not suitable for lumia 735  

    kwmobile® Tempered Glass Screen Protector Nokia Lumia 730/735 transparent. High Quality (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    This product is much smaller than the surface of lumia, suddenly there is a lot of space on the sides that are not protected.
  • Caution Do not ideally suited for lumia 735  

    3 x Screen Protector Film atFoliX Nokia Lumia 730/735 - FX-Antireflex antireflection (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The film leaves 2 to 3 mm all around. The entire glass surface is covered poas. It should be for the 730 but not 735
  • Cover for Lumia 735  

    ELTD® Nokia Lumia 730/735 High Grade Cover Case / Cover / Case / Cover (For Nokia Lumia 730/735 Inch, Black) (Electronics)
    Since my silicone cases offered here visually did not like, I chose this. Although they speak, only behind and embraces the phone at the sides, the cover makes a valued and stable impression. Top and bottom of the phone will not be covered, but the s
  • Slabo screen protector Lumia 735, good and functional product  

    2 x slabo Screen Protector Nokia Lumia 735 LTE Screen Protector film "Crystal Clear" invisible MADE IN GERMANY (Electronics)
    This film served its purpose fully. The attachment erfodert some skill, but is not a problem. On cleanliness when applying it must be strictly!
  • lumia 735 (case / movie screen and stylus)  

    Protector Nokia Lumia 735 Black Premium Leather Wallet Case Cover + Back Screen Mini Stylus Pen + Cloth & BY Shukan (BLACK) (Electronics)
    fast delivery in less than 10 days (more lapériode during christmas) well packaged and delivered as planned with case / movie screen and stylus (very small) The acceptable quality for the price (less than 2.5 shipped) cards is not the Noreve thank yo
  • protective lumia 735  

    Protector Nokia Lumia 735 Black Premium Leather Wallet Case Cover + Back Screen Mini Stylus Pen + Cloth & BY Shukan (BLACK) (Electronics)
    Very good value, I would say excellent, and I doubt if it is a little leather it seems solid. Recommended.