stop and watch tool long term care


  • Solid pockets and protects the long term, the must  

    Hama 100 sheets of bands 7 6 35 mm negatives in glassine 00002251 (Accessory)
    The design of these leaves is known as what it does best to protect its negative in the long term. Indeed, there are negatives that I "archived" in November and today I come away to scan and there is nothing to complain about my negative was wel
  • High quality, intelligent trading simulation and strategy with long-term motivation!  

    Port Royale 2 (computer game)
    For the beginner who is not biased by the "patrician" series, opens up with Port Royale 2 is a fascinating world. Enter into all the details and playful ways on is beyond the scope here. The long experience of software developers in the field tr
  • Attachment completely simple and bubble-free - long-term test is still pending  

    3 x atFoliX protector Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Screen Protector - FX antireflective glare-free (electronic)
    I have ordered the film together with the new Panasonic LX7 Amazon. First, I was surprised about the large envelope, in which the film was packed. When unpacking the entire contents has revealed: 3x protective film, 1x Microfiber cloth (!), 1x knife,
  • It bubbles and bubbles and bubbles, our long-term experience ...  

    SodaStream Soda Cool (with 1 x CO2 cylinders 60L and 2 x 1L PET bottles), green (household goods)
    That's it! We have arrived! After years of water crate dragging we finally dared to buy us a Sodastream soda water! And us, the question arises: Why not a long time ago?!?! Our Sodastream has for several months now in daily use. And he ooze oodles of
  • well suited for long-term care  

    Longlife leather care products anti-aging MAXI, each 250ml Cleaner & Protector (household goods)
    I've been using the product since my initial purchase kitchen table and chairs for about 3 years ago on the biannual rule maintenance. The processing of the product is just out of hand - there arise no streaks or residue. Minor signs of wear such as
  • Gift this helps only briefly and it leaves long-term damage  

    Roundup Speed ​​weed free - 3 l (garden products)
    People, I would think well if I want to edit my garden with protective clothing! When neighbors died after 4 weeks 5 his koi / goldfish. Look at times the report of Arte on 03/30/15 and decides whether the Roundup right remedy for weeds
  • good for long-term care  

    Longlife leather care system Midi Kit (household goods)
    I've been using the product since my initial purchase himolla seating about 2 years ago on the biannual rule maintenance. The processing of the product is just out of hand - there arise no streaks or residue. Minor signs of wear such as abrasions or
  • Fun despite the lack of long-term motivation  

    Dungeons: Game of the Year Edition (Video Game)
    Quite by accident, I'm shortly after the release of the Dungeons Demo encountered and therefore had a lot of fun. Unlike many Dunkeon-Keeper fans I could unprejudiced approach to the game, because I've never played Dungeon Keeper and therefore had no
  • Well built, but even long-term motivation  

    Kosmos 627 928 - Wind Power (Toys)
    The COSMOS product on wind-energy is one of many educated groups packets which make KOSMOS for me and my son generally interesting. The kits are generally very well constructed and guidance designed to a child-oriented knowledge transfer is achieved.
  • no long-term motivation  

    Anno 2070 (computer game)
    In addition to the much criticized online activation, which frankly bothers me less, the anticipation of the game was quite high, so I bought it directly in appearance and really enjoyed playing. But we reached an advanced level in the game, then it
  • A long-term and really good investment  

    Sony BRAVIA KDL-32EX705 81.3 cm (32 inch) LED backlight TVs (Full HD, 100Hz, DVB-T / -C / -S2) (Electronics)
    I have not bought the TV from Amazon, but at a retailer. The device runs with me since early June 2010, so I am able to assess the performance characteristics from their own experience exactly. As some of the previous speakers, I really researched be
  • perfect assistant for long-term, interval and long-distance shots  

    Quality Wireless Timer Remote for Canon 1100D, 1000D, 700D, 650D, 600D, 550D, 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D, 300D, 100D, 70D, 60D, 300, 50, 33, 30, PowerShot G12, G11, G10, G1X (Electronics)
    The trigger fits comfortably in your hand, make a good impression. The range is ok and the range of functions has everything you could wish for long-term and time-lapse photography. The radio control is really great and you can in all situations wher
  • Countless hours of gameplay, excellent long-term motivation and lots of laughter there is in GTA V  

    Grand Theft Auto V - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    I bought the game on 02.01.2014 and since then played every day on average, about 3 hours (no joke). Today (02.02.2014) 4 are weeks have passed. Ie. 32 days * 3 hours = about 96 hours of gameplay to date. The Story offline makes so much fun that I've
  • (Relative) Quiet power supply with very many cables and good efficiency (no long-term test)  

    Super Flower SF450P-14XE 80+ Gold PC power supply ATX 2.92 450 Watt (Accessories)
    I think I'll start my review best so that the title at length to explain: Facts: - I have not been long enough to portray the power supply to long-term experience (Which can be ignored if the review is older, if something is happening this text adapt
  • Long-term experience / tips / update OS 10.3.1  

    BlackBerry Passport Smartphone (11.4 cm (4.5 inch) display, nano-SIM, QWERTY, 32GB of internal memory, 13 megapixel camera, BlackBerry OS 10.3) Black (Wireless Phone)
    For several months now I use the BlackBerry Passport. My experiences, advice and assessment to update 10.3.1 I want to share. The smartphone has been always a positive impression and accompanied me reliably through everyday life, outdoor activities,
  • Long-term experience (since D-Release)  

    Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB with Windows 8 (10.6 "ClearType Full HD display, 16: 9, Pen Input (included), 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 Processor, Intel® HD Graphics 4000, 4GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth) (Personal Computers)
    I have the Surface Pro the first generation since the release in Germany operating and would like to give a couple of long-term experience the best that were mostly very positive. - Use as a calculator: It's still great to have sometimes x86 programs
  • Results in long-term tests remain in  

    Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System - White (Personal Care)
    I had the 2 billion purchased from Douglas due to the allegedly revolutionäeren results in facial care and had approximately 1 year daily in long-term test. At first I was so mad after the brush that they even had to go to Australia Outback - much to
  • Long-term motivation, where did you go?  

    Need For Speed ​​Rivals - Limited Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    Hooray, hooray, the PS4 is there. And the new NfS also came with the same. What was the joy of great expectations palpable. And now? I sit here, and write this review instead of the asphalt to make unsafe. For Explanation; are no two days between Arr