samsonite trolley flite young spinner


  • Samsonite trolley S'CURE SPINNER 75/28 CRIMSON RED  

    Samsonite Large suitcases S'cure Spinner 75/28, 52 x 31 x 75 cm (Luggage)
    I've been through a trip to China with this case. This case has exceeded all my expectations, easy guz mobile, stable. I will continue to have a lot of fun with it.
  • Samsonite trolley F'Lite Young Spinner 67/24, Bright Red, 45x67x28 cm  

    Samsonite trolley F'Lite Young Spinner 67/24, 45x67x28 cm (Luggage)
    The 4 wheels are a blessing! Did the trolley in color Bright Read gekauft.Der plastic is through dyed, not lacquered and mat, so the scratches and dirt are barely visible and the case falls on the baggage carousel immediately and will quickly gefunde
  • Samsonite trolley  

    Samsonite trolley F'Lite Young Spinner 67/24, 45x67x28 cm (Luggage)
    Having stayed had a good Samsonite Luggage For many years, I have treated myself to this new for my last US trip. At first I was skeptical because of the "space available", it appeared with relatively small. BUT .... I was amazed by what you pur
  • Samsonite trolley F'Lite - nice, nice, nice!  

    Samsonite trolley F'Lite Young Spinner 82/31 (Luggage)
    Hello There, Samsonite ...... what can I say. In my opinion, the best case on the market. In particular, for this, the value for money is amazing. He asks Mega lots of space, is very safe (rigid luggage) and also well protected by the locking mechani
  • Very good Trolley, price and performance fit here  

    American Tourister suitcase Marbella 2.0, 54 cm, 33 liters (luggage)
    I have the trolley for my son bought after his half as expensive Wagner trolley was broken after the second flight (the linkage could be even with tool no longer push), who buys cheap, buys twice. I think the trolley very good, it can accommodate for
  • Very good! 283  

    Samsonite Large suitcases S'cure Spinner 75/28, 52 x 31 x 75 cm (Luggage)
    I ordered the suitcase for my 14-day holiday and would recommend it unreservedly. Very well made, very good mechanism of roles, as the telescopic extension and the castles. The case is also much better equipped and processed than its predecessor Youn
  • Best Carry-on cases for air travel to a week without Notebook  

    Samsonite Spinner Uni INOVA spinners, 40x20x55 (Luggage)
    I have a lot of different cases compared. These cases were in the Test field: Travelite luggage Portofino IV2 W cabin trolley Max S + CAPITAL KOFFER Alex, 55 cm Samsonite Cabin trolley aluminum box Spinner, 55 cm Samsonite carry-on luggage suitcase N
  • Very good quality 113  

    Samsonite Aeris spinner 68/25, 49x68x28 (equipment)
    I have the trolley for my girlfriend bought as a replacement for a faulty trolley. Quality and color we liked. I'm going to buy me a Samsonite trolley when my faded away.
  • Large, light, strong, flexible  

    Samsonite suitcases S'cure Dlx Spinner, 52 x 31 x 75 cm (Luggage)
    When Samsonite Trolley is a fairly high-quality processed "main suitcase". It has 4 wheels, all of which are free to move, so you can buxieren him on 2 or 4 wheels easily through the area. From the outside it is characterized Duch a simple sligh
  • Panoramic deluxe  

    Samsonite suitcases S'cure Dlx Spinner, 49 x 29 x 69 cm (Luggage)
    Who often embarks on a journey, should have a practical case here, the various items of clothing stored so that they arrive at their destination as possible without wrinkles. Visually considered, the Samsonite trolley looks also so that it is absolut
  • Sturdy, large-scale suitcase for convenient travel transportation  

    Samsonite suitcases Middle S'cure Spinner 69/25, 49 x 29 x 69 cm (Luggage)
    After my last flight with my old textile rolling suitcase was clear to me: the next air travel only with a hard case. The choice was then surprisingly on this Samsonite trolley, similar to my old suitcase of size and thus place enough my wardrobe for
  • Effective and extremely stabliler suitcase.  

    Samsonite Large suitcases F'Lite Young (Luggage)
    I bought the SAMSONITE F'Lite Young Upright 71/26. For a man two or three weeks of vacation this case offers a great size (80L) For flights to the US I also have a Samsonite Luggage Strap with TSA combination lock bought. PSC = 1 What it all together
  • Good workmanship, but is not stable  

    Samsonite Pro DLX 3 business trolley Laptop Briefcase with Wheels / Rolling Tote 16.4 "(Personal Computers)
    Since I travel a lot, I need at least every 2 years a new suitcase. This time I Gege buys me the Samsonite trolley. With the mobile office I had to make a very good experience. The workmanship is very good and high quality. The wheels run absolutely
  • Samsonite Aeris spinner 82  

    Samsonite Aeris spinner 82/31, 59x81x34 (equipment)
    The Samsonite Aeris spinner 82 is well made and easy to use by the four rollers. Unlike other suitcases of Samsonite series this case is very inexpensive and yet in the Qualiet├Ąt very good. Suitable Due to the light weight and especially for air trav
  • Samsonite Spinner base hits 77/28 94 Liters  

    Samsonite Spinner base hits 4-roller trolley 77/28 EXP (Luggage)
    Class luggage - as might be expected prima material and best workmanship. Much cheaper than in business. I bought it in black and red. The first flight-distance travel have both very good shape. Ensuring that the black suitcase still looks like new,
  • Samsonite Spinner S'Cure 55/20  

    Samsonite carry-on luggage suitcase S'cure Spinner 55/20, 40 x 20 x 55 cm (Luggage)
    This case is very handy. Great for short trips and for children. We tested the suitcase on vacation and are very pleased with the volume. The trunk is good to pack and seal. The workmanship is very high quality. If something would go wrong, you could
  • 3x Samsonite - Never change a winning team  

    Samsonite NYX-style 200 243 Men's wallets (Luggage)
    Since my old Portmonnaies has slowly but surely give up his spirit, I did some searching on Amazon for a new wallets. Since my Samsonite model immediately noticed. As I am often traveling and need accessories that does not fail after two repeated use
  • Samsonite baggage blue  

    Samsonite base hits Upright 2 wheels cabin trolley 55/20 (Luggage)
    Samsonite baggage blue. Perfect dimensions as hand baggage for all airlines. Light weight, good workmanship and attractive appearance. I'm very satisfied and can recommend the Trolley and the seller.
  • Great Trolley, but dimensions are not correct  

    Samsonite Aeris spinner 68/25, 49x68x28 (Luggage)
    the Trolley by Samsonite I like color and quality super, also adapt the division. However, the external dimensions are 68x49x28 cm incorrect instead he has only 68x44x25 cm. Although there are only a few centimeters, but especially the lack of 5 cent
  • Toller and stable shopping trolley!  

    Royal Shopper Dante Black (Misc.)
    We live in the city and my wife uses for smaller purchases, like a shopping trolley. Previously, the only bit of "old ladies" was now definitely also for modern and / or younger generation. Our last Shopper was a "Andersen Scala Shopper Fox