relaxwell advertisements in audios


  • Nevermind Blu-Ray  

    Nevermind (Blu-Ray Audio) (Blu-ray Audio)
    This product review is from the Pure Audio Blu-Ray of Nevermind. Listening to Pure Audio, Blu-ray, or HD PCM Stereo Master, so once you connect with it an outstanding playback quality. If you read the advertising copy of Universal Music in relation t
  • very good picture - that was it already  

    Philips DVP 4320 DVD Player (HDMI, 1080p upscaler, DivX Ultra Certified, USB 2.0) (Electronics)
    Due to the description and the positive reviews I bought the DVD player. No question, the image quality is excellent and the design a nice change. But that was in my eyes already. Here are my criticisms why it only 2 stars is from me: - The idea of ​
  • Does not meet the advertised specifications (at least on my hardware)  

    UGREEN quality DisplayPort 1.2V Male to Male Audio-Video cable, gold plated, with locking plug for New HDTVs, projectors, displays
    I have a cable recently acquired multiple times (December 2014) to multiple GTX 980 with multiple LG 34UC87 connect (multi-monitor). The supplied cable for LG 34UC87 4K monitor is 3840x1440 @ 60Hz is easily, only it is a bit too short. Therefore, I w
  • Poor audio quality 1  

    Jabra Sport Plus Stereo Headphone Wireless Bluetooth - Black / Yellow (Accessory)
    Happy user of a Motorola S9 (but lost) for 7 years (2-3 week), I opted for this model despite the very mixed reviews. Compared S9, it is far behind + Wireless for 2 reasons: - The audio is objectively bad: "powerful bass" is written on the packa
  • One should not believe all the advertising ...  

    LEVEL ONE 5 megapixel WCS-6050 Day / Night Wireless (Accessories)
    Well - also LevelOne can not override the physics. 5 million pixels in at about the same small sensor as a 1 Mpixel camera means that each pixel only one-fifth as large and only one-fifth receives as much light. Even during the day the sun should app
  • pure audio / receiver functions: OK, remaining totally disappointing  

    Sony STR-DN840 7.2 channel receiver (150 watts per channel, 4K, 3D, 6x HDMI IN, 1x HDMI OUT, GUI, wireless, AirPlay, DLNA, Internet Radio) (Electronics)
    Have the device now for about 7 months and am now more frustrated than enthusiastic. As a pure amplifier / receiver the unit is absolutely worth the money. Switching between various HDMI sources and the "looping through" the image to the TV work
  • after a short period defective / no audio  

    Cable direct Mini DisplayPort> HDMI adapter cable (Full HD 1080p 3D) - TOP Series (Accessories)
    Unfortunately, this after just two weeks did not go. It is likely to be a loose connection. Good things can happen, which is also very bother me, this is with audio Übetragung advertised but one notices thereof unfortunately nothing. However, the set
  • Almost perfect in this segment, only audio insufficient  

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000EG Super Zoom Digital Camera (20 Megapixel, 16x opt. Zoom, 1 MOS sensor, 7.5 cm (3 inch) LCD screen, 4K / UHD-recording, optical image stabilization, WiFi, NFC) black ( Electronics)
    I had initially only given a star as the internal sounds of the camera, which can be heard on the video, is simply unacceptable. The sound is so extreme that in this configuration no decent shots are easy. The sound is something like this, like heari
  • Employed Advertising for other games  

    Ninja Chicken Plus (app)
    Did it deleted. The game is quite nice but constantly advertising for other games appears. From a paid game, I expect something else.
  • shameless advertising!  

    Townsmen (App)
    Close button next to banners shoots not flashing MMCDonald's advertising but opens app store to buy! Better to be honest and equal demand money or impose any button traps!
  • Nice game but unfortunately advertised with lie  

    Auralux (App)
    The game is now advertised (07.09.'14) with "Get the Aurora Level Pack for free" in the AppStore which you can order in-game. There, the Level-Pack is however offered at the regular price.
  • Mellow TV without analog audio output  

    Samsung UE32ES6300SXZG 81 cm (32 inches) 3D LED backlight TVs, energy class B (Full HD, 200Hz CMR, DVB-T / C / S2, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    I opted for the 32-inch version, since it is perfectly adequate for our small living room. I'm here only to isolated, specific points without claiming to provide a complete review. In particular, I do not agree to the picture quality, since this was
  • Intermediate USB3 stick, slower than advertised by far  

    SanDisk SDCZ43-064G-G46 Ultra Fit 64GB USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 130MB / sec. (Personal Computers)
    Write Read filesystem 24.8 MB / s 77.2 MB / s delivery status FAT32 18.1 MB / s 75.9 MB / s NTFS 24.8 MB / s 76.6 MB / s exFAT Conclusion: The stick remains far short of the advertised back "up to 130MB / s." Still, I can not blame the stic
  • Very well adapted to Kindle Fire TV, but the annoying advertising.  

    Reports amply available. Image quality is sufficient. App is with the Department of Fire TV easily operated / navigated Negatives: Spontaneous appear advertising block and it is not too tight. Just the File * Death looked at the tracks *. Takes about
  • Only Advertising  

    PICTURE (App)
    Despite Premium account is played Advertising at every change to a Video News on Kindle Fire TV. I have a general problem with advertising but as the app is worthless.
  • unfortunately with advertising  

    to un quite informative for themselves if it were not for this forced advertising breaks, I do not look at me until next update which, when until then, nothing has changed and the advertising it is flying the app down mercilessly.
  • Dropouts advertising (on TV Fire)  

    Viewster - Free Movies & Series (App)
    Had to cancel unfortunately short test. Whenever advertising came after a short time the black image. I do not know whether the connection problems with the advertising providers are, in any case, I had to stop playing and start again several times .
  • Advertisement does not work  

    Diary (App)
    Horrific app that is just on advertising from. After 2 minutes, I had already deleted. There are matching profitable alternatives.
  • sony cd audio blanks  

    Sony Audio CD blanks CRM 80 80min 10-pack (accessories)
    I've always been satisfied with the blanks from Sony - the last delivery was simply ......... / not half the audio cd's could be record on the audio cd recorder - and not like the picture it shows but it came to other cases ....
  • Audio CD  

    Sony Audio CD blanks CRM 80 80min 10-pack (accessories)
    I have a Philips CD recorder from 2000. This requires special audio blanks (because GEMA) which are more difficult to get. These work fine.