swirl litter pail


  • Are there alternatives? What is the use?  

    LitterLocker II - cat litter disposal bucket (Misc.)
    I have quite a few reports looked at: Litter Locker II, the Litter Champ by zooplus or Swirl diaper pail? I purchased the LL II, and do not regret it. The benefits that I see when handling the waste bucket are as follows I stand in front of the soile
  • Ideal for the budget with several indoor cats  

    Swirl Smell poet litter collector (Misc.)
    Previously I used - opener of 3 indoor cats - the Litter Locker II, which I do not find in themselves bad, but always much was too fast full with the amount of incurred stray. Thus, it was no real relief in relation to the frequent passage for ton or
  • Swirl kitty litter buckets  

    Swirl Smell poet litter collector (Misc.)
    Had been the Litter Locker II in use and was up on the high-priced refills very satisfied. Since my household now enlarged to 2 cats, I wanted to try bucket with much größerten Swirl. First of all on me much negative that it offered no refills (only
  • Use as a diaper pail - Well ...  

    Swirl Smell poet litter collector (Misc.)
    I have found that there is a scattering of Swirl collector and a diaper pail. Apparently, however, it is the same product - only the litter collector is usually cheaper to purchase. I have these used as a diaper pail - my conclusion: + Acquisition an
  • Litter Locker  

    LitterLocker II - cat litter disposal bucket (Misc.)
    I am thrilled. The trash can is light, has a very good handling and does not take up much space. It looks like the picture. A shovel and the special trash bags are. If level is a clear Bedinungsanleitung here. The plastic material is stable. Meanwhil
  • recommended for diaper pail  

    Sangenic Twister Twister Base Base for all diaper Twister MK3, MK4 & MK5 (Baby Product)
    very recommendable for everyone who has the diaper pail or want to buy. No bending over to diaper pail, the child is never without supervision on the Wickelkomode
  • Best cat litter ever  

    Cat's Best Öko Plus cat litter 28441, 40 liters (Misc.)
    After gaining experience with cats in the house for 20 years, I can say: This is currently the best cat litter ever. I have tried so all the varieties, the white Advertising mode scattering over Silicate Litter to special perfumed litter from the pet
  • From now on only this litter!  

    Cat's Best Öko Plus cat litter 28441, 40 liters (Misc.)
    This is the best litter I have ever tested. * It is really everything, what is written on the package, and I have also rarely seen. I am simply thrilled, as the testing and spending money has been worthwile! Price: more expensive than the normal clum
  • Good for fine cat litter, rather poor for coarse litter.  

    Trixie 40382 rug for cat litter, PVC, 40 x 60 cm, anthracite (Misc.)
    My two cats your cat litter always drag through the entire apartment. So I thought to myself time to buy a presenting for a litter box and came across this mat. First, one must say that it certainly gets here on the type of litter. My cat litter is r
  • Perfect for cat litter from small Streumaterial  

    Trixie 40382 rug for cat litter, PVC, 40 x 60 cm, anthracite (Misc.)
    I bought the mat because, being duly walked me the (unavoidable) cat litter front of the toilet, which always carry the animals out on the laces. Mats or carpets I had some in use, but until now did not solve really convince. In conjunction with fine
  • Trixie cat litter throw rug  

    Trixie rugs for cat litter, PVC, 45 × 37 cm, anthracite (Misc.)
    I have the cat litter rug since about 4 weeks and am very satisfied. The cat litter stays in the little hanging "joints" and can be super shake. The cat now carries no more scattered through the apartment. This works but only if it is a fin
  • Effective cat litter throw rug  

    Trixie rugs for cat litter, PVC, 45 × 37 cm, anthracite (Misc.)
    We use very fine cat litter, which rapidly spread throughout the apartment. Both Toilettenvorleger take some on the scattering. For cleaning it can shake you easily. However, I am now of the opinion that it would do a normal Schmutzfangmatte also, mo
  • Smellfree for Litter Locker 2  

    7-pack for Litter Locker II Smellfree CAT. (Misc.)
    Product is super packed, was super fast geliefer. The quality of the film is better than the original film wesenlich of Litter Locker. Even the plastic containers in which the film is much more stable than that of Litter Locker! "Made in Germany
  • The perfect litter for litter boxes with strainer  

    15 kg cat litter clumping litter Pet PLUS baby powder scent (Misc.)
    Use the same from Fressnapf "Premiere Excellent with baby powder scent"! Benefits: Super efficient, thereby you have to completely change it very often. have now completely changed time after 3 months, but would it even longer can be in it.
  • super cat litter !! Real the best !!  

    15 kg cat litter clumping litter Pet PLUS baby powder scent (Misc.)
    After several cat litter to have bought and he is 1 A, have a Perserundbei the sand no mess at home, he does not stink special smells very good, it's the best by 7 others I've tried!
  • Cat litter with Babyouderduft  

    15 kg cat litter clumping litter Pet PLUS baby powder scent (Misc.)
    First, it was already a relief that I was delivered, the two bags to the 3rd floor. Unfortunately for the postman !!! My cat loves this cat litter because it smells good and because it is very fine. Even easier to bury and to me is very important, I
  • very good clumping litter  

    Karlie Flamingo 501045 Nature cat litter 15 kg (Misc.)
    Open to the cat litter for years and am very satisfied. It clumps very well and is therefore Economical, it also absorbs the smell and everything can be found in well and keep clean. Our cat says claw high and it is a top product at a good price
  • Miele vs. Swirl  

    Miele Dust bag type G / N HyClean - 4 bags (household goods)
    I used a long time the dust bag Swirl M 40 (M 54) Airspace dust filter bag and was satisfied. With Swirl always an exhaust filter was, but unfortunately no motor filter. This was sometime dirty and I thought I'd just have a go the originals of Miele
  • Swirl just perfect  

    Swirl M 40 AirSpace 4 Vacuum Bags + 1 Filter, absorbent, lockable mounting plate (household goods)
    Hello everybody, the Swirl dust filter bag really keep their promise, also easy to remove suction power until the bag is full and full, thanks to the possibility to close the bag, do not lose the content on your way to trash. It is certainly not the
  • Cheap alternative to overpriced Swirls microfiber Eineitsbrei  

    10 x FILTATEX (P / MIF) like Siemens VS9 .. Super 914/915/916 electronic el series
    We operate as before a Siemens 915 class vacuum cleaner from the 90s. Since the now sold by Swirl S64 Mikrofaserbeutelchen not fit 100% (must be buckled), the suction power is modest and the bags are exorbitantly expensive for their capacity, I have