saeco minuto problem


  • Compare De Longhi ESAM 3000B with Saeco Minuto HD 8761  

    Saeco HD8761 / 11 Minuto coffee machine, steam / hot water nozzle, silver (household goods)
    Since the De Longhi is still displaced and the devices cost the same as I would like to compare them with each other. Our old De Longhi has about 6 years clamoring proved loyal service and we had to vacate her seat for some maintenance and ultimately
  • SAECO grinder problems with the supplied coffee  

    Minges Espresso Tradition 1932, whole bean, aroma soft pack, 1,000 g, 1-pack (1 x 1 kg) (Food & Beverage)
    We know this coffee for some time and had already bought him several times. But since he was not available at the moment of the supermarket, I ordered it here (5kg). Unfortunately, this time we are very disappointed in the beans is something wrong. A
  • there is something better to 350euro?  

    Saeco HD8763 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, ceramic grinder, milk jug, black (household goods)
    I, too, have long thrown in as a coffee machine an eye. Always have ever looked again here and there. For me, the following points were important. - Grinder for coffee beans - Height-adjustable spout - Removable brewing unit - Easy cleaning - Milk fr
  • it need not be always expensive 1  

    Saeco HD8862 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, automatic milk frother, Black (Kitchen)
    The machine is nice and narrow, therefore, does not take too much space in the kitchen away. It is operated mainly from above. With us he is directly under a cabinet and filling of water and coffee beans is still no problem. The Saeco Minuto looks no
  • Super device for small kitchen!  

    Saeco HD8761 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, steam / hot water nozzle, black (household goods)
    After many years of first-class, different coffees from different fully automatic Saeco Royal Series, my daughter saw her extract contrary to its first student apartment with sadness because it has there no appropriate space for a machine of this siz
  • Solid entry-level model  

    Saeco HD8862 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, automatic milk frother, Black (Kitchen)
    The Saeco HD8862 Minuto presents at least priced the entry model in the Saeco fully automatic world. Since then arises but the question is worth at all an investment in the most more than twice as expensive devices higher-quality fully automatic, or
  • Coffee for luxury home  

    Saeco HD8762 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, automatic milk frother, Black (Kitchen)
    After several weeks of daily use of the Saeco Minuto coffee machines, I can inform you of the following: For Preparation: The instructions that came with the unit (Quick Instruction Guide) with German (and French) text and graphics has 12 pages. Thus
  • Too bad: Not so good! Hands off!  

    Saeco HD8761 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, steam / hot water nozzle, black (household goods)
    I need my review revise, as the just even a month old device has already adjusted its services: The pump stops working and it is pulled out of water. Permanent reboot and ventilation tests were recommended to me by Philips and brings 20 attempts late
  • good performance with a perfect price / performance ratio  

    Saeco CA6704 / 99 coffee-degreaser for coffee machines, 10 x 1.6g (household goods)
    I've been looking for a good coffee degreaser for my SAECO Minuto and came across different products. At first I tested the Zekol of Aldi, where the cleaning performance is insufficient. Also 2 tablets clean insufficient. Next, I tested this SAECO, h
  • Simple, compact and well  

    DeLonghi ESAM 2900 automatic coffee machine (1.8 L, 15 bar, steam nozzle) black (household goods)
    I have at home a Saeco Minuto. A fairly small, compact automatic coffee makers from Philips, which was the measure of all things for me so far. Friends of mine have a DeLonghi, I've always admired because of the shape. By Vine I am now in the Enjoy t
  • Small Saeco with quite good results  

    Saeco HD8862 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, automatic milk frother, Black (Kitchen)
    I've owned a few fully automatic coffee in my life (private as well as in the office). Life without I like almost not imagine ;-) So far as I recall, there were 5 different models from SAECO (actually the premium models ever) that I had in lively use
  • Coffee machine SAECO  

    Saeco RI9822 / 01 coffee machine TALEA GIRO PLUS (household goods)
    Have the SAECO TALEA GIRO PLUS now more than 1 year in the household. So far I have no problems with the machine and am with the quality very satisfied so far. The Advantages: + Acceptable Price 'money + Many and thus adequate controls for individual
  • this is not the best machine Saeco  

    Saeco HD8750 / 11 Automatic espresso machine Intuita Black Milk frother Classic (Kitchen)
    I had a Saeco machine that I kept a few years and when she fell down, I replaced this model. after 2 years, most likely a pump problem and hardly working, she spits the coffee and there was more than a cup bottom .... From the beginning, it was disap
  • No luck with my Saeco ...  

    Saeco RI9752 / 01 Espresso Machine Odea Automatic Grey / Silver (Kitchen)
    I bought the Saeco Odea in January 2013, and after three months it has fallen down. I phone to Customer Support Philips Belgium and they have everything organized for transportation and repair shop. On this point I have nothing to say. The first time
  • Saeco brilliant cappuccino !!  

    Saeco HD8753 / 11 Automatic espresso machine Intelia One Touch Cappuccino Black (Kitchen)
    Philips Saeco HD8753 / 11 One Touch Cappuccino Intelia As the name suggests, you can have an espresso or a cappuccino at the touch of a button ... a breeze! - For those who love to read, not a notice but ten !!! I laugh !!!!!! One in French and one f
  • New Gaggia Classic vs. old Saeco Magic  

    Gaggia RI9403 / 11 Espresso Machines Espresso Machine, frother, stainless steel (houseware)
    This will be of course no comparison between two portafilter machines. It would also be pointless, because my Saeco Magic Cappuccino is no longer produced and their successors are as the Gaggia models medium while the family of Philips. However, I us
  • Review and smaller compared with Saeco Incanto (update)  

    Melitta E 960-107 silver Kaffeevollautomat Caffeo Bistro -Aromaeinstellung poker pro Milchschaumquirl (household goods)
    Here is my first experience with the Melitta Caffeo Bistro 960-107 We have had in our 2-person household exclusively Saeco Incanto KVA in operation. After the 2nd Incanto (within about 6 years) we wanted to try out another KVA. We are passionate coff
  • Good fully automatic in the typical Saeco optics  

    Saeco HD8768 / 01 fully automatic coffee machine Moltio (1.9 l, 15 bar, 1850 Watt, memo function, removable bean container Cappuccinatore) black (household goods)
    - First Impression - With Saeco is the first impression a bit tricky. With Saeco machines, the first impression is basically divided in two phases. Coarsened could now speak of the "Hui" and "Ugh" phase, but so did one of the truth pro
  • The Evo (lutuion) is actually more advanced at Saeco.  

    Saeco HD8768 / 01 fully automatic coffee machine Moltio (1.9 l, 15 bar, 1850 Watt, memo function, removable bean container Cappuccinatore) black (household goods)
    I start with a difference: When you have sworn to a Saeco, espresso, cup of coffee (Lungo), cappuccino or latte (Macchiato) publishes a button, and then also with different types of beans !, --- --- Then you will find herewith. (A little 'but': There
  • Confident Saeco users  

    Saeco RI9914 / 01 coffee machine ROYAL CAPPUCCINO silver / black (household goods)
    The Saeco fully automatic espresso machine Royal Cappucino has convinced us right from the start. After our first fully automatic espresso machine (same model) had to be replaced for reasons of age, we have again opted for it. He impresses certainly