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  • Incomplete Package 10  

    Ultrasport Folding Bike apartment 150 (Sports)
    Ultrasport Folding Bike apartment 150 The package is incomplete: it lacks a nut (reference 16 of the installation instructions) and a curved washer (footnote 17). Following complaints, the supplier immediately sent the missing pieces.

    Ultrasport Exercise bike F-Bike with touch pulse sensors (Sport)
    Bike used only 20h, broken belt, the company provides no ULTRASPORT service despite the validity of warranty, no repair info, not even able to respond to emails in French, it sends you a copy / paste, and no news. You understand the politics of this
  • For more comfort on the bike ...  

    Gregster ladies cycling shorts, Black (Sports Apparel)
    Since I was not so long pursuing cycling, I have not had any acquaintance with cycling shorts. The Gregster cycling pants is my first bike pants and thus a whole new experience. At first glance, the material makes a very good impression. The seams ar
  • The bike may come  

    Vermont Captain 16 inch 2015 (Misc.)
    The wheel was delivered pre-assembled within 2 days. Set only saddle and handlebar, support wheels mount and fasten basket. All in all 1/2 hour working and ready. Unfortunately, the Bowden cable of the front brake was bent and the rubber coating torn
  • Garmin's new bike cadence sensor: light, easily, ingeniously simple! ANT + radio. No magnet, no adjustment necessary.  

    Garmin Bike Cadence sensor 010-12102-00 (Electronics)
    Since 2014 Garmin sells a ANT + -Trittfrequenzsensor for the bicycle, which takes over the cadence function of the legendary GSC-10 Double sensor (cadence and speed). But the new "Bike Cadence Sensor" Garmin (no model number, part of the tw
  • Great bike  

    Trekking bicycle women 28 inch aluminum 21-speed derailleur Shimano (Misc.)
    For the price you bekommte very good quality with unbeatable facilities. The Liferung is abgasprochen with the forwarding before. Runs his fantastic, unfortunately the installation of a child seat to the frame by shifting the brake Zugen the rear dis
  • Disappointing - not a Test Drive for bikes  

    Ride [PC] (computer game)
    First of all for the better: Finally someone dares times on a motorcycle racing game again! I had soooo hoping there would be a kind of "Test Drive for Bikes" and I've already seen, with the bikes on the road a'la Test Drive Unlimited 2 to
  • Ivation BIKE beakon: Portable, rechargeable ,.  

    Ivation BIKE beakon: Portable, rechargeable, robust stereo speaker & MP3 player with Micro-SD cards Square, AUX input, FM Radio & Voice Mail - With built-in flashlight - CAMO GREEN - perfect for home, office, sports & Cycling - Including Bike mount - Works with virtually all portable & mobile devices (electronics)
    Everything is right, I can not agree with the opinion of its predecessor! That beacon bike a good radio receiver and super speakers will continue to test it and hope it lasts a long time and the battery of super läst exchange like a cell phone batter
  • Thule bike carrier Euroway G2 920 simply ingenious  

    Thule EuroWay G2 920, trailer hitch bike rack (production set by the manufacturer) (Automotive)
    After the purchase of a new Tiguan, with fold-away trailer coupling, was also the consideration for the purchase of a new bicycle rack for the existing Mautain bikes. This should, of course, watch out for the coupling, which I at first did not seem s
  • Useful tool case for bike wrench  

    Kenley Multifunctional 25 pcs. Bike repair tool set tool set with a compact carrying case (Misc.)
    Looking for an affordable toolbox for bicycles in our household, I came across this set. In the stable case there are a lot of useful tools for the bike. Besides a complete repair kit set can also be found some special tools for repairs for chain and
  • Very good bike rack!  

    Bicycle carrier Westfalia BC 60 (old version) (Automotive)
    Had only a bike rack of a friend tested this model come true a little older and had problems with my tow bar of Westfalia. Since the neck of my trailer hitch of Square runs into round and the old tow bar needs a round neck for orienting. The Westfali
  • MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-Family cargo2  

    MFT 8200 / BL bike carrier Multi-cargo2-Family (Automotive)
    As with Amazon, super fast delivery. Bike carrier could be assembled quickly. Everything fit and tools was also there. The one star Abszug there for, despite good outer packing some Tele in the coating were easily damaged, the damage. Probably it is
  • Perfect light for your bike  

    Busch & Müller bicycle lights Front Lumotec, black (equipment)
    The super bright light makes up every day the high price tag. In the past I've always been annoyed if I could not see anything because a car came towards. The times are over now. The spotlight should not be missing at any bike.
  • Suitable Mega good bike for long distances  

    SPRINT mountain bike 26 inches /26.HT/, MTB, Shimano 18 gear, hardtail, aluminum double wall rims (Misc.)
    Ride now already almost three months to work every day so that each 2 x 30 minutes although it has no suspension. My driving style is more fast and aggressive and the bike keeps standing up now! So something for this price is really rare these days s
  • stable, practical bike lock  

    TRELOCK U-lock BS 400 L short side 108x230 holder LED key (Misc.)
    I ordered the castle in August '08 and use it almost every day, my bike is also often outdoors. I bought me the castle mainly because a report on TV that showed how easily most spiral locks to crack (there goes a forceps that paasst in your pocket).
  • Massive support for not all bike carriers  

    Universal wall bracket for bicycle carriers (Automotive)
    The wall mount makes a very good impression ... - but only at first glance. Since I own a 929 Thule, I had seen after stopping, the distance between the ball head and base for our support is too short. I have solved the problem that I have put a spac
  • also suitable for bikes  

    Caramba 646404 chain spray, 300 ml, transparent (Automotive)
    have my spray bought for my bike. worked perfectly. I would take again. my bike lock misses again properly.
  • No tanks and soldiers but bikes and cops - is that good?  

    Battlefield Hardline - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    Only with regard to the multiplayer! With Battlefield Hardline another path was followed. It stands out, as so often mentioned, of the war scenario and arrives at cops / criminals setting. For this purpose and suitable modes and already we have a com
  • That's exactly part of my bike backpack, I've been looking for  

    Tatonka Neopren Case 1 (equipment)
    I use sometimes my smartphone as a navigation aid, when I move with the wheel in foreign areas. Every now and then I take with the built-in camera on an image. However, I do not like bar / stem mount for smartphones at the wheel. Now I have discovere
  • Not suitable for all bike carriers  

    Profex Fahrradkorb closely behind (equipment)
    The basket is not suitable for all bike carriers. It is sometimes necessary to attach the basket with its own funds (cable tie) on the bicycle rack.