severin raclette grill 2686 review


  • Severin RG 2686 Raclette Grill 4 _ Pfädchen  

    Severin RG 2686 Raclette Grill, 4 pans (household goods)
    Yes wonderful gut.für 4 people suitable. there is very small and convenient. I recomme this article to all the times.
  • Severin 2341 Raclette Grill, Gourmet, mini pancakes  

    Severin - 2341 - Multi Raclette - grill - 4 mini pancakes - baking stone - 1500 W - 8 pans - Black (Kitchen)
    Severin 2341 is a multi function raclette. What struck me most is the foremost important power (1400W adjustable thermostat on the side) eight pans that can serve the whole family without worries. The reversible grill allows one side of the grill and
  • Severin table grill  

    Severin PG2790 electric barbecue table barbecue black (garden products)
    Severin Barbecue Table Grill is highly recommended, and is super processed, I would buy again, had the predecessor type in use for years, great device
  • Class raclette grill for 2person  

    Severin RG 2686 Raclette Grill, 4 pans (household goods)
    We bought this little barbecue for us, because we are totally Raclette fans and have always eaten otherwise it only for Christmas and New Year's Eve - now we're doing it often ;-). The grill does what it should, and the pans also. However, the latter
  • SEVERIN electric grill  

    Severin PG 2791 Barbecue grill electric black (garden products)
    I used to always believed the only things grilled on a charcoal grill are good, now I was my son disabused. I bought this electric grill because things taste wuderbar.
  • Severin table grill 1  

    Severin PG2790 electric barbecue table barbecue black (garden products)
    In my previous Tischgrill I always had to keep a lot of effort to clean rust. This adhesions go away easily with a Spühltuch and something Spühlmittel. Prima. He also has a slightly larger cooking surface and is very powerful. I am completely satisfi
  • Good and practical Raclette Grill  

    ROMMELSBACHER RCC 1500 Fashion - RACLETTE - 1500 Watt - chrome (household goods)
    The Qualitäit is top. The whole device can look very sophisticated. The shelves for the pans are convenient. As for durability, the time will tell. The disadvantage I feel the knob or the display. All lights are in the ON state red, ist.Hier matter s
  • adjustable electric raclette set, Hot Stone, Pizza Grill - all in one - simply good!  

    for 8 PizzaGrill Hot'Stone
    We have now more than a year the Pizza Grill MAX8-Hotstone (black / gray housing) and have the device with 8 people intensively tested through its paces. The original name is a bit misleading because, these are primarily a classic raclette grill with
  • Not suitable for coated plate of Raclette appliance  

    Pizza Grill Tonpfännchen Stöckli (household goods)
    I bought this pan as an alternative to coated pans from the Pizza Grill for 8. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for the intended purpose: . 1 The pans are internally and externally rough. I know Pizza bricks that are glazed, so I had this also pr
  • Top Raclette  

    Steba RC 3 plus gourmet raclette (household goods)
    We were looking for a raclette grill area but without Teflon coating. This device has a hot stone and a steel grill surface. These 8 pans. Top unit, the purchase was worth it.
  • Class Raclette  

    ROMMELSBACHER RCC 1500 Fashion - RACLETTE - 1500 Watt - chrome (household goods)
    After my partner and I wanted to make Christmas and New Year 2013 Raclette, however, was as might be expected, one had to hide one, I set out in search of its own. For me, at every product I buy important that it is absolutely high quality. After som
  • Affordable and good electric griddle  

    Severin PG2790 electric barbecue table barbecue black (garden products)
    Have to study the many reviews chose the Grill Severin PG 2790 here on Amazon. He replaces in the tooths Tefal Easy Grill Contact, who was always more difficult to clean lately, increasing the risk that what burns enlarged. May be that the coating di
  • Super - no ifs or buts!  

    Metaltex 256012038 Raclette spatulas 6 pieces Futura Nylon (household goods)
    When I look at the negative reviews here me, so they all come one and all from the 2012! The spatulas, I have received now (2015), in any case have no defects. 1. I find it better than high spatulas, where always something can be chipped, 2. You can
  • Top equipment at a reasonable price - very beginner-friendly!  

    Raclette Grill + Hot Stone with extra strong 1300 Watt for 8 people non-stick coating Removable grill plate NEW + OVP (household goods)
    After eternal discussions I have enforced me and ordered a raclette grill for our New Year's party. So far, absolutely not experienced in this area, it was difficult to find a decision relating to a matching device. Spontaneously, I then decided to u
  • Hot Tip!  

    Severin RG 2343 Raclette - Party Grill with natural stone grill, black (household goods)
    Our old raclette was with 6 places, unfortunately too small and so we have this larger risen us from Severin. 8 large pans and grill plate made of natural stone are ideal for an evening barbecue. After the unit had now been several times in action, t
  • Good results, versatile, high quality finishing and good looking  

    Stöckli PizzaGrill for8 with aluminum plate
    My kids loved the first Raclette at Christmas with a borrowed device. After much research and because of the good reviews in Amazon, the decision was for this Stöckli Raclette. Original I find ever for a raclette device from the land of Raclette to h
  • Met all our expectations  

    Severin PG2790 electric barbecue table barbecue black (garden products)
    We bought the grill, because we like to sizzle outside on the terrace. The charcoal grill fire up and then clear again us was always too cumbersome. In addition, constantly have to get up and look in the flesh someone comfortably eat is so impossible
  • good choice 36  

    Severin RG 2686 Raclette Grill, 4 pans (household goods)
    I opted for this little raclette grill, as we like to sometimes want to put your partner at this us. In a 4-round he was inaugurated and has absolutely done its job well in the round. The only complaint (for which I may depart no star): There are no
  • Very happy - great for indoor - for steaks!  

    Ultratec Infra Save infrared grill (1400 watt, grilling without oil, height-adjustable heating element) black (garden products)
    As a large indoor and outdoor "barbecue freaks" we discovered that Amazon Ultratec Infra Rescue (infrared grill). Actually we wanted to - because our old Raclette Grill - is broken, buy a "new". But are now so excited, because most of
  • Just awesome! Full buy recommendation!  

    Tristar Raclette, RA-2949 (Equipment)
    I will not waste words: the raclette grill from Tristar is unbeatable when it comes to the price-performance ratio. He is not too small to use for 2 people, but certainly also with 4 persons. It is within about 10 to 15 minutes to "operating". T