underwater body shaver


  • Great full body shaver  

    Philips Bodygroom BG2026 Series 3000/32 (Health and Beauty)
    Provides a very good result in the body shave. In my opinion, it delivers the best results when you shave dry. Of course, the shaver is not designed for the face, so I do not understand a lot of negative reviews here! Good price-performance ratio. Bu
  • Super body shaver for the man!  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    The first body shaver for the man! Because every man is certainly noisy and wants to try the razor times. I have the razor now for several weeks now in use and would like to share with you and convince you about the purchase, it is worth my opinion!
  • Gillette Body Shaver instead Gillette Proglide  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    So I used to date a "normal" Gillette Proglide for body shaving and annoyed that has long been a body shaver Gillette (Venus) has my girlfriend. Why not so? Finally, a separate razor for shaving body. I have now been tested and have to say compa
  • All in all, a good full body shaver  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    First, let me mention that I primarily with the "Gillette Fusion Pro Glide" Compare this shaver because I have this so far always used for any erasures. When I found out that I was chosen as trnd member to test the razor, I was very happy becaus
  • One of the best body shaver  

    BaByliss E837E multifunction trimmer 10 in 1 W-tech (Personal Care)
    Hi, I use the gäret both the beard and the body shave. Cut beard comes with standard attachment (without any additional attachment) fine and fast (about 2 minutes for the complete delivery beard). If you need a precise length of the beard there are t
  • Practical and functioning body shaver!  

    Philips Bodygroom BG2036 Series 5000/32 (Health and Beauty)
    After a long test phase, I can say: It works like it should. Many recessions I can not understand: It is and remains a very safe electric shaver for the body. Of course he can not Aalglatt shave like a razor, but it comes very close to the result. I
  • Good full-body shaver  

    Philips TT2030 / 36 groomers (Personal Care)
    Hello There, after my old Bodygroom has unfortunately after 3 years break, I decided to buy the successor. After two weeks now the impressions: Design: Much better than its predecessor. The shaver looks very classy and makes the bathroom a good figur
  • Good Body Shaver  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    I have received of the Gilette trnd Body as a test package. The shaving was the first impression very thorough and has skin not irritated. The Gilette body moves smoothly and without hair pluck over parts of the body in question and adapts the basis
  • Skin-friendly body shaver  

    Philips Bodygroom BG2036 Series 5000/32 (Health and Beauty)
    The Philips Bodygroom is well in hand. Shaved body hair well and according to my feeling also very gentle. The supplied "extension" for shaving the back is a bit strange. It's still something the skin feeling lost and the shave is not as thoroug
  • Philips - BG2036 / 32 - Bodygroom Body Shaver and Trimmer - 3 shoes -...  

    Philips - BG2036 / 32 - Bodygroom Body Shaver and Trimmer - 3 clogs - Channel for the back - 100% waterproof (Health and Beauty)
    bought it for my son - he is disappointed because you have to spend several times the mower contrary to what is said on the leaflet - useful for frequent shaving (maintenance) but do not wait until after the regrowth of hair if it ' is unpleasant bec
  • Good System Body Shaver  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    The shaver is aeigentlich pretty good, but can not keep up with a safety razor (in experienced hands) in the follow-up costs and in comfort.
  • Body Shaver  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    Frankly, I bought it as a holiday razor and for that price was a bargain. From the quality genausoi good as my other expensive erstandener vibratory razor I use at home.
  • Pleasant on the skin - clean shave  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    The new body shaver made by Gillette like it very much. Finally a wet razor for men, which has been specially developed for body shaving. Fast, smooth and easy. Best use in the shower, perfect for the upper body and shoulders. Pleasant on the skin an
  • Only those who complete the shave will be satisfied with the Bodygroom  

    Philips TT2030 / 36 groomers (Personal Care)
    If you prefer a completely hairless is operated tolerably well with the Bodygroom. However .... really smooth feels different than what the Bodygroom has to offer. In some reviews it is emphasized that he particularly gentle on the skin goes to work.
  • Finally foaming shave, but not cheap  

    Gillette Shaving Gel Body Transparent Tube, 6 pcs (6 x 175 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    I'm a fan of shaving gels. Since I shave the body hair regularly have a maximum length of 1-2 mm. So why should centimeter thick foam the view be needed to be shaved contours. The application is extremely economical, the smell distinctively male and
  • Now available for the modern man who GILLETTE BODY  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    As part of a test action I have now for several weeks the opportunity to test the Gilette Body in daily use area Shower detail Basically, I think the idea of ​​a body shaver especially for men for a very good idea. Just what it takes to have another
  • Good razor - but no added value compared to other Gilette razor!  

    Gillette Body Shavers, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    Briefly at the beginning, the Gillette razor Body has in my opinion no glaring advantage over my past razor Gillette Fusion ProGlide! The Gillette Body Shaver comes in an easy-open cardboard packaging and makes the first impression a good figure. It
  • Durability miserable, poor cutting performance  

    Philips QG3380 / 16 Multigroom Set Pro with three-day beard, Haarschneider- essay (Personal Care)
    The cutting performance of the trimmer is not particularly good, it only comes with the Turbo function well under way (and then the razor is accordingly loud). The problem is that the razor does not cope in the long run, because: On my first device o
  • You can also let your hair Frustfrei  

    Philips Bodygroom BG2036 Plus shavers, trimmers, wet and dry (Personal Care)
    Hello, after a lot of thinking and studying the reviews, I decided to purchase the Philips BG2036 / 20. I have very sensitive skin, so there were some places of the body continues to push the problems of wet shaving. Like many here, I was initially s
  • Ok, but too quickly dull.  

    Gillette Body blades 8 (Personal Care)
    Finally a body shaver only for us men! but the disillusionment comes quickly. The design is reminiscent of the so strong Ladyshaver of Venus that it almost looks for a copy. The head is somewhat small and only comes with three blades therefore. Posit