successful model of canon eos cameras


  • The EOS 400D, the new success model from Canon  

    Canon EOS 400D Digital SLR Camera (10 Megapixel) including EF-S18-55 (Electronics)
    If you read this review, you will surely look for an answer to the question of whether they should set an EOS 400D, or not. Perhaps they also think about whether they should trade their EOS 350D against the newer EOS 400D. If so, then they are here r
  • Product is not suitable for Canon EOS cameras  

    Table dolly Video Slider Track for Canon 60D 600D LF127 (Electronics)
    Hello There, I bought the camera car as it has me very appealing visually and he is obviously very low. The product arrived very quickly and was in perfect condition. But when I my Canon EOS 600D would screw onto the tool, unfortunately I had to real
  • Battery for Canon EOS camera  

    Hama Li-Ion Battery "CP 826" for Canon EOS D-series PowerShot Pro90 IS / Pro1, G1 / G2 / G5 / G6 (identical to Canon BP-511/512/514) (accessory)
    Super fast delivery. Battery lasts up now for 600 images, quality is perfect! Have the first battery already are three years of service and continues to this day! therefore from me 5 stars.
  • Great extension for the Canon EOS 600D  

    Canon EF-S 55-250mm 4.0-5.6 IS II lens for EOS (image stabilized) (Accessories)
    Purchase incentive: Since I wanted to the starter 18-55mm lens have another lens with a longer focal length in order to have more creative opportunities I have researched first time on the Internet. There were dozens of offers in all price ranges. It
  • Very good fully integrated compact flash for Canon EOS but not necessarily an inexpensive Universalist!  

    Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash (Guide Number 43) (accessory)
    The Canon Speedlite 430EX II is safe with the first choice when it comes to replace the built-in flash on a current Canon EOS camera. The full integration of the 430EX II in current Canon EOS cameras (eg EOS 600D) is one of the main strengths of this
  • Canon EOS 350D - SLR and compact camera at the same time  

    Canon EOS 350D Digital SLR Camera (8 megapixel) including EF-S f1. 3.5-5.6 / 18-55 mm (electronic)
    I photographed with digital cameras like the Canon G2 and the Olympus 8080, before I ordered myself the Canon EOS 350D. First I let me in numerous online tests on the product. The disadvantages of this new SLR camera with interchangeable lens is supp
  • Recommended as an accompaniment to camera Canon Eos  

    Canon PowerShot G15 Digital Camera (12MP, 5x opt. Zoom, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD, Full HD, image stabilized) (Electronics)
    For photography I use a Canon EOS 650D next to, among others, the Canon PowerShot G15, a Sony RX 100 and a Fuji X20. Enjoyed to the model, the long battery life, low shutter lag and fast autofocus. The image quality of the model is at a good level. T
  • Füe Camera from Canon EOS 700D a useful addition  

    Top Savings Set - For Canon EF-S 4-5.6 / 17-85mm IS / Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS USM / STM - Profox sunshade LH73B + MC UV Filter 67mm (mehrschichtvergütet) - CPL Circular Polarizing and cap with inside handle (Electronics )
    I have a Canon EOS 700D camera with a lens Canon EF-S 18-135 IS STM. The sun visor is delivered accurately and of very good quality. The included UV and polarizing filters are a useful addition to a very good improvement in quality of the captured im
  • Systafex Tripod Camera Digital Camera Camcorder for Canon EOS 600D 650D S4 ...  

    Systafex ® Tripod Camera Digital Camera Camcorder for Canon EOS 600D 650D S4 700D 1100D M (Electronics)
    The tripod is lightweight, small, compact fit in your backpack! I have a Canon EOS 1100D and for the tripod is clearly too weak, but for each lighter model a great purchase!
  • Canon EOS digital camera memory card  

    More 16GB SanDisk Extreme SDHC Class 10 SDSDXS U3-016G-X46 (Personal Computers)
    Memory card used on a digital SLR Canon EOS 70D. Fulfills its role perfectly. Writing fast to properly use the burst mode of the case. Excellent also for video recordings. Very reliable.
  • Transcend Extreme Speed ​​400x 16GB CompactFlash memory card with the Canon EOS 7D  

    Transcend Extreme Speed ​​400x 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card (Personal Computers)
    I used the card in a Canon EOS 7D. 100 shots Approx 10% of the images are broken. The error is as follows. The images are either incomplete or not even readable. It does not matter if you want to watch the images directly in the camera monitor, or me
  • Canon EOS 1200D in test  

    Canon EOS 1200D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, 7.5 cm (3 inch) LCD display, Full HD) body only (Electronics)
    I have copied the review of my blog below. More information and many test pictures can be found here: Canon EOS 1200D BodyErst few weeks ago Canon introduced the successor of the 1100D: the Canon EOS 1200D. The changes from the predec
  • A typical Canon EOS ..... only smaller!  

    Canon EOS 100D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD, Live View) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM (Electronics)
    I photograph now for almost 3 years. I started switched with a Canon 1100D, came across a Sony SLT A57 and ended up later with an Olympus OM-D in the mirrorless. In order to build a bridge back to my beginning, I should have tested the Canon EOS M. B
  • Good workmanship, too big for Canon EOS 100D  

    Neoprene DSLR Camera Bag for Canon EOS 700D, Nikon D5500, Sony SLT-A58 and more digital SLR cameras, USA Gear Flexsleeve, Grey (Camera)
    The bag is well made. However, a Canon EOS 100D + 18-55mm IS STM lens in this flexible bag in all directions has 1-2cm game, ie the pocket eingentlich feels too large. On the lower side there are two plastic buttons that I feel personally, together w
  • Canon EOS 60D vs 550D  

    Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera (18 megapixels, Live View, Full HD Movie) housing (electronics)
    Hello Everybody, since about 2 years, I am the proud owner of the "Canon EOS 1000D". With her I made the entry into DSLR photography and was always satisfied. After man strives for improvement and the associated "tool" is to have,
  • At the Canon EOS 600D as a unified whole  

    Phottix Battery Grip + 2 batteries (for Canon EOS 550D 600D 650D 700D) replaced BG-E8 and LP-E8 (Electronics)
    I have been to all my Canon (D) SLR cameras attached a battery grip. The main reason was the better handling of the camera, especially in vertical format photos. So I have now bought after purchasing the Canon EOS 600D these additional handle, bundle
  • Canon EOS 500D Rebel T1i  

    Canon EOS 500D Digital SLR Camera (15 megapixels, Live View, HD video) incl. 18-55mm Kit (image stabilized) (Electronics)
    Since the early days of digital photography, I use mainly and digital cameras. Although the image quality in the early days was quite horrible in comparison to analogue photography, he weighed the direct availability, in-place editing, the direct pri
  • Komputerbay SD / SDHC / MMC Card to Compact Flash Type II Highspeed adapters for Canon EOS 20D  

    Komputerbay SD / SDHC / MMC Card to Compact Flash Type II High Speed ​​Adapter (Personal Computers)
    I MMC Card to Compact Flash Type II High Speed ​​Adapter bought the Komputerbay SD / SDHC / for my Canon EOS 20D! - The adapter works flawlessly with all tested equipment The CompactFlash adapter works perfectly with the Canon EOS 20D. For the follow
  • Canon EOS 650D  

    Canon EOS 650D SLR Digital Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD) Kit incl. EF-S 18-135 IS STM Lens (Electronics)
    On technical details I will not go especially in my review as this have some made before me and also everyone who buys a camera usually can read data sheets. I myself have taken the Canon EOS 650D incl. 18-135 STM as a Christmas present and I must sa
  • Moving from Nikon D3200 Canon EOS 750D on (kit).  

    Canon EOS 750D Digital SLR Camera (24 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, WiFi, NFC, Full HD) (Electronics)
    Hello, I switched from a Nikon (D3200 with Tamron 17-50) on this Canon 750D. Firstly, because I lacked a few features (such as. HDR, or object tracking in video mode) and on the other hand because of the AF (whom one might from time to time also used