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  • Double-safe LAN drive (2x 2TB): simple, quiet and reliable power from memory profiling Buffalo (Japan) & email Status  

    Buffalo LinkStation 420 LS420D0402-EU High Speed ​​NAS 4TB (2x 2TB HDD 1x Gigabit, RAID 0/1) (Accessories)
    In the household and small home office for years to run network storage with each internal disk mirroring ("RAID1" - two identical hard drives contain at any time, the same data that are "mirrored" as redundant memory permanently
  • FINALLY LAN vernpnftig playable!  

    Hearts of Iron 2: Darkest Hour (computer game)
    Kudos to the community! You made it the game in the LAN and even via Internet (Tunngel) to make playable. About the internet connection it funzt although only until 1941, because then just as many units need to be calculated, but still. The game now
  • A smartphone for 549.00 with unlocked for sale is a joke  

    Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (Telekom) (Electronics)
    A friend, the Fire has also been pre-ordered, and advised me on the phone to let to your question whether the smartphone unlocked comes, since you have an existing mobile phone contract, the lady said on the phone "when you order the device with
  • Better than "Honu Lani"  

    Stadt Land Fluss (Audio CD)
    I like a lot better than its predecessor "Honu Lani". The discreet US edge in the songs is excellent woman Koreck. Cool Radio numbers, deeply relaxed album. And the cover photo is great. Clear annoying all-Gunnar Timmi-Lani-enactment, but t
  • Good - Better - Lana Del Rey  

    Ultraviolence (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    A long time I had to something new from Lana Del Rey wait, and now I finally her 2nd Album. Lana convinced hereby once again that she is a fantastic singer. Every song is just great. The CD arrived today, since she runs with me up and down. Purely ou
  • Do not buy! SIM card can not unlock !!!!  

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8200) smartphone 10.16 cm (4 inch) touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, 8GB memory, microSDHC card slot, Android 4.2) - White (Electronics)
    Also I have discovered too late that it obviously already more than a year are problems with the release of the map. Was it the previous model, the French variant, the new model comes in Portuguese and therefore to change in the German language, the
  • Very entertaining game - the longer you play, the more on vehicles, routes, etc. can unlock  

    Hill Climb Racing (App)
    A pretty simple game held, but awakens the ambition and the more you play, the more coins you can collect in order more tracks, cars etc. unlock. The aim of the game is to collect a route (which will be extended in geschafftem Level) possible acciden
  • LAN port on the USB port  

    [3-Port USB 3.0 + 1-port Gigabit Ethernet LAN] port USB3.0 HUB Inateck 3 with 1 RJ45 port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Network Adapter for Laptops, Ultrabooks, Macbook and tablets with USB ports (optional)
    The LAN adapter plugged with me on a USB 2.0 port on the laptop, and can therefore naturally Gigabit never reach. Nevertheless, my network connection is now approximately one and a half times as fast as the 100 Mbps connection and I can connect mouse
  • Good cable, also for Gigabit LAN  

    Goobay CAT5e FTP network cable (2x RJ45, 3m) white (accessory)
    Pleasant product, you can tell by the smooth functioning not know that it's there, what makes in this case for full credit. The plug access well, the cable has a pleasant feel, length true throughput also. Get through Gigabit LAN - if the server is i
  • Good cable, also for Gigabit LAN 1  

    Wentronic CAT5e FTP network cable (2x RJ45, 2m) white (accessory)
    Pleasant product, you can tell by the smooth functioning not know that it's there, what makes in this case for full credit. The plug access well, the cable has a pleasant feel, length true throughput also. Get through Gigabit LAN - if the server is i
  • Stable LAN patch cords  

    BIGtec Premium 5m CAT.5e Ethernet LAN Patch Cable Gigabit network cable patch cable black films and geflechtgeschirmt gilded (RJ45, Cat 5e, SFTP Double Shielded, Screened Foiled Twisted Pair, 1000 Mbit / s) 2 x RJ45 connectors ideal for switch, DSL connections, patch panels , patch panels, routers, Modem, Access Point and other devices with RJ45 connection, cable CAT CAT CAT 5e cable CAT5 shielded patch cable SF / UTP (Electronics)
    Finally a stable and well shielded Ethernet LAN patch cable where the plug is made of rubber, and does not break off again.
  • LAN cable of the highest class  

    Vandesail ® CAT7 high-speed computer router plated plug STP cable CAT7 RJ45 Ethernet LAN network cable professional gold Headed Network Cable High Speed ​​Premium Quality Cat seven (5 meter-black oblate) (Electronics)
    The Vendesail Lan Cable is high-quality. The cable CAT7 with the highest level of quality and in addition has 24k gold connectors. I use the cable to connect a modem to a router SkyDSL. This makes a high quality impression. The connectors are bombpro
  • Top camera with many unlockable features  

    Canon PowerShot A560 Digital Camera (7 megapixels, 4x opt. Zoom, 6.4 cm (2.5 inch) display) Silver (Electronics)
    I bought this camera to a cheap but good second camera to have. My previous SLR was just too big and especially to valuable and therefore virtually useless for photos on the beach or at parties because I have not even taken. The A560 is designed by C
  • Hardware potential 5 star, LAN / WLAN integration 4 stars, instructions BLACK HOLE!  

    DBPOWER® Pan Tilt Wireless IP Camera WiFi Two-way Audio Night Vision Night Vision IP Network Camera IP Cam for MAC / Windows / Linux / Android and IPhone, support alarm output, alarm via email, FTP, web access, Free Mobile Remote Viewing
    I had it to me so beautifully presented: I sit at home on your PC, type and click a few commands and already I can see how it looks in our house. Based on previous experience, but this will be a long way, if he succeeds Ã'berhaupt. Sequentially: Scop
  • Embark in a suicidal drug intoxication with Lana del Rey  

    Ultraviolence [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    Classical elements in the vocals and the instruments were on "Ultraviolence 'shall be deleted. I "The Born to" loved the violins, I had to get used only to the blaring electric guitars. This album is therefore not so romantic, so rock-
  • The Lane to Success!  

    My Own Lane (Audio CD)
    It is fair to say that a native of Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink is a late starter. With My own lane of almost 28 years now after a few mixtapes his debut with RCA Records has presented and for the Single Show me directly cashed in addition a gold recor
  • Best feature: Unlocks your phone automatically  

    Sony Smart SWR10 tape black (Accessories)
    Actually, I was generally not very convinced of the capabilities of "smart bracelets". I just do not in most bands, the Pulse, what would you do for me really only makes sense. Since I usually have my phone (Xperia Z2) silently, I found, ho
  • USB Print Server with 100 Mbit / s LAN interface  

    CSL - Print Server (print server) C190 (New Model) Fast Ethernet | Windows 7 + Windows 8 | PC and MAC | 1x USB 2.0 10 / 100Mbit / LPR | Print Server (Personal Computers)
    Have these print servers bought to my Dell 1250c Color Laser Printer, the default, only has a USB port to integrate into the network. The Dell 1250c is not in the compatibility list of the print server, but that did not put me off times! In the hard-
  • WLAN connection only with UWA-BR100 USB wireless LAN adapter  

    Sony BDP-S490 3D Blu-ray Player (2D / 3D, HDMI, 1080p upscaler, iPhone / Android-controllable DLNA) (Electronics)
    Additionally something for WLAN connection: The Sony BDP-S490B is DLNA compatible and can be integrated into the prima home network, but does not have a wireless network adapter or no integrated Wi-Fi on board. In order to perform the firmware update
  • LAN hui, WLAN Pooh  

    Devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless + Starter Kit (500 Mbit / s, WLAN Repeater, 3 LAN ports, Powerline) white (accessory)
    My problem: The Internet transfer point is in the basement and we have reinforced concrete floors - there penetrates no WLAN through. But why rewire the house? Too expensive, too expensive, too ugly. The solution: "extend" the Internet conn