sonax polish & wax color review


  • Colors Review  

    L'Oréal Paris Sublime Mousse 535 Warm chocolate brown, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    I bought the paint for my mother and she was very satisfied. The color itself is very nice and easy on the eye. The gray hairs are well covered with the paint. Very easy to use.
  • Also suitable as a perfect care for LCD / LED piano lacquer frame  

    SONAX Polish & Wax NanoPro Color black 500 ml 296 100 (Automotive)
    3 months ago I bought a 55-inch LCD SONY, unfortunately, although brand new and boxed, already had some minor scratches on the housing, although only became visible by sunlight, although a 1800, - expensive euro unit were extremely annoying. One must
  • Hardly polishing action  

    SONAX Xtreme Polish + Wax 2 hybrid NPT, 500 ml (Automotive)
    Polishing effect is very bad. Had only the polish and wax 2 series used (hand polishing) and have to say this was almost fruitless. Then I thought to myself polish + wax polish for buying the more weathered paintwork 3. This I used with a polishing p
  • Unbeatable price / performance  

    AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 24 pieces (Automotive)
    Microfiber cloths a science is never done partially. And like many reputable manufacturers justify your prices so utopian that the preparation of a very soft microfiber cloth, which must be absorbent and non-itch, is very costly. That it's cheap and
  • More can not be expected! 2  

    Meguiars Ultimate Compound Paint Cleaner, 450ml (Automotive)
    After a few polishes from different manufacturers (eg the Sonax Xtreme Polish & Wax 3) I ended up at Meguiars Ultimate Compound. So far, all polishes filled the Kratzerchen only or covered them what their recurrence after only one or just a few washe
  • Top-gloss, easy to work  

    SONAX Xtreme Polish + Wax 2 hybrid NPT, 500 ml (Automotive)
    I have this morning my Sonax Xtreme Polish & Wax 2 NanoPro polish and my Get Sonax Application Sponge. Otherwise, I have always worked with a polishing machine, but this time I wanted to it out of curiosity trying times by hand. I must say that my Mi
  • For small areas very efficiently  

    Rotweiss 1100 RED WHITE polishing paste 200 ml, silicone-free (Automotive)
    Rotweis polishing paste fills perfectly the gap between 3000 sandpaper and a mirror finish. I have achieved very good results (good abrasion + homogeneous sanding pattern when viewed with magnifying glass) at lacquerware and plastic (polycarbonate Ma
  • Bye rust!  

    Clay bar lubricant kit for gentle paint cleaning, Petzoldt
    What was the problem with us? We have a white T5 bus and on the driver's and passenger side and on the bonnet, actually in many places were small but still barely visible rust sites. We looked around a bit on the internet and then got stuck in the cl
  • 3 weeks smooth legs!  

    Veet EasyWax elec. Warm Wax Roll-On system (Personal Care)
    The handling of the Roll-On is actually quite simple and clear. The cartridge is installed quickly and it takes warm until you can get started for about 40 minutes (instead of 20 minutes at specified in the instructions). The wax color I really like
  • The rescue of high-gloss plastic casing  

    SONAX Scratch 03050000 (Automotive)
    My expensive Sony VAIO All-In-One-PC came out of repair with completely zerschrammtem housing back. The high-gloss black plastic housing (in "piano lacquer" look) looked as if it had been repeatedly pushed along the ground and processed in
  • Indispensable helper! 2  

    Meguiars Soft Foam Applicator Pads behalf sponge (Automotive)
    I bought the pads for the Meguiars polish or wax. The sponges are very fine pores, so they can absorb enough polish and it spreads easily and economically. I use it not only for polishing, but also for the Meguiars Wax. Since 2 pieces are received in
  • Scarcer than average  

    Monti Men's Belt 36602-0001 / 61 (textiles)
    With this belt, I have several more ordered both of Monti as well as other manufacturers. With one exception, all were by about 4 cm longer than this. When ordering you should select the next size level might therefore. The color was slightly lighter
  • Excellent ... An interesting product for several reasons ...  

    Ghs strings maintenance set for guitar fast freight (Electronics)
    TOTAL SATISFACTION ... I did not know this except by reputation. I bought FAST FRET to maintain the sleeve of my guitar (IBANEZ CONCORD 684 1976) No shipping problem for the FAST FRET. The product arrived safely and in perfect condition in a brown pa
  • Jolie on arrival.  

    Pine sideboard COLMAR 3 drawers + 3 doors white stained
    Handles the dress very well, limed handy as in cases of irregularities in the manufacture of shock, too energetic cleaning you only wear restaining with dye liquid timber can, (cheap, the radius maintenance, wax, coloring crafts stores). The installa
  • Very good product in 2906  

    Look Concept - Wax Beads Tweezers PEELABLE BLONDE - 1kg (Health and Beauty)
    I love this wax, color, texture! No residue ... The only downside: it does not deified a top scent! But efficiency produces nothing to say! Will recommend!
  • Tried and fully satisfied.  

    Corneal remover pedicure cornea grinder electric Callus pedicure incl. 4 wheels
    I have built up over a very long period cornea beneath my feet (by wearing safety shoes, even on the big toes was which) and was always afraid to make something of it, as most I know, but take blades. Of course, the running was not just more pleasant
  • Ideal for very small  

    Stockmar - 34000 Wax Blocks beeswax 41mm waterproof 8pcs in a metal case (Office supplies & stationery)
    On the recommendation of friends we had this instead of wax coloring pencils for our 1-year concerned and he could keep much better and so painting as with conventional pins. One can just paint with all sides. Another possible use: it can be used as
  • Good product 6205  

    Polishing machine polisher grinding eccentric set 4 +
    It was worth the money, so not too eccentric for risk of scratching for a beginner. Good power. The tray diameter change is a bit complex and not explained in the documentation. Some of the discs is provided average bill but usable, the other does no
  • watery and bad everywhere  

    YOUSTAR Nail Polish Nail Polish Set - Summer Edition -. With 18 various colors (Personal Care)
    Nail polish to color nails quickly and well probably. A nail polish, this can not, because he is as dilute water color, does not deserve the name. This nail polish is high grottenschlecht. I'd rather nothing further mention about the service of the m
  • Absolutely disappointing and ineffective  

    Meguiars PlastX plastic polish, 296ml (Automotive)
    I bought this plastic polish to give the headlights of acrylic glass at our Nissan Micra again new splendor. The acrylic glass of the headlights pointed (and still has) a lot of pale rough spots on (no scratches or damage). After I researched a lot a