sharkoon hits song


  • Very good good album with some potential hit songs  

    Bulletproof (MP3 Download)
    Very well-done mix of funky, reggae, Balkan beats and dance songs. Daniele has evolved audible and shows excellent vocal performance. My Favorite are "Love & Pain" (you notice immediately that wrote an internationally anerkennte Songwritheri
  • Must-have for fans of the popular hit song  

    The super hit parade of folk music 1992 (Audio CD)
    In the years 1989 to 2004 always the super hit parade of popular music appeared präseniert by Carolin Reiber on ZDF and on CD just before Christmas. In addition to the annual Grand Prix of folk music this album was always the highlight of the popular
  • Good hit song  

    You lied to me a thousand times (MP3 Download)
    If you like pop, should buy this song absolutely! It is very atmospheric, you can well to dance for parties, I can only recommend you
  • Hit song right choice  

    Waiting for the End (2TRACK) (Audio CD)
    This is in my opinion one of the best songs on the album sensational '' A Thousand Suns'. I thought it was from the beginning class, and I as a collector of Linkin Park singles, they of course had to buy directly. The song is great. Begins quietly, g
  • Great voice with potential hit song that will be presented 1a  

    You Are Unstoppable (MP3 Download)
    I saw Conchita Wurst in the NDR Talk Show with Barbara Schöneberger and Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt and talk and heard singing. Conchita has there presented the song live. Rarely have I heard someone sing live so perfect. As I take my hat off and can o
  • Party-suitable song, something different!  

    Party In The USA (MP3 Download)
    I'm really surprised by Miley Cyrus musical development. Clear she has always had a very strong voice, and quite hit songs. But this song is really something totally different. Not always the same Tenniemüll ... it's rock, does what comes from the Co
  • Greatest Hits of Grace Jones  

    Iceland Life (Audio CD)
    Legendary for her looks, style, attitude and amazing talents. Grace Jones First Appeared in the mid 70's working in NYC nightclubs and Eventually landing a record deal with Iceland Record in 1977. Her disco years were great Producing search hits as "
  • Energetic songs with a dash of ballads  

    ... Just as I (Audio CD)
    Many make the mistake of measuring Achim Petry on the successful dad. One should see Achim Petry as an artist for just once. It is a very great album with a balanced mix of ballads and up-tempo songs. Certainly many songs are very similar to Papa, bu
  • GGAndersons return to pop hits  

    I Love You (Audio CD)
    Fans of pop singer GG Anderson, know what they can expect from an album: solid workmanlike hit with romantic lyrics. Musically GG Anderson moved but quite like back and forth. He swam early 90s with "The White Rose I'll give you" quite on the wa
  • The (former) milestone in the success story of Helene Fischer  

    Farbenspiel (3CDs + DVD / Blu-ray + autographed canvas / exclusively at (Audio CD)
    If you want to insert the new Helene Fischer Album Farbenspiel in the drawer hit, should the floor extremely intensify because the sound painting on color play is a musical heavyweight that pushes the boundaries of popular song. Fragile drawing up sp
  • Good album! 4  

    The mask falls (Premium Edition) (MP3 Download)
    Wendler, as we know it. Solid pop hits songs! No masterpiece, but just Michael Wendler, as he is known and loved. "The earth shakes again" by the way has very very strong resemblance "I think it goes again" by the great Roland Kai
  • Kelly Clarkson Maybe the true Queen of Pop  

    Greatest Hits - Chapter One (Audio CD)
    A little more than ten years ago it is now that Kelly Clarkson was the first winner emerged from the talent show "American Idol". What followed, was and is a successful international career with andCountry five studio albums, many singles,
  • Hitbilanz for Spring  

    The Dome Vol.69 (Audio CD)
    DC taken time anticipate the cover of the new edition is a real treat for the eyes. Fits super in the now upcoming warm season. The yellow mixed with orange ... very chic and beautiful Absoftung. So, then, a direct comparison with the Bravo Hits 84 c
  • Path of planks toward Fischer  

    Up to this point, and much farther (Deluxe Edition) (MP3 Download)
    Beatrice Egli fans I need hardly convincing After the highly acclaimed first album happiness and the second verrissenen by critics Pure joy now comes the third work of the young and likeable Swiss. Beginning with potential hit songs like We live acco
  • The storming of the charts, yet very well advised!  

    Genesis (Audio CD)
    This album is now no longer floats in the Prog-water, so you should start here good criteria, inovative, atmospheric pop music. So then results my rating. If you would set the criteria of Genesis albums from the 70s here, you have to deduct a minimum
  • Staying Grounded  

    Embryo (Audio CD)
    Attentive to Motrip I was by Vox and the hit song. As a longtime rapper I watch such broadcasts like to give and from critical comments, as an amateur footballer in an international match;) It was not long, as me the opening lines of "nightmare"
  • Incredible album!  

    Algorithm (Audio CD)
    Although this band is not too well known, My Heart to Fear can loosely follow suit and so on with Becoming The Archetype, As I Lay Dying, in my opinion. Every song is unique and has a very impressive and expressive message, clothed in melodious, "mer
  • one of the best live Goldman  

    A tour together - Live 2 (CD)
    Here's a live which gives the impression of having been recorded live, far example of the excellent "tour through 98", with all games with the public had been removed. This shows how JJG point can be close to his audience, making the part to gre
  • Excellent 259 50136129  

    Best Of Patrick Bruel (Box 3 CD) (CD)
    All these hit songs in the same CD. No need to accumulate the CD in the car. Perfect. I recommend.
  • 21 Extraordinary  

    Bach: Matthäus-Passion (CD)
    Definitely one of the best records of René Jacobs, and one of the most fascinating works of Bach. First of all I must say that I found Matthaus Passion in its DVD-audio version (that of Harnoncourt / Teldec 1985 published early 2000s dice multichanne