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  • Rihanna with a difference  

    Stay (Album Version (Explicit)) [feat. Mikky Ekko] [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    Some songs of Rihanna I listen to, but do not find it so outstanding. Add this title but I find very good.
  • Guetta super, super and Rihanna together unbeatable  

    Who's That Chick? (Audio CD)
    As announced Rihanna Who's That Chick would not be on her new album because the song it would be normal, I was very shocked. But then: A few weeks later came the message of the song would be for David Guetta's "One More Love" and now the wa
  • Rihanna shows again Song qualities  

    Towards The Sun (From The "Home" Soundtrack) (MP3 Download)
    Rihanna shows all once again how diverse their music style is class made as always shows Rihanna where the rubber meets the road. Thumbs up.
  • Great songs by Rihanna  

    Loud (Audio CD)
    "Loud" by Rihanna is very fun to listen to. The songs on this "Loud" collection are up-tempo and enjoyable to listen to. My favorite song on this collection by Rihanna is "Cheers (Drink to That)" with Avril Lavigne. I en
  • For Rihanna really good ...  

    Talk That Talk (Audio CD)
    Of course, far more behind the product Rihanna than just the woman in the video ... You can love them or hate them, what matters for the music. On this record, it shows again a bit more variety. I like it, especially "Cockieness". That is a
  • Rihanna 1  

    Talk That Talk (Audio CD)
    Rihanna is and remains the madness. What do you tackle, we gold. Great album, from all facets a little something there. Buy recommendation.
  • Super great album, you've done well Rihanna :)  

    Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition) [Explicit] (Audio CD)
    Real everything Geil .. of You Da One by Fool in Love .. everything Geil. everything goes on .. Rihanna makes and will in future always do good music. Is just my favorite singer. 10 out of 10 points.
  • Strongest album of Rihanna  

    Good Girl Gone Bad (Audio CD)
    This album of Rihanna really convinced. Even with the two previous albums were going really good hits, but there were just only these hits. The rest of the album consisted of boring, meaningless songs, so-called filler. This time, Rihanna has really
  • Rihanna, a special brand with guaranteed success  

    Unapologetic (Audio CD)
    One thing you have let Rihanna or rather their management, the marketing of the brand "Rihanna" is professional and well thought out to the last detail. Even the annual publication date of new albums just before Christmas is not arbitrarily
  • Rihanna - Album number 7  

    Unapologetic (Audio CD)
    I look forward every year to November, because there is finally a new Rihanna album. 2012 Yet the 7th. Since I am a big Rihanna Navy itself, I like that your fans happy there every year with a new album. Here are the ratings for Unapologetic: Phresh
  • Eminem & Rihanna fit perfectly  

    The Monster [feat. Rihanna] [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    this song is immediately caught my eye and I had it as a ringtone have. Rihanna makes it very aggressive voice and voice of Eminem just very pleasant.
  • Rihanna is super  

    Only Girl (In The World) (MP3 Download)
    The hit does genuinely happy. Good dance number. Can you listen again and again. Rihanna has a great voice. Is really great,
  • Rihanna 2  

    Only Girl (In The World) (MP3 Download)
    Also for me a club song. Well produced. Sound fits and you can move it. Typical Rihanna. Catchy. Just a catchy tune.
  • Super, Rihanna!  

    Music of the Sun (Audio CD)
    This sound is really great. It is reminiscent of a mix of Destiny's Child, Ciara and Sean Paul. which is really a super blend. Rihanna has an insanely sexy, yet somehow natural radiance. If you listen to the song "Pon de Replay" on the radi
  • Reggae beats, exotic algorithms, Iceland vibes and a beautiful voice with a girl like me Rihanna!  

    A Girl Like Me (Audio CD)
    The 18-year-old, born in sunny Barbados Rihanna, has been discovered at 16 by the producer Evan Rogers. He was enchanted by her voice and soon he and Rihanna wrote a couple of songs. After a successful audition with Def Jam boss Jay-Z, she signed soo
  • Cool CD of Rihanna  

    A Girl Like Me (Audio CD)
    I find this CD really good. I bought because of their songs SOS and Unfaithful, both of which I found very good. Disappointed I did not become, although it must be said that I would have a little more fast songs expected and not so many ballads. The
  • Rihanna is back !!!  

    Rated R (Audio CD)
    The Wait Is Over and the wartenhat worth !!! THE ALBM IS THE HAMMER !!! I was already a fan of Rihanna imma and I find it increases from album to album !! The album contains super beautiful ballads such as Russian Roulette or Cold Case Love or firebo
  • Rated R - Rihanna is back!  

    Rated R (Audio CD)
    Since it is so, the new album by Rihanna. After the mega album "Good Girl Gone Bad" were my expectations very high on the new album. Was me only not so sure if the new album is what, but I have to say truly that I am very surprised. The alb
  • Rihanna's LOUD  

    Loud (Audio CD)
    In my opinion, next to Good Girl Gone Bad is the best album of Rihanna. The songs have a great sound and Rihanna convinced with her astounding voice. I've got the songs rated by 1 to 10: 1. S & M 10/10 2. What's My Name? 8/10 3. Cheers (Drink To
  • Rihanna's LOUD 1  

    Loud (Audio CD)
    The single "Only Girl" already promised a lot, especially that Rihanna returns on the new album again to dance music. The album is called Loud and is in my opinion too! Some songs are real firecracker, but there are also 1-2 outs on the alb