the discreet charm of the intestine


  • Do good for the intestines  

    Vihado C-TOX - Chlorella, acai, apple pectin, 60 capsules, 1er Pack (1 x 31 g) (Health and Beauty)
    The quality Vihado product C-Tox contains an interesting mix of active ingredients, the declutter the intestines and bring it up to scratch. In the well-to-swallow capsules is Chlorella, which is a microalgae and has a detoxifying effect, the active
  • The discreet charm of the toothbrush  

    Philips Sonicare HX 9332/04 - electric tooth brush (Health and Beauty)
    From a strictly functional point of view, no difference is obvious compared to a previous brush teeth Philips that I have tested in the past: there is always a series of more or less intense cleaning programs, with or without laundering, which are ac
  • Scared worms and makes the intestines fit  

    AniForte® worm Formula 50 capsules for dogs (enough for 10 to 25 applications) (Misc.)
    My Shepherd has a somewhat sensitive intestines and stomach reads every day in the forest but always Stäckchen, leaves and pine cones on grass and eats enthusiastically. The risk for Würmr is therefore extremely high, which is why I tried AniForte. I
  • Calms the intestines actually and the pure force of nature  

    Manako prebiotic psyllium psyllium husks whole, 1er Pack (1 x 250 g) (Health and Beauty)
    I must admit that I was skeptical and psyllium husks have only bought when I knew it was not a product of fleas. After many years I torture myself with irritable bowel syndrome and extreme bloating and after eating vegetables actually constantly had
  • The days and boredom  

    Five days (Paperback)
    I am a man (what is more natural, after all?) And the idea that I'm getting a specific feminine sensitivity may be far from reality as distorted by my nature. But I find that talent, real, Douglas Kennedy, never expressed as well as when it adopts th
  • This brings the bulb to cook !!  

    Portal 2 (video game)
    Anyone familiar with the Half Life series, which is Portal 2 again recognize up to 1) There are no more desolate monster that must abballern pointless, but only the cool, exciting, tricky puzzles to come through some huge maps (but: size does not mat
  • Everything about the gut  

    The discreet charm of the intestine: All about an unloved body (Paperback)
    Original book and having a lot of information on the intestine and its interactions with other body organs
  • I advise on the device  

    Sausage machine - 3 kg load capacity - 3 different Fülltuben -. Sausage Filler - sausage filling machine - sausage machine (household goods)
    Have salami made with the device and were totally disappointed the sausage masses it below rausgedrückt at the seal without end that was filling the intestines almost impossible. The cranks went totally hard so I advise upon the instrument rather inv
  • handling well but stinks the material and perhaps unhealthy  

    Klisier enema Birnspritze inlet size 9 - Content ca.240 ml - * Top quality at top price * (Personal Care)
    The quality is good and it is practically very applicable, but the rubber stinks extremely and it is nowhere stated from what exists for a material. Perhaps the material is not entirely harmless, and when liquids injected into the intestine, which ma
  • If the anticipation is more beautiful than the joy in reading  

    Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (Paperback)
    "Oh how great, oh how great it will be a new Bridget Jones book!" That was my reaction when I read the Helen Fielding writes a 3rd part of Bridget Jones Diaries. I just had to read, because I love Bridget! But when the first spoilers and info le
  • Super product. Very beneficial for chronic intestinal complaints  

    MUTAFLOR enteric capsules (Personal Care)
    The manufacturer ******************* The Mutaflor capsules contain cells capable of reproduction: Escherichia coli strain Nissle 1917. Store in a refrigerator (2 ° - 8 ° C). One capsule contains 2.5 - 25 x 1,000,000,000 cfu (-> According to my cal
  • Very good for intestinal and skin!  

    Manako MSM 120 Caps, (methylsulfonylmethane), 1er Pack (1 x 84 g) (Health and Beauty)
    I bought the MSM capsules, because I read about the positive effect on joint pain. Which are also passed back to about 50%. A surprising side effect is to regulate the intestinal function and the effect on blemished skin. Within a short time my skin
  • Sharp Knew tears intestine  

    Westmark 14932230 sausage hopper 3-er Set, Size5 (household goods)
    Price / performance ratio is okay. Installation is simple. Can sometimes in the Dishwasher. However, the edges of the funnel end are not rounded. This allows the intestinal tear when pulling.
  • Igor Markevitch integral Symphony recorded for Philips  

    Symphonies 1 TO 3 (CD)
    ... Always recommended for its finesse, agility, his rejection of pathos: a treatment that works well for the first three. Recorded with acuity and relief with the microphones, these hairless and slender readings, dispassionate, have not aged a bit.
  • Not only Weltschmerz, broken or kindergarten have it  

    Hinterland (Audio CD)
    Not alone 'Weltschmerz', 'broken' or 'nursery' partly due to the untranslatable expression made it into the English language, the provincial, rural and infrastructural arid lands of 'behind' something large or important, whether city, natural object
  • natural help with digestive problems  

    Colon colon active - special product from psyllium husks, Curcuma longa (curcumin) - (Misc.) 140 tablets
    As part of product testing by I was allowed to test the dietary supplement intestinal active or Colon Detox Colon Cleanse by Biomenta over a month. The tablets are supplied in a plain white, but sturdy plastic bottle. To ensure durabi
  • Gorgeous! Actually helps! Down with it!  

    Golden Peanut Premium Indian Psyllium 99% purity 1000 g bag, certified food quality, extra white - reduced number of germs - Quellzahl 150ml / g certified, residue tested, from freshly harvested and selected growing areas - directly from the manufacturer - a purely natural product (Personal Care)
    If there is something that people who have problems with bowel issues, might help, then you're thankful for. Who has not heard of psyllium husks before, is certainly skeptical about the positive feedback here. But this "Herrlich" I actually
  • Value for money is okay - no (pure) Whey, something fluid and quite sweet  

    Fit Fox Express 98+ Premium Protein, Protein Shake, Vanilla Cream, 1000g Dose (Personal Care)
    Fit Fox Express 98+ contains three of the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Only in this combination, the desired effect (muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown) is to be reached. Supplied individually, it does not have thi
  • Great product and effective  

    Vihado Chia seeds - purest premium natural seeds in fresh box, 500 g, 1-pack (1 x 500 g) (Health and Beauty)
    Enter chia seeds added to bread products in an amount of not more than 5%. Enter add chia seeds to baked goods, Frühstückscerealienund mixtures of fruits, nuts and seeds in an amount of not more than 10%. The Chia seeds Vihado is rich in natural prot
  • Best part! 3  

    Beurer EM 35 abdominal toning belt (equipment)
    For lazy (like me) just right, I am very satisfied and have already recommended it! Just do not overdo it and choose a lighter level (otherwise there may be a small pain) it with the use (steps). The advantage is that is not only punished but also th