sangean dt 250 fm reception


  • schöhnes Taschenradio  

    Sangean DT-250 S pocket radio (MW / -UKW Tuner, LCD) Silver (Electronics)
    the Sangean DT-250 is very good, the station can be received clearly I can fully recommend the unit is the clock in twelve-hour format, the operation is simple, the transmitter quickly I saved am very satisfied with the device, I would order again
  • Great reception and compact - but fairly quiet  

    Sangean DPR-65 Portable radio (DAB, FM tuner, LCD) with key lock (electronic)
    + In fact, a 5-star product, since first-class reception, compact and well thought-out operation + Comes with great precisely fitting bag - But a bit too quiet for me - Antenna bends very easily, might be more stable - Could be due to the compactness
  • No reception 1  

    August DTA245 Active DVB-T antenna - Very strong portable TV rod antenna with signal amplifier (25dB) for digital TV / Digital TV / DVB-T Tuner / DAB - with magnetic base (Electronics)
    without this antenna I had on my Sangean in Unterallgäu no DAB + and FM reception hardly. With this antenna I had just as good reception. So, for me, the part has zero impact. Thumbs Down.
  • Strong reception on DAB +  

    Sangean DPR-65 Portable radio (DAB, FM tuner, LCD) with key lock (electronic)
    From the reception her the best portable DAB + radio, which I tested so far. With the much more voluminous Sony XDRS16 mind. Par. If the FM as well as the Sony more than average, no comparison with the very strong reception there own world receivers
  • Finding a good sound quality, compared BOSE, Creative SoundWorks 745, Onkyo CBX 100 and Sangean WR-3  

    Creative SoundWorks Radio 745 with integrated CD player black (Electronics)
    Looking for a clever, small super-sounding sound solution I compared the BOSE WAVE, Creative SoundWorks 745, Onkyo CBX 100 and Sangean WR-3. BOSE WAVE: (RRP 698 !!!) + Sounds nice + Looks good + Antenna in power cables integrated (very cleverly) - On
  • Good reception, many weaknesses  

    Dual DAB 12 digital radio (DAB, DAB +, FM, station presets, LCD display, headphone jack, Snooze, alarm clock, stereo) Black / Red (Electronics)
    Annoyed me for a long time the unsatisfactory FM reception situation in my residential area on the outskirts of Hamburg. Klassik Radio and other favorite stations are simply not reinzukriegen noise-free. Whether it would digitally go better? I voted
  • Sangean ATS-909 X "The RADIO"  

    Sangean ATS-909 X Portable radio (MW / -UKW Tuner, LCD) (Electronics)
    Have the Sangean now 4 weeks, already used some recipients over the years. Be it Grundig S700, S650, Sony 2001D. Operate active amateur radio. Now short the benefits of Sangean: per: Price below 200.- Display hervoragend readable, especially when pow
  • Sangean WFR-29 C to update scrap  

    Sangean WFR-29C-- Internet Radio - network, USB host (Electronics)
    The radio worked initially excellent. Installation WLAN etc went smoothly. DAB reception excellent. Internet stations mostly very good. Every now and then the only possible sender-supplier portal falls = Frontier Silicon Radio completely, then goes n
  • Well done, Sangean  

    Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio (MP3 playback) (Electronics)
    The digital radio is, as usual in Sangean, very good. As always: telescopic antenna fully undress, a site at the window brings receiving benefits. With this device, I get the transmitter, which could not be received with a similar portable radio from
  • Really great - Sangean WFR-28  

    Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio (MP3 playback) (Electronics)
    As the medium of radio and consumer facing today's harmful Possibilities (WiFi and DAB +), I wished for a long time a corresponding Receiver. Disappointed by already some DAB + radios with sounding names but bad reception characteristics I was the WF
  • Good reception quality  

    Humax HD Nano, HDTV satellite receiver (HD +, HDMI output, Dolby Digital output, PVR-Ready function, incl. HD + card for 1 year) (Electronics)
    I use this receiver now since 4 weeks and was able to convince me of the good reception characteristics. We have our house antenna system changed from a satellite headend, which transposed the satellite signals in DVB-C, but only SD quality, on a Uni
  • Quick and easy, with LTE better reception ...  

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi 4 25.6 cm (10.1 inch) tablet PC (1.2GHz quad-core, 1.5 GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4.2, EU Plug) Black (Personal Computers)
    I bought 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1. One with Wi-Fi for my wife and a second for me with additional LTE function, since I'm a lot on business and rarely at home. First of all I would like to make an important difference that we noticed in your last
  • poor reception  

    Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Dual Band 2X2 (Accessories)
    Hello, to make it short: had previously an Atheros 9485 Laptop in the maximum 150Mbit can transmit. Since I've bought a new router, I wanted to buy a matching Wlankarte. Mounting and installation have worked without problems. However, the reception q
  • Great digital radio with very good reception  

    Dual DAB P 100 Portable Digital Radio Boombox (FM / DAB / DAB + radio station presets, scan, CD player, MP3, USB, AUX-In, display) Black (Accessories)
    I have the device simply plugs and already the channel search automatically went off. After a short time the radio was then ready for use and has offered all of my favorite stations. The reception is great, even though I have not even taken off his a
  • A handy enhancement for my Canon 55-250 STM  

    Canon ET-63 - Lens hood, 8582B001 (Accessories)
    Stop briefly want me as I am fully satisfied with this product. Use the lens hood to my "telephoto" lens Canon 55-250 STM in conjunction with a Canon EOS 70D. The lens hood is very well made (no sharp edges) and above all, very precisely on
  • purchased as an upgrade from the old 55-250 IS (2007) - TOP!  

    Canon telephoto zoom lens EF-S 55-250mm 1: 4-5.6 IS STM (58mm filter thread) black (accessories)
    Have a 550D, and it is an old 55-250 IS, so the 2007 version. The new STM contrast, has the following advantages: + At the long end already with "open aperture" f5.6 sharp (well !!) + Silently, both AF and IS + Significantly faster autofocu
  • Quick, sharp, quiet - Sony Alpha 55 - comparison Kit and Sigma 18-250 HSM  

    Tamron 18-270mm F / 3.5-6.3 Di II PZD lens for Sony (Accessories)
    After what felt like 3 years and 1000 reports pros and cons to super zoom objective - here, my experience / comparison: I: Hobby photographer (ie without payment, otherwise with "high" claims.) My Camera: Sony Alpha 55 What I want? Photos a
  • Very good reception of DVB-T programs in Austria  

    August DTA206 - DVBT TV-antenna- portable antenna for digital TV / Digital TV / DVB-T Tuner / DAB - with magnetic base (accessory)
    I get to the antenna purely all Freeview Progam in Austria (Burgenland), the antenna has to be postponed for a correct reception of the respective programs. However, since this is not a malfunction of the antenna, and usually also a question of the p
  • No more poor reception!  

    Hama Antenna Adapter for Audi / VW / Seat / Skoda from year 97, DIN 150 Ohm (optional)
    At first I was a bit skeptical about the topic phantom power. This adapter proves the opposite! I have installed it in a VW Polo 9N. As the radio JVC KW-XR 411 (incidentally, very good radio) used. To install: Installation should pose no problem for
  • Problem solved with radio reception.  

    Hama Antenna Adapter for Audi / VW / Seat / Skoda from year 97, DIN 150 Ohm (optional)
    Hey People, as well all that I have so buy an adapter previously also had a very poor radio reception in my VW Golf 4, Bj. 2002. Besides the fact that VW also the ignition plus and the constant plus easily reversed, you have to know first and as long