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  • useful with potential for improvement  

    AmazonBasics Hard Drive Case for My Passport Essential (Personal Computers)
    The hard disk case can be used both for the WD MyPassport Essential hard drive, as having a similar size to other things. Generally, the product is well made. But inasmuch as you would for the hard drive uses an internal padding would be appropriate
  • Once loaded, used once, once extensive.  

    MTEC Camera Battery 960mAh 3.6V 3,46Wh for Sony Cybershot DSC-H Series DSC-HX series DSC-N1 DSC-N2 DSC-T Series DSC-W Series DSC-WX Series HDR GW55VE replaces original battery name: NP-BG1 NP FG1 (Electronics)
    The battery did not last long. After they had invited him for the first time and had used him, showed up after two months, that the casing of the battery had expanded and he thus became unusable.
  • Not very valuable, but quite useful for hobbyists  

    FINEO® Uhrenwerkzeugset 30 pieces in nylon bag watch tool watch tools housing opener for anyone Repair Set convolute (Misc.)
    In the case the main watchmaker tools are gathered. In principle, one could provide answers to all normal tasks arising. Unfortunately, the tool is not made very valuable. For example, are some bolts not tightened when Gehäusedeckelöffner, so the dev
  • Very useful  

    The Friendly Swede loopless-laces (5 pair) (Misc.)
    I became aware of this type of laces by chance. At first I had an offer found, in which a pair should cost about 8 euros. By contrast, this offer is of course much cheaper. I needed only the white and the black bands. We'll see where the other three
  • I have not used it  

    Printer cable adapter cable USB 2.0 AB (USB connector type A / USB connector Type B) for ALL Canon Druker (See description for compatible models) - Including: B Yr CP EB PIXMA iX MG MINI Pro B100 B110 B150 B155 B160 B180C B210 B320 B340 B360 BJ F850 F860 BJ BJ BJ F870 F890 BJ F890PD BJ F895PD BJ F900 BJ F9000 BJ S700 BJ100 BJ10E BJ10EX BJ10SX BJ10V BJ15V BJ20 BJ200 BJ200E BJ200EX BJ200JC iX6550 (Electronics)
    I have not used it because it turned out afterwards that I did not need it. so it was this time.
  • the camera is easy to use, so good!  

    Somikon digital camera DC-128.s with 15 MP, 5x opt. Zoom, Stabilizer (electronic)
    I like the ease of use. The first pictures have become well. Need a simple camera that makes good pictures! So suitable for the average consumer?
  • Getting used to handling  

    Canon EyeFi Mobi Wi-Fi SDHC Memory Card 8GB (optional)
    This card offers in conjunction with an app (App Store) the possibility of transferring photos via WiFi on an iPhone, iPad. The installation is a bit awkward! the biggest for us downside is that are getting all the photos that have not been transferr
  • Without using for one day instructive  

    QUMOX @ Battery for Canon EOS 700D 550D LP-E8 EOS 600D 650D 700D T2i T3i T4i LPE8 (Electronics)
    The battery was fully charged the next day he was without the use of teaching and try to mehhreren he was teaching again.
  • LG's G Watch R's fun - for everyday use, fascinating SmartWatch with only minor weaknesses  

    LG G Watch R SmartWatch - Black (Accessories)
    After a week of using the LG G Watch R I draw a first balance. Previously, I had not really interested in Smart Watches, because I do not pledged all existing watches: For technical and angular design (exception: Moto 360, but also do not really like
  • Perfect fit and very easy to use - Excellent protection  

    Sony DSC-HX400V dipos protector (6 pieces) - crystal clear film Premium Crystal Clear (Electronics)
    I use screen protectors practically always. Whether on Mobile Phones, Tablets or digital camera displays. Screen protectors offers a high and practical protection of the screen for little money. When Sony HX400V a screen protector is especially impor
  • Practically useful - Ecologically  

    Andersen Royal Shopper Senta Black 6728-8
    It does not always have your own car, if a shopper has to be made. This well-crafted and also very good-looking shoppers the brand Andersen, the Royal Shopper Senta in black your car can stay in the garage like even if a shopping must be made. The An
  • Intuitive and easy to use, comfortable fit, universally applicable.  

    AUSDOM® M04 [Upgrade Version] Bluetooth Headset Over-ear stereo wireless + Wired headset / headphone with microphone for music streaming and hands-free calling
    So far I have always used a wired headset or wired headphones for listening to music on your smartphone. As the cables are just traveling extremely annoying, I have decided for the Bluetooth Headset M04 of AUSDOM. Particularly interesting about this
  • Price Pops - not a sound sensation, but for everyday use in-ear headphones  

    igadgitz IGX-450S Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Lightweight Stereo Sport in-ear In-Ear Earphone Headphone (music streaming and microphone with noise reduction for hands-free calling) with Case - Black / Neon Grünn (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    What makes a good or practicable headphones? The comfort, the sound? And how important is the price? The course also depends on what you know or are accustomed. But it is important of course, the environment in which you can hear on a regular basis,
  • Useful  

    Guarantee of 2 years Extension for digital cameras to 99.99 EUR (Accessories)
    At the present time such a thing has been useful because the digital world quickly makes things so old and then you have lying around expensive goods purchased is as a cheap commodity. Repair is important and this guarantee provides the necessary con
  • Amazon ships used equipment  

    Nikon D750 SLR Digital Camera (24.3 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) display, HDMI, USB 2.0) body only (Electronics)
    The camera I rate here is not - simply because Amazon now apparently used equipment Weider sold already for the umpteenth time: The packaging has several scratches and fingernail marks on the opening tab, the camera was not properly packaged (plastic
  • For home use, in order  

    Lenovo Flex 2-14 35.6 cm (14 inch FHD IPS) Convertible Notebook (Intel Core i5-4210U, 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 840M 2 GB, Touch Screen, Win 8) Black (Personal Computers)
    There are already some very detailed reviews on the go, so just briefly my opinion: + Well equipped (i5, 8GB RAM, SSD), in accordance with performance + Fan only when necessary and then very quietly + Full HD also nice. + Flat + Keyboard illumination
  • Easy to use  

    CAPTIVA HDD enclosure external 8,89cm (3.5 ") ECO USB 3.0 (Electronic)
    The installation went smoothly and my hard drive was not difficult. The hard drive I had to unlock in the Disk Management tool, which was no problem. However, I do not reach the speeds rudimentary a USB 3.0 hard drive. When copying from another exter
  • Headphones with excellent sound and innovative use  

    Sonixx X-Touch Wireless Bluetooth Headphone / Headset with touch control, microphone and remote control for all smartphones (iPhone / iPad / Android / Windows / Samsung Galaxy / HTC etc.) - 3 year warranty - German Manual (Black) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I own quite a few, small Bluetooth headset as a constant companion while jogging. Although the sound is not bad, but was not previously approached my cheap but good Superlux HD 668B. What I lacked was hearing a sound excellent, wireless headset for m
  • A handy, useful stand, which allows you to confuse gorgeous people  

    Call Stel travel Friendly Mini Folding Stand for iPad, Tablet PC & Co (Electronics)
    The stand is elegant and serves its purpose. I get my daily e-paper and can read this using the stand comfortably on the iPad on the breakfast table - consumes much less space than a newspaper made of paper! This stand can be regulated not only the i
  • Smartphone great ... easy to use and powerful ... but unfortunately shatters the screen without conscious outdoor exposure  

    Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Smartphone (10.9 cm (4.3 inches) HD TRILUMINOS display, 2.2GHz, 2GB RAM, 20.7-megapixel camera, Android 4.3) Black (Wireless Phone)
    I had been really excited about this smartphone. Compact device, easy to use, battery life, display, voice quality - all absolutely fine. Camera for my taste "just ok" - it is not even came to me. However, I realized that after a few months