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  • Comfortable and chic girl shoe  

    Primigi KAYLA 2 1259200 Girls Ballerinas (Shoes)
    The shoes are very comfortable and fit perfectly. The suede is soft and elastic adapts to the foot, so that even if we for the first time wearing the shoes the same for a long time, he rubs nor makes bubbles. The sole is pretty thin and makes all mov
  • Girl Red  

    Julius Zöllner fitted sheet Jersey for the cot, size: 60 x 120 cm / 70 x 140 cm (Baby Product)
    The fitted sheet is relatively well made, but I do not like the color of that. The red is not really a beautiful blood red, but has a pink touch. Would use it only for a girl bed, what I need so fortunately.
  • Safe and a dream for chic girls  

    Protect Wear SA03 PK XS Children motorcycle helmet, full-face helmet, size XS, pink / silver gloss (Automotive)
    The helmet is in good value just perfect. he is super safe and is keeping the head and neck stable and protected. The bright pink is for little girls just a dream kompiniert with silver and white. Through the sliding window is a good place beobahten
  • Typical "Girls fragrance"  

    8x4 Deo Spray Hollywood (1 x 150 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Because I sweat not strong, I like to use on days without heat, sports and stress alumniumfreie deodorants. Aluminous deodorants can be identified by the term "antiperspirant". The 8x4 deodorants are known. "Fragrance Guard deodorants
  • 6 pieces - just right for the girls round  

    6 x 100g tin ALKORIN® - helps against hangover - 6 ProfiPack with Anti Hangover effect for hours after drinking excessively, 6 cans 100g Basenpulver / 25 servings per can (Personal Care)
    I've been a few Alkorin doses bought and am very satisfied with the action! Since the can otherwise costs 25 euros, which is for our girls round the perfect bargain and ideal for the next holiday! In the package, some lighters and bottle opener, you
  • All around the world, pretty girls !!!  

    Pretty Girls (MP3 Download)
    All around the world, pretty girls that could be this summer was real, I think it will be anywhere you hear this year goes the 2 Pritty Girls Britney and Iggy. The song is really really well done. With a simple text which you can sing along to instan
  • Girl Power  

    Pretty Girls (MP3 Download)
    Reinvent itself again, that was the goal for their new music loud Britney Spears. After she had delivered her last album "Britney Jean" modern pop music and very personal lyrics, they wanted to show a new musical facet. The collabo with Igg
  • A really great game for girls  

    ASS Altenburger 22502117 - Shuffle, My Little Pony (Toys)
    Great plastic box that close well can with 6 Pony Cards, 3 hole cards and 46 double-sided game cards. (Really made cute, excited every little girl) In our case, "Test Assisstent" was the 7-year neighbor's child Each player gets 2 Pony cards
  • Not only for girls  

    ASS Altenburger 22502117 - Shuffle, My Little Pony (Toys)
    The game comes in a stable and solid plastic box. It includes 6 Pony Cards, 3 hole cards and 46 double-sided game cards. The cards in the size 6.3 x 6.3 cm, are colorful high quality and of good quality, not too thin, not too thick and pleasant. The
  • Following in the footsteps of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo  

    Gone Girl (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) (MP3 Download)
    BOA what an atmosphere. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross is here sometimes resist an absolutely chunks succeeded. One should not make mistakes because, thinking "this looks and sounds like the OST to TGWTDT". Who does that has already lost. It
  • Christening for girls - just beautiful!  

    Christening Laura (Pink 25x7cm) with box, is made only after your order for you and gladly labeled with the name and date (label included)
    Real good handwork! I like it very much! Price incl. Shipping (wg. Extra package) is also ok, absolutely beautiful baptismal candle for girls, beautiful lettering on the candle, all in all just great! Thank you! I can only recommend!
  • Shooter Girls Slips in a double,  

    Schiesser girl panties Hip-Rio (2-pack) (Textiles)
    Shooter Girls Slips in a double, called 95/5, color is a shining white, ie 95% very fine thin cotton and 5% spandex, so the briefs also sit well and tightly. The cotton is very thin and soft, comfortable wearing says my daughter. Size turns out exact
  • Lego girl fun that comes along without Kitsch  

    Lego Friends 41034 - Caravan tour (Toys)
    I have three girls (12.9 & 6). All three were enthusiastic, especially the really cute details like the little hedgehog. The dolls are very nicely decorated. The little girl would have had difficulties in building alone, but with the big sisters,
  • For girls super !!  

    Dispatch 6659 - Coloring Book Create your Top Model Doggy sorted (Toys)
    While it's always the same figures or dogs, not such a big variety .... but that makes the girls of nothing !! Nice !!
  • Great game for girls  

    Mia and me - Save the Unicorns! (App)
    The game has a very simple. Man riding through the countryside and can jump or "shoot". Safe for guys certainly not enough action, but girls have it much joy.
  • Beautiful girl game  

    Barbies Magic Fashion - Dress (App)
    Nice game for girls who like to get dressed nicely. However, the in-app purchases are not necessarily cheap. Still recommended.
  • Great, figure-hugging jacket for slim girls  

    Bench Ladies Hooded Jacket Kidder II (Sports Apparel)
    Hello together, definitely for lean / girls with normal figure a super jacket the autumn or winter. For women with some few more pounds may difficult because of the well-known bench-size problem. As some of the reviews before I must also say that Ben
  • In itself a nice jacket for petite girls and women  

    Bench Ladies Hooded Jacket Kidder II (Sports Apparel)
    I'm not fat and carrying actually size 36/38, but've ordered this jacket for safety in M, so I purely passe sometimes with a pullover. Nope! For a girl with size 155 and a slightly larger bust size, this jacket is not something you should be rather n