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    RIVIERA & BAR CSI - FILTER 1 CUP ASSEMBLY - 500 591 709 (Kitchen)
    No particular problem, sending important price, it works perfectly, I have to change all the years I would order this item you
  • riviera bar  

    Riviera & Bar - CE834A - Automatic Espresso Grinder (Electronics)
    a great machine if you want a real coffee As against the price is excessive, you will find a 639 euros in maxicoffe.com

    Riviera & Bar QD 670 A teapot Electric (Kitchen)
    I love this tea, because I had the same model for more than 2 years, and I buy the same !!! tea is good, keeping warm is perfect, I am pleased to have found this teapot !!! but happiness ... I highly recommend !!!!!
  • Riviera & Bar QD794A Bread & Bagel Bread Machine Inox Massif ...  

    Riviera & Bar QD794A Bread & Bagel Bread Machine Massif Inox Satin (Kitchen)
    This is my 2nd machine ans.La 5 1 worked a lot and always given me satisfaction until the day it stopped working - I have used the same to whom I will make a small criticism - why have put an additional element in the tank not always easy to follow s
  • Teapot Riviera Bar 1  

    Riviera & Bar QD682A Yunnan Teapot Electric stainless steel and glass Schott Duran 21 x 22 x 25.5 cm (Kitchen)
    In my assessment, it's great! mother and mother-tea infusion, it's fine with me ... It remains to perfect period of use? Although 2-year warranty, is already reassuring, they are little more than those that guarantee a Year !. hoping that "in case of
  • perfect as always with Riviera & Bar, the Alsatian company thank you riviera & bar staff!  

    Riviera & Bar PR776A7 Centrifuge 1000 W Red 2 speeds (Kitchen)
    undeniably powerful, 2 speeds are handy (13,000 rpm !!!! And for a device of this type, the noise is definitely reasonable, that you can almost move this is a silent machine. A previous centrifuge (yet high brand, as they say) was a sound of hammer B
  • Filter coffee maker Bar Riviera  

    RIVIERA & BAR CSI - FILTER 1 CUP ASSEMBLY - 500 591 709 (Kitchen)
    Coffee filter coffee maker for Riviera bar.Free single flats even after she sancrase easily cleaned and disassembled it must be changed
  • Excellent shopping, a café as at the bar ;-)  

    Riviera & Bar CE542A Combined Espresso Filter Inox Solid Grey (Kitchen)
    Given the mixed reviews on this product, I waited a few weeks of use before writing my opinion. Result after 2 months of use: I am totally satisfied with my purchase! I rediscovered the pleasure of espresso, with a pressure of 19 bar the foam is crea
  • Fruit juices and smoothies made easy  

    Riviera & Bar PR785A Citrus Press (Kitchen)
    As its name does not explicitly state this food processor is a centrifuge which both fruit juice (depending juicer centrifugal force) and smoothies, smoothie is thicker quun juice, more liquid mashed quune less icy sorbet quun (if you add ice), and t
  • Photo not conform: the adjustment knobs are impractical :(  

    Riviera & Bar QR 455 A Electric Stove (Kitchen)
    Double hot plate given for 1000 and 1500 watts, upon startup of "scrub" the device is quickly good impression by its speed to warm up (compared to the previously used Aya Re 1069). Unfortunately, this priority -to good fishing by the buttons on
  • 2 irreversible problems  

    Riviera & Bar CE342A Manual Espresso Inox Solid Grey (Kitchen)
    10 days of receipt, and use, following a filling of the water tank, the pump starts to turn vide..apr├Ęs several trials, always the problem. So referral from Amazon. The big plus is the free return, I recognize ... and the immediate replacement Say wh

    Riviera & Bar QD789A Bread Machine Rice and Cereals Titanium Metallic (Kitchen)
    This breadmaker is just great. For 12 years I no longer buy bread and our 12 grandchildren eat cake with delight. This is my second machine and Riviera Bar, the first lasted 11 years and I use it almost every day. To make a bread of 500 gr I put exac
  • Value correct price ... but no more.  

    Krups GVX242 Mill Cafe Black-Inox (Kitchen)
    Espresso coffee consumer in a Magimix coffee bars to 19, I bought this Krups grinder a month ago (September 2012) and, after twenty years of using a shredder "Riviera Bar" bevel wheel that gave me any satisfaction to his last breath. I use the m
  • Excellent mill order on Amazon.de (Germany)  

    GRAEF CM 800 coffee grinder (Kitchen)
    This mill is of excellent craftsmanship seems solid (I did that for several days but the materials and finish attest to the quality of all) and very ergonomic. It works perfectly, low noise and allows very advanced settings milling. The result is exc
  • Excellent Product 1298  

    Riviera & Bar QD658A Kettle Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    The kettle Riviera & Bar meets my expectations in terms of quality, too cold and sober appearance, deserves to be read by the color in its design to remove the cold appearance of stainless steel.
  • Also holds on inclined bars. Great for the price!  

    Your baby stroller 75179 Organizer, anthracite (Baby Product)
    It is positive that the Organiser holds on inclined stroller bars. One has him just over a thickening attach (with us it depends where the handle merges with the rod), he also holds with small glass bottle and Stein. The cupholders are not preformed,
  • There are satellite receiver which is not much less bars  

    TechniSat Digit ISIO S1 digital HDTV satellite receiver (twin tuner, Internet functionality, Ethernet, DVRready, 2x CI +) Silver (Electronics)
    This product is as described by the dealer and the only should be evaluated. Fast delivery, good price on Amazon and therefore like my buy recommendation. A bit disappointing is the technique of TechniSat for this price. There are satellite receiver
  • Edler blender for kitchens, party rooms, bars ...  

    Klarstein "Herakles" stainless steel blender jar kitchen mixer with LED lighting (1000W, 1.5 liter glass container, special programs: Smoothie & crushed ice, pulse function, manual speed setting) silver-black
    Video on Amazon.com Watch This heavy blender is not just so on the kitchen counter, he even looks really classy. The rate-setting the "On / Off" is also the is lit, so I refer you at this point in my video. Under the "knob" are 3
  • Sz curl bar with spring clasp 120 cm  

    Gorilla Sports barbell curl bar with spring closure SZ 120 cm, One size, 10,000,069 (equipment)
    The curl bar was Saturday night ordered through Amazon at Gorilla Sports and delivered well packed on Tuesday. The article has really Studio quality and corresponds exactly to the description. Particularly enjoyable are the spring locks that prevent
  • For me, unfortunately, nothing compared to the Flexi-Bar  

    Aerobic swing rod (piece) including DVD (English) and Poster -. Original Whippy Bar 162cm (Misc.)
    Because I did not want to spend much money for the Flexi-Bar, of which I did not know if that ever what is for me, I ordered this momentum rod - but still for 19,90 Euro. First, my impression was positive, but then I realized that I do not really get