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  • Game Review Max Payne 3  

    Max Payne 3 (uncut) [PEGI] (Video Game)
    Game Review for Max Payne 3: On the PC Max Payne 3 has, in my opinion, catered for the latest development in optics. It just looks realistic, detailed and 'round' out. The basic principle of Max Payne has not changed. However you play a new Max Payne
  • quite funny handmade retro game ...  

    Flappy Wings (not Flappy Bird) (App)
    a very simple graphic of the forth game that mainly survived by his originality and the retro charm. The only Einstellmögichkeit is to music on or off. But just the music and the sound I find particularly funny! However, the control of the bird is no
  • First games review Ever  

    The Last of Us Remastered - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    It has often been written and it is true .... Super gameplay, graphics and variety. I am a muffle respect builds a review but this game deserves it
  • For retro games lovers ...  

    The Escapists - [PC] (DVD-ROM)
    ... Definitely a good thing ... Langer, old fashioned fun is guaranteed here. And that great games do not necessarily always have to be in 3 D, is also clear. So an old-fashioned acting game also has its charm. To be able to play "The Escapists,
  • Hunter & Cron: Board Game Review MACHI KORO  

    Kosmos 692 322 - Machi Koro (Toys)
    HUNTER 6/10 + Nice little family game + Mechanism for all settler player very catchy - Always the same victory conditions, extensions seem almost mandatory - Rather happiness heavy CRON 8/10 + Beautiful illustrations + Simple rules and short playing
  • Punch Quest Retro Game now free  

    Punch Quest (App)
    Punch Quest. As the name and the logo suggests, here you get neatly on the cap and not too tight. The retro style I really like and also the opponent look good. For a retro fan like me this game was therefore a must. Or maybe not? The gameplay is as
  • Hunter & Cron: Board Game Review Kingdom Builder  

    Queen Games 6083 - Kingdom Builder, Game of the Year 2012 (Toys)
    HUNTER 7/10 + Family and Kennerspiel in one. + Very variable Playmaking - The depth of gameplay rewarded skill and experience too strong for a family game CRON 8/10 + More complex than one can believe the limit on a card first hand! + To quickly lear
  • Super Retro Game  

    Prince of Persia Classic (App)
    feeling as before but with better graphics, fantastic, could also with other old games (because of the optics) be made
  • Games Review  

    Bubble Blaze (App)
    The game is visually quite hübsch.Das gameplay on Duration something langweilig.Nervig is the constant invitation in addition to buy something or in touch with friends to contact.
  • A must have for retro-gamer!  

    Silverhill Tools ATKNND Nintendo Game 3.8mm and 4.5mm Screwdriver (Miscellaneous)
    Screwdriver set to loosen and tighten its old games consoles such as the NES, the Super NES, Nintendo 64, the Sega mega drive, dreamcast, genesis ... You can clean the inside of his cartridges for better operation!
  • Game Reviews  

    Dragon Age Inquisition (Video Game)
    The game meets my expectations except for some questionable side quests as uninspired at times and the horse system that makes disappear your companions on the map. This is a very good game with a solid history of Games of Thrones style mixing politi
  • Simple small Retro Game  

    Grim Joggers (App)
    The graphics are so grobpixelig than if it comes from the C64 or ZX Spectrum. If the game is faster, it acts verscwommen, so that it becomes difficult to detect obstacles. The gameplay is quite simple: a group. From joggers running consecutively. The
  • Retro Game is boring  

    Punch Quest (App)
    Your hero runs automatically from left to right. He meets all kinds of monsters and items. There are two buttons that you can press it. Right hero boxing is all about, what stands in the way, with the left he makes a jump. The graphics reminiscent of
  • Retro Game  

    Wayward Souls (App)
    I do not know whether the game is new or a new version of an old game. It looks, however, and plays like the games I played as Jugedlicher and I'm closer to the 40 I care :-) Even though I like to play from the time wiedermal games I do this for nost
  • Games Review: XGRA  

    XGRA (computer game)
    The Story: XGRA is the fourth part of the Extreme-G series. The HIGH-keitsrennspiel-21st century by Acclaim provides rapid comebacks and spectacular special effects, has been clearly demonstrated as early as the first extractions of the series. The G
  • Successful retro game  

    LA Noire [PC Steam Code] (Software Download)
    Excellent captured and consistently kept atmosphere of Los Angeles of the '40s. The plot is based on the rise and fall of a police officer. There are about 20 to solve criminal cases. Sexy: Respondents to face and to assess their facial expressions a
  • Have understood the game rules ;-) ... and think it's still boring  

    Pegasus Spiele 18114G - Port Royal - merchants Caribbean, Card Game (Toy)
    How to play: A pile of cards with ships, expeditions, individuals and tax increases is hidden in the center. Each card has printed on the back of a gold coin. The cards are used simultaneously so as currency and Aktionenskarten. The active player tra
  • überdurchnittliches Pause Game  

    Driver: San Francisco (computer game)
    At last a real Driver game by no longer needs to leave the vehicle and traipse walk and rumba preparers stupid and copy GTA, but just go! Cars: Well, the big fleet, even a Pacer and a VW Bulli are! A minus are the much too dark cockpit, they are not
  • really retro  

    Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection (Video Game)
    g wanted to find games of my youth and frankly has for big fans of retro games I not recommend for me there is not enough games bien.dommage
  • Retro Gold  

    Sonic CD (App)
    Super Retro Game ingenious. My personal favorite is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 but here comes the game very close. Download! Download! Download! for all fans of Jump n Run Games. Come and get it ..... :-)