ting two liters


  • Delicious coffee but ... 1  

    Saeco HD8862 / 01 Minuto coffee machine, automatic milk frother, Black (Kitchen)
    The Seaco HD8862 is a small coffee machine of good coffee makes, but could be improved in some respects. The most important at the beginning: The coffee from the coffee machine Saeco HD8862 not only tastes good, but also makes visually a very good im
  • Ready built, very good crushing, Mixgut but slightly warm  

    Klarstein Herakles 2G-R Professional Stand Mixer Power Mixer Green Smoothie Maker (1200W, 2 liters of kitchen mixer, BPA-Free, 32,000 U / min) red
    See video on Amazon.com I has not yet been disappointed by Klarstein products and the already existing review sounded promising, but this could in black replace quite cheap Blenders our previously used and now defective blender. Specifically, I was i
  • Very similar product but !!!!  

    2 LITER LIQUID RECHARGE compliant RENEW BRAUN CLEAN SHAVE cleansing lotion station CCR3 CCR razor liquid
    Economical, fast and neat but once sending the cartridge cleaned and filled, the clean & load does not recognize the cartridge and indicates to change ... Certainly a safety device but the problem is that there is nothing to there is so I two liters
  • Good solid 1  

    Hasbro Nerf Super Soaker Bottle Blitz (Toy)
    This pistol water works fine. Used by a child of 5 years. The jet is powerful enough and the object appears solid. A bottle of soda in two liters fits very well indeed.
  • filter 3 1  

    External Water Filter Set of 2 external refrigerator water filters Compatible with Samsung Aqualogis DA29-10105J HAFEX / EXP
    the filters are of good value for money, the first two liters are some disorders but then it's like a brand filter
  • Elegant and sober  

    Lacor 68619 Wheezing Kettle 2.0 Litres (Kitchen)
    Kettle very easy to wash. Its appearance is more restrained than in the picture: the three lines at the bottom are discreet as his whistle ... I was afraid it is shrill, not at all, even leaving boil water, it is the not always understood. For cons,
  • Hear the train whistle!  

    Lacor 68619 Wheezing Kettle 2.0 Litres (Kitchen)
    As shown, the handle is not made of plastic cork but a little darker, however. It makes even rather fine. The shape of the handle allows to grasp naturally without Difficulty. The finish is perfect, it will see use if inside pricks or not. The whistl
  • Works perfectly 37  

    Arendo - Electric kettle stainless-glass with LED interior lighting | stainless-glass frame | STRIX-control | Integrated limescale filter | 1.7 liters | 2200 Watt | automatic shutdown | one-touch closing
    Bought to replace my old kettle that passed away. And I am fully satisfied! Most: - High capacity (close to two liters) - Add more transparency - The lighting is the most beautiful effect - Heats quickly
  • Finally! 115  

    Seb XF101070 Tray 1-L Yogurt Cheese with White Colander for Yogurt Delight (Kitchen)
    Finally I got it, this magic tray! I was no longer white cheese with my yogurt Multidélices because I found very very tedious to handle all the pots and strainers, for ultimately a reduced volume of white cheese. With two boxes, I can use almost two
  • Practical and robust! 7  

    Pryroflam Casserole with Lid, 2.0L (Kitchen)
    Ideal size dish for 2-3 people knowing that it contains quite two liters. Very easy to use on gas and the oven (read the instructions before use.) Ideal for cooking at low temperature oven as the lid allows food does not dry out. Forgot the kitchen o
  • Easy to use dehumidifier  

    DuraMaxx Dryhouse 10 dehumidifiers with compressor air purifier humidifier Bautrockner air dryer for damp rooms (10 liters per day, with air filter for dust and dirt particles, 260 Watt, 2l water tank, incl. Drain hose) black (household goods)
    Video at Amazon.com See The DuraMaxx Dryhouse 10 is a really easy-to-use dehumidifiers. Its maximum dehumidifying capacity is at optimal conditions (humidity / ambient temperature) at 10 liters a day. The device weighs around 7 kg, can therefore be e
  • Huuuuge!  

    Klarstein Herakles 3G - Mixer / Blender 2L with 6 blades for preparing smoothies, soups, creams (anti-slip feet, waterproof rubber cover, Pulse switch) - White
    At first, I confess that I was speechless at the opening of the package. I did not expect to receive such a monster! Because yes, I tell you straight out: this thing is monstrous! 52 cm high, a bowl 2 liter steel blades 6, 4 kg ... it is like no blen
  • Modern Popmusical  

    Aida (complete recording) (Broadway Cast) (Audio CD)
    In contrast to the concept album of the musical version "Aida" by Elton John and Tim Rice the Original Broadway Cast is the genre musical score better. Although the music is still a refreshing mix of pop-rock, gospel and a dash of reggae, but wi
  • Effective, affordable and fits also in non-BWT-water tanks.  

    BWT magnesium Gourmet cartridge 3 + 1 (household goods)
    As tea drinkers was and still is to me the water where I live too hard, so filter. Because the rainbow colors shimmering "limescale" on the water surface are not promoting enjoyment. So far, I used two systems, one of Brita in my study and in ou
  • Purchase, delivery, test food - enthusiasm!  

    Daisho soy sauce, dark Fancy (koikuchi) PET - bottle, naturally brewed, 2-pack (2 x 1 l) (Food & Beverage)
    A flavor-enhancing additives without brewed Sojasouce - usually found in various supermarkets only for 4 or more per 240ml - for almost 6 per liter. Sounds priced first not wrong, only needs to tune the result. We have the souce previously used with
  • A pleasant room air  

    Philips humidifier for babies and children, HU4801 / 01 (tools)
    To prepare the space for the currently dry heating air, I've used a conventional ultrasonic vaporizer. Unfortunately, now to this evaporator around to see water stains on the furniture, so I turn on the device only rarely. The Philips HU4801 / 01 hum
  • Finally, a docking station that works!  

    Delock Dual Docking Station SATA HDD to USB 3.0 with Clone function (optional)
    [[UPDATE AT THE END]] A few months ago I bought an Icy Box, which has the same technical specifications as the here-reviewed DeLOCK so two bays for optional 2.5 or 3.5-inch SATA drives, connecting to a PC via USB3 and built clone function. While the
  • 1,7Liter useful volume  

    Alessi kettle made of stainless steel with handle and bird-shaped whistle in PA, black (household goods)
    Of course, the two liters in the description refer to the total volume. Usable are then approximately 1,7Liter. The lid is, as all too often actually criticizes something very Stram. If you want you should but which may resolve itself clean with plie
  • Super works immediately in dog urine  

    BactoDes® Animal 3x1 liter Bundle odor remover, odors concentrate for dilution (= at least 6l reconstituted solution.) - Incl. Mixing bottle - eliminate animal urine odor, cat urine odor, animal odor, cat urine and litter box odor, dog urine, small animal odor, permanently - a real Deodorizer for , remove permanent odor control odor. Launch the attack against urine smell (Misc.)
    Am thrilled really looks super with dog urine (makieren). In addition, also use it in everything smells common as trash and Co. Has relatively quickly and the smell of it is gone. The only drawback we need very much of it, for example when cleaning a
  • Good and solid BBQ!  

    Shov Döner Grill Gyros Grill Vertical Grill for every occasion (household goods)
    Have the grill a few days ago here at Amazon / Sternhandel24 for 49.90 euros ink. Shipping ordered and received within 3 working days. The grill is solid and functioning properly. The tip described here and in the manual aperture to cover behind the