sony cx220e bike mount


  • Good bike mount  

    Bicycle and motorcycle mount for Samsung Galaxy S2 / i9100 S II (quick release fastener, portrait & landscape) (Electronics)
    Even for my old phone I had a bike mount and was very excited about it. Even better: the new mobile shell fits on my old handlebar mount. So I have not two brackets attached to my arm and can simply unclip the respective cell phone holder in the hand
  • Super Bike Mount  

    yayago X-Style Bike / motorcycle mounting bracket (with double safety) for LG Google Nexus 5 and many more models (electronics)
    I have this support for my Nexus 5 bought with a view to bicycle tours to take advantage of navigation. I'm really inspired by the holder. The little Android males hold the phone very stable in the holder and provides in itself for a good and secure
  • very good bike mount  

    Arendo - waterproof bike mount for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S | Bicycle Case / Bag | Mobile Phone / Smartphone Holder | easy operation | secure attachment | ideal for bike navigation | suitable for all bicycle types and links (electronic)
    The delivery was very quick, the bike mount keeps its promises. The mobile phone can be easily operated, the readability is good during the day. The tabs for fixing make a good impression, that device securely in the tray.
  • Very good Bike Mount for Garmin Forerunner 305  

    Garmin bicycle mount universal for Forerunner / FR / Foretrex / Approach S1, 010-11029-00, black (Camera)
    The bike mount is very good, very easy mounting on the handlebars, the Forerunner is then also too simplistic to the bracket attach to the bracelet and remove,. Also fits for the Forerunner 305, although this is not in the description. From other rev
  • Bike mount and belt clip OK but pocket too big  

    Garmin GPS outdoor bike mount and mount clip for belt / backpack including pocket for Oregon. Dakota; GPSmap; eTrex; black; 010-11853-00 (Accessories)
    Bought mainly because of the bike mount and the belt clip to me the set. My Dakota I would also like the bag but the bag used is too bulky for the Dakota (and for the set was advertised). The Dakota fits as well 2 x pure ... So a bag you can in princ
  • Bike mount Galaxy Note 1/2/3  

    Waterproof Bike Mount Bike Bicycle Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (Electronics)
    Bought for my MTB the bike mount. Very easy assembly / disassembly. Has proved so far very good. Smartphone is easy to read. Touchscreen works flawlessly.
  • Elegant, affordable and secure bike mount  

    System-S bike handlebars Mount Holder Holder Mount Bike Mount for Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    When searching for a suitable bike mount for my Galaxy S4 I came to this elegant-looking handlebar support. Positive is ever that you get an idea of ​​the mechanism and the adjustment of the support due to the pictorial representation on the supply s
  • Waterproof bike mount  

    Waterproof bike mount Bike Bike Holder for Nokia Lumia 800 900 920 (Electronics)
    I bought this water-resistant bike mount for my cross bike. There I put then my Nokia Lumnia 800 pure, and set the app runtastic the training course on. Simply !!!! just good
  • Flashlight with bike mount  

    MacTronic LED bike lights - BPM Bike Scream Pro up to 245 lumens - High Performance headlamps including LED lamp bicycle tail light, mounts, accessories and AAA 4-pack spare batteries in quality Kraftmax Akkubox (electronics).
    I bought this lamp because of the many positive reviews, the lamp was delivered quickly and completely, yet I miss some: The lamp is sold as a bicycle lamp without a license, that was okay for me. The light is very bright and the biggest effect is pr
  • Good support for Downhill / Freeride bikes (mounted on VW Tiguan)  

    Thule 922 020 EuroWay G2 922 (version 2014) trailer hitch bike rack (Automotive)
    I hope I can help with this review a few people who want to transport Downhill / Freeride bikes in the first place ... Respect. Quality and installation of the support there is nothing to complain about. The carrier makes a stable impression and has
  • Mediocre Phone Bike Mount  

    SHOCKSOCK LG Nexus 4 E960 BIKE MOUNT WITH Waterproof Phone Case in black / red (Electronics)
    I purchased this mount so I could use Google Maps while biking around new places Europe. The mount attaches securely to my bike's handlebars and remains in place while riding on smooth surfaces, but As Soon As I hit on oh-so-common cobblestone road,
  • IDACA bike mount for the GS5  

    Bike mount, IDACA Waterproof Bicycle mobile phone holder Smartphone 5.2 inch - 5.7 inch (. Eg Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / Note 3, iPhone 6 Plus, Huawei B199) bicycle holder Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The bracket was mounted in seconds. The Händy is still there in the shell is still 100% to use. As to the shell is ebnfalls Waterproof. (Tested) I can every empfeheln. You can pick it up if it is to be on the bike Vertical or horizontal and is at all
  • Bike Mount for Garmin Edge  

    VeloChampion - VeloChampion GPS Mount Garmin Edge 200, 500, 510, 800 and 810 (Others)
    This support seems a bit light compared to the Garmin model bought another bike. A so check the reliability and robustness over time.
  • mumbi bike mount Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Bike / motorcycle mounting bracket Motorcycle  

    mumbi bike mount Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 Bike / motorcycle mounting motorcycle mount (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The mumbi bicycle holder Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 is to be mounted easily and quickly. By their joints, it is possible to attach the holder also at a slant of the handlebar. Even with larger shocks the phone in the holder remains in it, but I noticed
  • The "water-resistant bike mount Bike Bicycle Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note"  

    Waterproof Bike Mount Bike Bicycle Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (Electronics)
    initially made a good impression. , Positives: It is stable and easy to mount to the bicycle handlebar. Because of the 2 zippers can be connected using a USB cable, an external battery. Inserted foam pad the score is stuck in his pocket. , Negatives:
  • Best Bike Mount Ever Ever  

    Quad Lock Bicycle Accessories Bike Kit (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    So seriously, the price has already put me off but after the 1st tour, it could not be better and I am fully satisfied. Before I let you decide the price and was a wobbly affair. , Now with a new phone, of course, had to be a new mount. Nice that I h
  • Super Bike Mount for iPhone 5  

    mumbi Fahrradhalterung iPhone 5 5S TwoSave (doubly secured) for motorcycle and bicycle holder (accessory)
    Hello I I bought this product because I have a digital map on my phone and plan as biking or trips often well into the terrain with my mountain bike. The holder grips super on roads and off-road and barely wobbles. The montirung ans bicycle is Kinerl
  • Bike Mount, L version  

    Sealed waterproof satchel + Bike Mount, motorcycle handlebar with adjustable horizontal and vertical adjustable 360 ​​° rotation for Samsung Galaxy Note / i9220 / N7000, Note LTE / N7005 (Electronics)
    Outset we feel the strength of the support. The plastic is thick enough on the structures, it must be clipped in until it clicks. It's true that it's pretty hard to put on and remove. To see the wear of the structure over time. Regarding size, L is q
  • Quad Lock Bike Mount  

    Quad Bike Lock Kit Support (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Great value, no complaints, secure attachment, not moving a hair, job security and fixing justifies the price. When doing the ATV with an iphone, a search reliability.
  • Bike Mount Ceiling Storage  

    Products disappointing assembly, is not fit for brick garage ceilings and equipment in itself seems "light" to support a man cycling and especially for daily use (gadget)