REER skintemp


  • Reer 98020 SkinTemp  

    Reer 98020 SkinTemp 3in1 infrared clinical thermometer (baby products)
    Scope of supply: In the box you will find the thermometer, and a good guide. The battery (CR2032 button cell) is already used, only a plastic protective strip must be removed / disconnected. Function: The device is so simple that it normally does not
  • Super product, better than the previously purchased from Reer !!!  

    5 x Child Protection Parental Control for sockets with twist mechanism (Baby Product)
    The Reer Steckdosenschutz parts that look almost the same as this one are, gradually fell out after half a year from the power outlets, especially if you pulled the plug (which makes our little one with bliss at all erreichbarne plugs daily). In addi
  • Reer 4512  

    Reer bed grid, XXL (Baby Product)
    so my feedback. Top bed rail finally can not my little girl more slip out of her bed out :) Thanks to Reer :)
  • reer heater 1912 ill-conceived  

    reer changing table 1912 - heaters with automatic shut-off and 2 heat settings (Baby Product)
    Hello There. Just a Reer changing table radiant bought in 1912 and mounted and have to say. That's not famous. I think that the back ends tomorrow on the counter with rolling. -Ziemlich Filigree housing with a cable-operated switch is routed through
  • Advertises reer and shipped ProBaby  

    reer 3246.920 - plug covers, transparent, 20 pieces (Baby Product)
    Great article. I had bought Reer Steckdosenschutz 3 years ago. Have super maintained - no problems. Before our renovation I needed new ones. Since I have the things about Amazon from the dealer ordered because I was super happy with the parts of Reer
  • reer 8007 "Apollo" fully meets my expectations  

    reer 8007, "Apollo" Digital Camera / Video Baby Monitor (Baby Product)
    Can the reviews "1 star" do not share, maybe I have also just lucky with my device. The first device was indeed faulty (Baby unit sent no sound) with me, immediately sent back and three days later the replacement unit was therefore no "star
  • Reer 71233 Door Stop  

    Reer 71233 Door Stop (Baby Product)
    These stoppers cost almost nothing to fulfill its purpose to cause no damage and adapt to any door. Recommended effective product.
  • Reer 25x Steckdosenschutz to screw white  

    REER - 25 x Steckdosenschutz for screwing WHITE! (Baby Product)
    I have a socket protection sought, which also hold a little longer and I do not like the need to destroy bonded when I renovate example etc .. So is this Steckdosenschutz really easy to install. Simply unscrew the screw in the socket and insert the p
  • reer 5006  

    reer 5006 - Walkie Talkie Complete Set (Baby Product)
    hello me are very satisfied. Had only at the first attempt a few problems with the reception and the description has not helped us again but now we have everything under control. And are now very happy with it.
  • Rain Protection Stroller Reer  

    Reer - Protection Rain Stroller (Baby Care)
    too after 3 uses déchiré she does not recommend this article otherwise adapts well to any stroller

    Reer 1200 - Baby Phone "Neo" (Baby Product)
    This unit is absolute crap every time you receive the parent unit cracked super loud when they leapt. Have sent back the unit.
  • Babyphone Reer 1200 Neo  

    Reer 1200 - Baby Phone "Neo" (Baby Product)
    Was pleasantly surprised about the very fast delivery and good quality! The device has a good understanding with good sound. It is easy to handle. Other manufacturers can follow their example. Then there is the very favorable price for which you get
  • Head Höreer for Samsung S§  

    Original Samsung In-Ear Headset white EHS 64 EHS64AVF headphones with volume control for Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, Galaxy Note N7000, Galaxy W i8150, Galaxy Y S5360, Galaxy Nexus I9250, S8600 Wave 3, i9001 Galaxy S Plus Galaxy Xcover S5690 Smartphone, Wave Y S5380, Wave M S7250, i9000 Galaxy, Galaxy Ace S5830, i9103 Galaxy R, (Accessories)
    Inexpensive, good and fast delivery does not include shipping costs. As my listeners were defkt (loose contact) I mussste me neeu pick so I can listen to music again.
  • Rating Steckdosenschutz reer 3245020  

    reer 3245020 - plug covers, screw, white, 20 pieces (Baby Product)
    I have this Steckdosenschutz now installed throughout the house. We have outlets of Jung. Simply existing screw rausdrehen, push in plug covers and fasten with the screw. If an outlet protection falls apart, as here partly described in other reviews
  • reer 5060 - LED Night Light  

    reer 5060 - LED Night Light (household goods)
    A good night light. Dias light enough to sleepwalk in the apartment. Not to bump equal to anywhere. My Recommendation.
  • Cheaper parental controls are better.  

    reer 3246.020 - Electrical Outlet Cover White, 20 (Baby Product)
    After despite numerous reviews we could not decide clearly, we have surely ordered three different parental controls for our sockets. 1. reer 3246,020 - Steckdosenschutz white, 20 pieces for 5,50 2. 10 x Child Protection Parental Control for sockets
  • Dissolves by pulling the plug, very useful.  

    reer 3246.020 - Electrical Outlet Cover White, 20 (Baby Product)
    This socket guards are a total letdown. - You do not fit in all our outlets - If they match, then you pull it back out to the plug With Reer articles on child safety, we previously were just unlucky.
  • Quick + Simple + = Safe Genial!  

    Hartig + Helling 98594 KS 6 safety plugs pluggable 5 piece (Baby Product)
    Video at See fuse for the power outlet - the choice of the optimal protection for the infant in the simplest possible handling for the adults is also a question of systems. We had so far "PATRULL" (Ikea), plug covers with twist m
  • very quickly with simple operation  

    reer 9840 Digital thermometer with flexible and gilded Probe (Baby Product)
    The digital fever thermometer Reer 9840 we have now been a year and are very satisfied: -It Is easy to operate: drüken head and pure ... -It Is very fast (about 10 sec.); even faster than with our pediatrician.
  • fast, inexpensive, accurate and flexible  

    reer 9840 Digital thermometer with flexible and gilded Probe (Baby Product)
    Since the birth of our daughter, we tried some digital thermometer. Unfortunately, most were somehow unsatisfactory. Either took the measure incredibly long (if the child is even older than 6 months, then 40 seconds before an eternity), or the measur