uv lamp l-81 review


  • So far, very good - Review with supplement  

    Laptop LED Clip lamp with USB port
    As the experience unfortunately shows that in such almost always assembled in China or other low-wage countries Mini devices for a few euros, the quality offers no consistent standard - so that can come a device from a container in which all devices
  • Compact active subwoofer with a lot of power and class workmanship  

    Jamo SUB 210 subwoofer (200 watts) Dark Apple (Accessories)
    Looking for a subwoofer for my Jamo S426 HCS 5.0 speaker system (see my other review) I came across the Jamo Sub 210 after some research. The subwoofer is a relatively compact cube and makes an extremely sophisticated look when it comes to build qual
  • Comparison difficult  

    Homestyle LED 50W outdoor floodlight floodlights spotlights spotlight IP65
    DIY stores, the lamps are very expensive. And Amazon, there are the lamps a few reviews. Thus, the selection is quite heavy like me. The processing is without flaws, the connection was done quickly. The lamp is considerably larger than a 500W halogen
  • Super Penlight  

    4Sevens Preon P2 titanium black edition (Misc.)
    I bought this lamp because a reviews of youtubers Nutnfancy and it has exceeded all expectations. The lamp is in the lowest brightness extremely long (and that is really light) and acting in the highest brightness like a searchlight. There is a funct
  • great lamp. can not confirm these reviews here!  

    Mauk LED workshop lamp with 72 LEDs 1229 (tool)
    the lamp had almost not bought because the bad reviews here. the lamp is quite well made, which is huge luminosity and the magnets (3 pieces) maintain excellent (even upside down on the door frame, for example). I made from this lamp a noptleuchte. w
  • Review TaoTronics TT HSL002 solar lamp  

    TaoTronics LED solar lights, night light, LED wall lights, security Light Solar Wall Light
    +++ +++ Preface I have received the TaoTronics TT HSL002 solar lamp as tester and will tell my experience in below: With the company TaoTronics I've allowed to accumulate more experience and was previously thoroughly satisfied. From the TT-HSL002 sol
  • There is a lot of nonsense in other reviews regarding the brightness and range of this type of lamp  

    OSRAM ULTRA LIFE H7 halogen headlight bulb 64210ULT-HCB durable set of 2 (Automotive)
    The H7 Ultralife is - compared to a standard lamp - so it can be on the packaging read 3 times longer. Also in comparison to your standard bulb (which is not the lamps with +50%, +60% or even + 90% light output) this lamp disadvantages, ie it lights
  • Review LED lamps  

    10x LED Spot GU10 60SMD 3528 Bulb 230V 300lm warm white with protective glass replaces 30W halogen 120 ° viewing angle
    Did the evaluation chosen to evaluate here the good LED lamp with. They make good light emitted mi good color tone warm white.
  • Review of lamps  

    230 Bad Einbaustrahler Aqua IP54 for wet / damp rooms Colour: Nickel (brushed stainless steel) including GU10 35W halogen bulbs dimmable.
    The bulbs are OK, there is no any problems since I have used in wet areas I'm still waiting for some time how does the material Fast Delivery. Otherwise, am very satisfied with the product, and it can only recommend. Thanks
  • Sauron would have enjoyed at this lamp ...  

    ThruNite Catapult V5 rescue flashlight Cree XM-L2 U2 Max. Output 1500 Lumens Waterproof to IPX-8 (Cool White) (Misc.)
    Forged in the fires of Mount Doom! Anyone familiar with the input sequence of the first "Lord of the Rings" film, will inevitably recalls the sight of ThruNite Catapult V5 to the war club of Sauron. The cost of materials, which the manufact
  • Does not fit into any lamp  

    OSRAM LED STAR PAR16 50 (36 °) Warm White, GU10 (replaces 50W) 2,700 K, 230 V, 36 ° viewing angle (household goods)
    Addendum: This review refers to the version with 7.5 watts (390lm). OSRAM sells several versions with different values ​​among the same product name! Actually I like this LED lamp very well, the light color is a little cooler than in the high-voltage
  • difficult review ...  

    E27 LED bulb 10W - 168 Leds - Cold White 7000K - 800 lumens - extremely light- 360 ° viewing angle
    I ordered two of these LED bulb in January 2013.. The first impression was very good, price / performance were favorable, the luminosity of the lamps was absolutely convincing. They came then in the kitchens of my parents and in-laws are used. In Jun
  • The review for the man  

    Braun 7681 WD Silk-epil Wet and Dry Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    Preview It's common knowledge that men usually are equipped with a luxuriant body hair than women. While in earlier times the men still wore chest hair toupees in the movies, hair is taboo for men nowadays. Thus, this change affects the society on on
  • two lamps, an app and a security problem  

    Belkin Wemo wall outdoor lamp LED Starter Set (Kitchen)
    You get in this starter set the Wemo Link and 2 E27 lamps. This corresponds to the Philips hue LUX both still requires a direct LAN connection from the delivery, as well as by the price, with the stroke of the Philips hue, while the Wemo link must be
  • Super great lamp,  

    Trango® LED Security Light TG2635-014 signaling with automatic function directly 230V nightlight with motion detector (silver / titanium)
    This lamp there were at Lidl and I have unfortunately missed. When I discovered it at Amazon and the reviews were good, I ordered. I have to grope this lamp in my kitchen over the stove when I'm coming in at night I do not need for the light switch a
  • Good LED lamps  

    LE 5.5W LED candle, E14, replaces 40W incandescent lamp, 470lm, warm white, 5 pieces in each pack
    I'm a 5armigen lamp, which was bought "standard" with 5 x 9W energy saving light bulbs, replace the defective and constantly funzeligen energy saving against these LED products. For this I had to read long reviews, because due to design all
  • Very energy efficient and bright LED lamp with touch controls, dimmers, night light and timer function  

    TaoTronics® LED Table Lamp 3 levels of brightness dimmable 180 ° foldable with Nightlight Function Black
    Hello! Today I want to describe my experiences with the TaoTronics LED table lamp TT-DL08 here. The lamp is delivered in a very flat carton packaging. Supplied located next to the lamp still a manual in English, German and French and laudably also a
  • Very bright lamp with small drawbacks!  

    OSRAM LED reflector PAR16 GU10, 6.5W, 50W replacement, 120 degrees, warm white 4052899921931 (household goods)
    After my old 50 watt spotlights have again given up the ghost, replacement was needed. I had already had good experiences with the 4.5 Watt GU 10 LED lamps from Osram, this a bit but I was too dark. So I thought I'd try the 6.5 Watt GU 10 variant. An
  • Philips LED lamp  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 40 Watt, 2700 Kelvin, 470 lumens, warm white 8718291762348 (household goods)
    Also, I have now decided to convert my lamps to LED. I have chosen this as Philips me the price has fallen and I expect a good quality of Philips. When I then received the lamps I tried this out immediately, I immediately noticed that these are sligh
  • Class 1 Lamp  

    Satin Trio lights LED pendant light brushed aluminum, glass white / edge clear, inclusive 4x 5W LED, width: 100 cm, height: 120 cm 322 510 406 (household goods)
    I have ordered this lamp as a replacement for our old halogen bulb over the dining table and am very satisfied: Function 1. Economical, a total of only 20 watts 2. Light: Replaces the old halogen lamp (100 watts) fully 3. Pleasant light: Warm White a