samsang B350e mice problam


  • Three mice at once.  

    Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse Red (Accessories)
    Ordered for us three mice. You are now almost 5 months almost daily use and not have to show deficits.
  • Chic, ultrashort mice Hüpfer  

    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (App)
    Actually, I got the PC version of pure play "Castle of Illusion", between this and the Android but there are practically no difference, so my review is stellverstretend for both versions. After Gameboy- / NES classic "DuckTales" N
  • Dying breed of mice  

    HP X7500 Bluetooth mouse H6P45AA black / white (Personal Computers)
    Unfortunately, one gets hardly large (= handy, ergonomic) mice with Bluetooth connection, only those with the small USB receiver. Having previously like mice from Microsoft used to be but no longer produced. When the mouse now and then logs off, or l
  • Sensor processed horizontal movement is not the same for two mice properly  

    Logitech M325 Cordless Optical Mouse Dark Silver (Personal Computers)
    Had for 4 years the previous version and was very happy with it, I thought the successor can only get better ... from processing all accustomed top, unfortunately, there seems to be problems with the firmware. If you try to slow to follow the mouse p
  • Full review to mice from Logitech, Roccat, Sharkoon, anchor  

    Sharkoon Drakonia Black Gaming Laser Mouse 8200 dpi (11 keys) black (Personal Computers)
    At this point I want to, regardless of this assessment, first of all emphasize Amazon. I've had many PC mice and unfortunately often had the bad luck that the mice quite quickly had defects that they should not have. Amazon has the goods taken back w
  • Mic. And Camera  

    HAVIT® HV-N5085 16MP HD camera and webcam with microphone, LED light and adjustable stand (Black), Easter
    Simply toll.Sehr good images from the camera, also the Mic. Is very good. One can only recommend this part. The establishment was completely under W7 easy.
  • Super mic at a low price  

    Zalman ZM-MIC1 microphone Micro Hook (Personal Computers)
    First of all I want to say that this mic loose can compete with expensive headset mics, if not even better! The voice is reproduced clearly and without wrecker, no distortion, etc. Clear recommendation from me :) Use I do it in a combination with the
  • If one considers a few things you can thus actually catch mice!  

    Trip Trap - The friendly Mausefalle (Misc.)
    We bought the "friendly Mousetrap" 5 days ago because had taken root in our attic a small guest. One day later, the plastic part was already there - and we were initially admittedly skeptical. There really should enter a mouse? Climb over t
  • Very good Mic  

    Auna MIC 900S USB condenser microphone for studio recordings including Spider (16mm capsule, cardioid, 320Hz - 18KHz). Silver (Electronics)
    After a brief search Diess Mic came for voice recording in question. Optical: Siehrt very nice - even with the spider. It is very large and is extremely valuable and professionally. Price: With approximately 60, - (in Flash Deal) although it is more
  • Perfect Table stand for heavy condenser mics  

    Hamilton MS-100 black Microphone table stand black (Electronics)
    Unlike the more expensive alternatives this part benefits from a sufficient height, which, moreover, is easily adjustable. The whole thing is very stable and will support heavy large-diaphragm condenser mics plus pop screen. Delivered by the way - co
  • Very good Mice & improved Win8-operation  

    Logitech M705 Cordless Laser Mouse black / gray (Personal Computers)
    I write the review not only because of the mouse but also to draw attention to the improved usability of Win8 with the modifier keys. The mouse itself has not intense after 10 months use the usual Logitech Quality & has no shortcomings. I am most
  • Mice live for 6 months yet, processing and service life TOP!  

    Karlie Flamingo A11897 fur mice (Misc.)
    Mice one of my favorite toys for my cat, unfortunately due to the use of these were relatively quickly broken. Here for nearly 6 months now the tail is at a single fallen and missing an eye. My cat has its own games room so that I gave her all the mi
  • The mice (= Ladybird) are loved dearly ...  

    Bieco 3-D wooden Mobile (Baby Product)
    We have this mobile once got paid (in the variant of Playshoes - Wooden Mobile Ladybug and our little girl thought it was great from the beginning Now a mobile above the baby is fine, but also in the bassinet and other beloved couch places the child
  • One of the best mice I know ...  

    Logitech V450 Laser Cordless Notebook Mouse Wireless, scrolling wheel, PC mouse, PC / Mac, notebook mouse, 2-way (electronics)
    .... They've bought again; is only topped by a Logitech VX Revolution, which is even better in your hand. Everything fits, the radio frequency does not interfere with other components and the batteries should last forever. Compared to many zero-eight
  • The mice are moved  

    Gardigo Mole defense Vibrasonic with vibration motor battery powered (garden products)
    After about 6 weeks this soil is Rattermaschine in operation and the mice on the terrace, who this always USER as a toilet, have disappeared. The device will still operate with the first set of batteries and still works just fine. But you have a litt
  • Mic-O-Mic Helicopter  

    Shepherd 089 006 - Kit Mic-O-Mic Helicopter 16 x 6 cm (toys)
    My son now has 3 flyer, 1 van and this small helicopter of Mic-O-Mic. And is really excited about this toy. Building works for a 3-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult. But he can play with it alone :-) It may even happen that one or the other c
  • 3 of 4 mice defective for the middle mouse button  

    Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse (Personal Computers)
    Hello everybody, se a super mouse: no lag during gaming is, well in the hand and the drivers work. But ... I had bought two of these mice (1x for laptop, desktop 1x) after 5 months working in both the middle mouse button no longer (by clicking mouse
  • TEST: The wireless mice from Uping® are good - but which model is right for me? M005S or M001G or M003S.  

    Uping® Ergonomic Mouse Mice Mice Mouse Gaming Mouse Wireless Wireless The cordless wireless mouse High Precision Optical Mouse for PC and Mac, 3 Adjustable DPI Level, 1600 CPI, 3 buttons - small and silent wireless mouse M005S (Electronics)
    Since the technophile people from Amazon there as so often do not get, so here converge all reviews for the different types in these mice, followed by my test for three mice in a review - otherwise it is not. M005S - the noiseless Black With a price
  • catches mice ... but not really!  

    Neudorff Sugan 00690 Mausefalle (garden products)
    Since we have a house with large grounds and gardens on the edge of the forest, mice get lost from time to time in our house. Whether they reach the ventilation shaft in the boiler room or other ports of entry into the house through the open window,
  • Mice are too smart for this event  

    HUX EYE® live trap mousetrap Multi Catch metal MAF2503
    In the beginning everything was good: With two such traps I have caught on the balcony and in the garage at least 20, 25 mice - until a - could again after they had eaten sick free - whatever. And she seems to have told their colleagues how it works: