schafer kitchen machine


  • Also fits old Bosch Kitchen Machines  

    Bosch splash Rührschüsselabdeckung for MUM4 ... gray
    Our Bosch food processor is already about 20 years old - great for this too can get a suitable replacement Rührschüsselabdeckung without having to buy a whole food processor!
  • Kenwood more than just cooking - full kitchen machine  

    Kenwood Cooking Chef KM 070 kitchen machine / induction cooking system / 8 speeds / incl. Steamer, blender attachment, Food Processor and various agitating elements (household goods)
    I can not agree with the poor review of Vorrezension. The Kenwood Cooking Chef is more than just cooking, frying, heating, snippets or stir. Here it should be noted that the Kenwood can Heat up to 140 ° C and 2 ° C in steps and not as the Thermomix t
  • James, the butler - James, the Wonder Machine ..  

    Severin KM 3895 James the Wonder Machine All-in-one food processor (1050 Watt, 11 functions) black / white (household goods)
    To say it straight away, James is not like James. And if you're looking for an all-butler for balanced cuisine, then you will not be able to avoid a comparison with the Thermomix by Vorwerk. And from a practical perspective wins the TM5 also the dire
  • My little machine ...  

    HOBERG Compact Power Mixx, multipurpose kitchen appliance, White / Green (household goods)
    A kitchen machine well, the term machine one imagines a device from which a particular work done with electric drive. No, wrong, it must not be electrically powered, but a machine helps and facilitates the work of the people. So this is also the case
  • Large machine with lots of accessories  

    Klarstein Lucia Argentea food processor mixer dough mixer with meat grinder (5L stainless steel, 1200 watts, blender, incl. Accessories) silver
    Video at See the combination kitchen machine was delivered in a timely manner, the packaging was clean and safe. The structure was simple. Plugging the Mixelemente self-explanatory, the splash guard can not break down with me. Now to the p
  • space-saving kitchen appliance  

    JOLTA ® MLINE MixMaster luxury kitchen appliance (household goods)
    Kitchen appliances- / kitchen machines always need a lot of space in the kitchen, which means all standing around and it has no place to make something. But space is this Küchenmaschien gespaart because several items in a Kobiniert - and is, besides
  • A kitchen helper of many things, but not everything can  

    Krups HP5031 Prep & Cook multifunction food processor incl. High-quality accessories (1,550 W and up to 15,000 rev / min) (household goods)
    I was allowed to test the Krups Prep & Cook and now wants to write my conclusion about the device here. A kitchen machine that does it all, even cooking is advertised. I count times the pros and cons on -Kinderleichte Operation thanks to large panel
  • Light and handy  

    Philips HR7762 / 90 Food processor (28 functions, Blenders, 750W) black (household goods)
    I have allowed myself to Philips HR7762 / 90 food processor with 3-in-1 function (blender and mill). I was looking for a compact, lightweight food processor. The Philips HR7762 / 90 met all my expectations. The workmanship is as usual very good, the
  • Pfiffiger rounder!  

    Philips HR7762 / 90 Food processor (28 functions, Blenders, 750W) black (household goods)
    This small, smart allrounder shows: Here was thought along! DESIGN This food processor from Philips fulfills high demands on design and functionality: shapely and quality convinced them right down the line for use in the kitchen. Positive is the stor
  • 1a Latte Macchiato  

    Nescafé Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato, 3-pack (48 capsules) (Food & Beverage)
    I have long used a Senseo in the office because you could really endure the coffee from the canteen kitchen machines with steel stomach. As this now broke a few months ago, I have made myself to the search for a new machine, which possible my favorit
  • Price-performance grade 1  

    AEG food processor UltraMix KM 4000/10 speeds / 1000 Watt / LED light / full-metal housing / 4.8 + 2.9 liter stainless steel mixing bowls / incl. Extensive accessories (household goods)
    I have the UltraMix contrary to my habit not purchased from Amazon because it from another seller for 249, - Euro is offered. The Amazon had for a while, but the time is the price at Amazon is much higher. The first thing I had done with the machine
  • For baking cakes a hand mixer is much better, more flexible, space-saving and cheaper option.  

    Bosch food processor MUM4655EU MUM4 (550 watts, 3.9 liter) white (household goods)
    This food processor deserves in my opinion neither the many good reviews nor the good test results. Following is a brief summary for those who skim the reviews only briefly. Who wants to read a little more detail, including find my email, I, testsieg
  • Caution Device significantly worse than its predecessors  

    Bosch food processor MUM4880 MUM4 (600 watts, stainless steel mixing bowl, food processor, mixer attachment plastic, meat grinder, juicer, recipe DVD) white (household goods)
    If you want to set the device due to good experiences with Bosch kitchen machine series MUM4 who should know that Bosch has considerably slimmed down the MUM48xx series in functions and the equipment is not as good as the previous series 46xx and 47x
  • Perfect technical level Operation !! review the DOC .....  

    TaoTronics interior ultrasonic humidifier to cool vaporization (constant humidity mode, haze level control, timer settings, integrated water purifier, anion mode, mute) (Kitchen)
    Unpacking, perfect, good protection, two-part assembly is intuitive as often .. and like many people, I did everything without the instructions, but I see the warning engravings at the reservoir (see my photos) Note that I go record: have I understan
  • A comprehensive package that will delight the discerning food lovers  

    Philips HR7958 / 00 Blender Kitchen Machine Kit + Pastry / Multifunction Robot / Press-Citrus / Mini Chopper / Grinder Meat White and Gray Metallic 4 L (Kitchen)
    Here is my little test after 3 weeks of use the Philips HR7958 Kitchen Machine "all included". First you must know that this machine exists in several versions, and in mine, it includes kit pastry blender, multifunction robot, juicer, mini chopp
  • Class Notation  

    Kenwood AT956A icemaker attachment boss (household goods)
    for Kenwood kitchen machine. I love ice cream and of the Kenwood Chef kitchen machine'm more than thrilled, of course, I also wanted to test this essay. The ice has become super creamy and so finished quite quickly. I think it's good, that's to take
  • Ingenious extra  

    Kenwood AT 511 Unterheb-agitating element for all Chef models (household goods)
    At our new Chef kitchen machine lacked the information to my wife for exactly this part. So we ordered and tried immediately. Conclusion: The lower lifting is done nicely evenly. Depending on the material remains at the top of Rührelemts really somet
  • Bread baker / inside'd better buy the Kenwood KM040 Major  

    Kenwood KMC 010 food processor Chef (1400 watt, capacity 4,6 l, glass liquidiser) silver (household goods)
    Video at view I had blinded admittedly by the appearance can (yes, she looks good) and now my evaluation of the machine is very difficult. Instead of Amazon I had ordered from a dealer in the form of an action package (package promotion) a
  • Bosch MUZ4MX2 mixer attachment  

    Bosch MUZ4MX2 mixer attachment plastic (accessories)
    I have this mixer attachment my daughter for Christmas because she already has a kitchen appliance from Bosch. This is a big advantage that you do not stand around another large unit in the kitchen, the essay can easily disappear in the closet. The f
  • Class in material and function  

    Bosch MUZ8NV3 professional pasta attachment (accessory)
    Like the other two resolutions MUZ8NV1 and MUZ8NV2 does this Pastavoratz outstanding! Let dry slightly the rolled pasta sheets and a little Flour and then passing through this roller for cutting. Works great. The workmanship is very high quality and