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  • Chew toy comes and goes - the Kong remains!  

    Kong Dog Toy L, 10,5 cm red (Misc.)
    We Kong fans. My dog ​​and I. We were looking for ways to start to deal with our dog when he needs to be alone but times. Meanwhile the stuffed Kong is standard evening program. This Kong is also our favorite. We have selected for our Labrador Large
  • dog toy  

    SODIAL (R) toys to chew dog form of the dumbbell squeaky rubber (Miscellaneous)
    I have received in time the little dog chew toy, it is beautiful and has beautiful color, my little Pekinese 3 months the love, it is small! Perfect for small guelle ca, me and my little dog it is very simply occurs
  • Karlie Boomer Dento Dental Care Toy Bone  

    Karlie Flamingo 47239 dental care Toys Boomer Dento Bone 19 cm (Misc.)
    On the whole, this is a nice chew toy, but for large breeds unsuitable. Our puppy (German Bulldog, 8 months old, 50kg, shoulder height 80 cm) did not need 15 minutes. to chew the one end and where the beginning is, ... Supposed to serve employment, s
  • Super dog toy, not al dente  

    Kong Puppy Goodie Bone (S) 15930, 13.5 cm (Misc.)
    The bone is provided made of solid rubber material and treats with suitable chew toy as well. Unfortunately, the dog has a slightly pinched at the ends of attack surface through the holes to the feed and may the bones crunching. Some piece of rubber
  • What are the weaknesses of this masterpiece? Gives you an idea ...  

    Assassin's Creed 3 - Edition Bonus (100% uncut) - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    I have a rating system in which there is to achieve a maximum of 100 points for games. Under the Conclusion scoring and points that can be achieved is carried out. Here I share in technology, gameplay, story and atmosphere. I can also assure you that
  • -1 hours service life chrono  

    Safestix Kong Dog Toy - Assorted Colors (Others)
    and that's a shame - has a tough first toy, but not - the dog of my daughter managed to detach one end in 1 hour and continued to complete the work of destruction in 2 hours! Should perhaps be at least a dog with sharp teeth!
  • It changes the giraffes!  

    Teether Vulli - Kiwi bird (Baby Care)
    When I saw that we could get another animal in the same natural rubber, I jumped at the chance. Especially since I expect a little girl we plan to call Sophie ... And having a chew toy of the same name, it's not cool :-) Anyway, I am very satisfied t
  • torn after 2 months  

    Kong Flyer Dog 1 (Others)
    The dog has started playing frisbee with this a month after purchase, perhaps it was too small before, I do not know. But last month, he adores, it is now completely torn, it was first drilled in the middle and strength to play, the hole grew to cove
  • Good value 82  

    Ecoiffier - 1907 - Imitation Game - Valisette Veterinarian (Toy)
    Cheap. My god-daughter loved it. It remains to see if it will last over time. The plastic is not very thick. At the same time, from 3 years old, I think children do not chew toy
  • very noisy and not very enticing  

    Article Pure Dog chews Dog 100% natural wood deer Size M (Miscellaneous)
    Surprised by the size of the timber is small! But anyway, dog footnote (Beauce) does not consider it as a chew toy. He takes it and throws it from time to time, amuses noise, but either it's too hard to chew or smell or taste does not appeal at all.
  • for eternity - much more than "only" a 80 collection!  

    Present so80s (So Eighties) 9 (Deluxe Box) (Audio CD)
    I am the proud owner of this CD Box and would subsequently paste extracts a fantastic meeting of undertone that brings it to the point: Hach yes; the good old maxi version. A wonderful in itself, now completely unjustly forgotten; yet always slightly
  • Eigenet not for cats  

    Karlie Flamingo 47239 dental care Toys Boomer Dento Bone 19 cm (Misc.)
    I ordered the chew toy for my cat. Unfortunately, it's too big and my Stubentiger have not accepted it. Unfortunately back.
  • Stinks of chemicals & Beißwütige for easy prey  

    Trixie Denta Fun 33131 Rugby Ball, Natural Rubber 10 cm (Misc.)
    I have this chew toy for my 7 months old, Pug bought because he frantically gnawed my furniture during dentition. Unfortunately, he did not look that good part appreciated because it stunk horribly of chemistry. For a dog's nose this smell must still
  • Robust but also pollution-free?  

    Kong (L) 15017 Dog Toy 10.5 cm black (Misc.)
    The investigation of eco-test also showed the Kong (which Kong-versions I can not remember) to high pollution levels. However, I do not know if the company has now responded and now the Kongs * safe * are. Would be interesting how many phthalates, PA
  • Kaugeweih  

    Dentidog "Kira" Kaugeweih with natural fiber rope - 100% natural products for dogs (Misc.)
    I bought the Kaugeweih for a puppy. It was very well received and it was already firmly tuned gnawed and chewed. It is well made and stable with no sharp edges. Great chew toy! Would I buy it again.
  • Suitable for puppies up in about 8 weeks  

    Kong Puppy Goodie Bone (S) 15930, 13.5 cm (Misc.)
    The toy is made of a softer rubber than for example the extreme Kong toys. For puppies to about 8 weeks, I think that toys very suitable, we will try on our next litter Australian Shepherds. For older puppies, for example a 4-month-old dog as a chew
  • Better than Kong  

    BIONIC URBAN STICK chew - SMALL - 22,5 cm (Misc.)
    Almost 10 years ago I was a fan of Kong chew toys, and my bitches. However, the quality does not seem to be the same as a few years ago. The new Kongs are simply chewed too quickly. Therefore, the Bionic Stick another attempt was to find a durable ch
  • super tough toy 1  

    Power Rangers - 35095 - Action Figure - DX Megazord - Megaforce (Toy)
    Super tough, my three year old son likes to disassemble all the time he n not manage to go back in properly but it will soon. He plays all the time with.
  • super toy! 3  

    Lamaze 27068 - Play & Grow Captain Calamari, the pirate octopus (Baby Product)
    This toy is great for babies. My son (5 months) loves it. I've already given him birth, where he not could still do much with the octopus. When he was three months old, began his adventurous spirit and the toys became the absolute favorite part. Ther
  • Absolute favorite toy 1  

    Trixie 35912 Vultures "Gustav", plush, 28 cm (Misc.)
    I myself was the look of this plush toy knuffigem not resist and bought it as a welcome gift for my 8 week golden retriever puppy. (See customer pictures) The "Geierchen" was for my puppy named Willi from day one of the favorite toys. He li