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  • Speedlink Torid Wireless Controller for PC / PS3  

    Speedlink Torid Wireless Controller for PC / PS3 (Up to 10 H Play, Xinput and DirectInput, Vibration Function, Rapid Fire) (Accessory)
    Very good handle, good carried and batteries do not recharge for the entire 5 minutes the controller, flat on the cord that comes with the controller which is used to recharge, a notice when it is not very simple but pressing a little hand while we a
  • PS3 / PS4 Speedlink Shield 3 HDMI Cable for PlayStation  

    Speedlink HDMI Cable for PlayStation PS3 / PS4 (Supports 4K resolution in 3D, 60fps, 2160p, HDMI 2.0, Ethernet, 5m) (Accessories)
    This cable connects my PC with the flat screen TV. And it does quite well. :) If you want to gamble about PC games with guests on the TV, you have nothing to fear (or at least no perceptible) latencies. The image is used to sharp, possibly you just a
  • Works on PS3 as expected  

    Speedlink Torid wireless gamepad for PC / PS3 (up to 10 hours of play time, XInput and DirectInput, vibration function, rapid-fire function) green (accessory)
    Had before an expensive 'Xbox Controller for PS3' tried, which was indeed very high quality, but not working. I have of course taken back. This looks neither high quality of (could the green by colored plastic are), yet he feels so. The analog units
  • Detailed review + image settings for PS3 + 3D Settings + tips!  

    LG 47LM640S 119 cm (47 inches) Cinema 3D LED Plus backlight TV (Full HD, 400Hz MCI, DVB-T / C / S2, Smart TV) (Electronics)
    --- UPDATE with TV Settings for PS3 via HDMI + 3D Settings (Stand 14:02:13) --- --- UPDATE: 20:01:13: 2 images in the Nutzergalarie with TV + PS3 --- Power Save Mode: OFF Picture Mode: Game (important because no input lag during gaming arises) Lighti
  • BF3 for PS3  

    Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition (Video Game)
    I bought the game inserted and losgelegt ... and the first impression was bombastic. I for myself can say that I was enthusiastic from the beginning. The atmosphere, sound, sense of realism was huge just the beginning. In the course of the game in pa
  • Why I love the PS3 online multiplayer mode !!!  

    Call of Duty: Black Ops II (100% uncut) (Video Game)
    Why the PS3 online multiplayer mode of Black Ops II so happy zocke: - Because there is "lag" without end - Because the message "New host connection" appears at least one or twice a game währends - Because the enemy after they have been
  • The alternative for all PC games with controller support and PS3 owners  

    Speedlink Torid wireless gamepad for PC / PS3 (up to 10 hours of play time, XInput and DirectInput, vibration function, rapid-fire function) black (accessories)
    Just as I have gambled before Microsoft's introduction of XInput games that have been played with controllers, I was severely disappointed them, as I no longer supported in some games that offer supposedly a "Full controller support", my problem
  • Limited use on the PS3  

    Racing Wheel Thunder V5 for PS3 (Video Game)
    First of all, for the price a good steering wheel. But who wants to have unlimited fun with PS3 games, should take advantage of this steering wheel spacing. Force feedback support not available. Most games do not recognize this steering wheel. (Geste
  • Multiplayer for Xbox360 and PS3 Funracer par  

    BLUR (video game)
    After I at Gamescom already had the opportunity last year to test the game was already clear to me: The game has a lot of potential damn time to rob. And yes, if you get involved in the game the hours go suddenly in a flash. Let's start GRAPHICS: the
  • Anything but PS3 worthy ...!  

    Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (video game)
    Unfortunately, I must again speak previous speakers woe ment. Yesterday (02.11.07) came the demo for the PS3 in the Playstation Store that I downloaded also with great expectations. What I got however, then commanded, was a pure disappointment. As so
  • A steering wheel with an excellent price / quality ratio on PS3 and PS2  

    Logitech Driving Force GT Steering Refresh Gaming compatible PC and PS3 Black (Accessory)
    Logitech offers two steering wheels for Playstation and PC. For someone who is interested in running such simulation games, especially "Gran Turismo 5" (Gran Turismo 6 and soon !!!) but the budget is limited, know that the Driving Force is a mor
  • Worst COD 6 on PS3  

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Video Game)
    After two years of design, Treyach has not trodden. The game is often planted the console, redial files (careful with this automatic crash manipulation if I ruined a hard drive from my old PS3). The gameplay is back from the wonderful designer infini
  • 20th playstation map  

    Playstation Network Card 20 (Accessory)
    here is I have to buy this card because I did not want to do it with my blue card on playstation network, this system well because you bought from Amazon has the 20th or 50th, you receive it and you scratch a code that you fit into playstation networ
  • vaolant and pedal for racing games  

    Racing wheel - Ferrari Challenge Wheel for PS3 / PC (Accessory)
    entry-level product, no recognition problem on PC, no software supplied but you can download it in the manufacturer's website support (PC, Wheel, ferrari challenge ps3 / pc, driver). beware, some racing games require high-end wheels. the fastening sy
  • An exceptional trilogy on PS3  

    Uncharted trilogy Uncharted 1 + 2 + 3 (Video Game)
    This edition includes the first 3 PS3 Uncharted aspects of packaging license in a fairly "simple": Drake's Fortune, and Among Thieves Drake's Deception The first two games are offered in version "platinum" (yellow cabinet - gray), and
  • Good Game. PS3 but has reached its limit!  

    Battlefield 4 - Day One Edition (including China Rising expansion pack.) - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    Battlefield 4 has become a good game. This especially online. The campaign is fun but is not a high-flyer. Furthermore, the points display for kills is getting used in single player. Something should remain the multiplayer reserved. After the initial
  • The FPS PS3  

    Killzone 2 (Video Game)
    Beau with thunder music and gameplay that hold the road Killzone 2 is the FPS of the PS3. Vissari and hellghast will you give the show in this game or file share 200 per hour. While the game is a bit short and a half hour should be sufficient to arri
  • Just the thing for a PS3  

    Driving Force GT - Wheel and pedals set - Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3 (Personal Computers)
    The steering wheel is of good quality built and makes a very solid impression. Operation is intuitive and easy the remap of possible controls. The "drivability" of PS3 games tested so far (GTA / F1 / Need for Speed) is very good. But you have to
  • XCOM: Enemy Within - Commander Edition (PS3)  

    XCOM: Enemy Within - Commander Edition - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    Where XCOM: Enemy Unknown still unfilled fortune left behind in one's Enemy Within the crowning glory for this console generation in terms of turn-based strategy. The AI ​​behavior of the opponents is imaginative and dynamic (strenuous ^^), there are
  • With PS3 controller almost unplayable  

    Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    I'm really not a racing game newbie (since 14 years all "Gran Turismo" plus numerous other played out, "real life" for a few years amateur racers in Clubsport area with a modified Honda NSX also in) capitulate, but here I had to. With