what is a well done picture book


  • well done, this book is nice  

    Art of War (Paperback)
    here is a simple edition, paperback, and a good size to be readable; this is what I wanted to rediscover this book more than classic. The art of war is here delivered in its first translation (father AMIOT) which allows to find Sun Tse (Sun Tzu) in i
  • Very well done puzzle book  

    Winnie the Pooh: My little puzzle book (Album)
    Fast shipping and neat (one day) my little son is delighted, puzzle book form, in total 5 puzzles in thick sheet, nothing to say everything is perfect.
  • A picture book that works very well with us.  

    My first picture book Babar (Hardcover)
    My son is just starting to talk to two and a half years and this beautiful picture book it is a great help for learning new words. A very well done book that scans all the themes dear to the smallest as animals, household objects, nature or transport
  • Beautiful book really well done.  

    Minecraft Redstone, the official guide (Hardcover)
    I bought this book for my son who fell in Minecraft when he was little. The content was delighted because it was really what he wanted: control the Redstone (kind of dynamite that can be assembled with other components to make mechanisms or great obj
  • book very well done 1  

    SPECIAL REGARDS (Paperback)
    perfect for a beginner in makeup, illustrations, photos, tips are very well done. no complaints. what I expected.
  • Very well done, constructive and clear for amateurs  

    My method in 7 points: Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 (Paperback)
    Beautiful book, very well done. A minimum knowledge of Photoshop is necessary otherwise you'll waste time at the beginning (but you'll get there anyway). The book does not explain all the possibilities for photoshop, but due to where to start to edit
  • Comfortable, large, fairly well done  

    Samsonite backpack, Urbnation (Luggage)
    For information, this is a talkative comment. If you are pressed (e), the other comment said most in 2 lines ;-) Very good (half) surprise for that bag. The surprise is the quality for the price. I expected a bit anyway because of the brand that has
  • Very well done 51  

    The great encyclopedia Spirit Body: Philosophies, therapeutic approaches and spiritual traditions (Paperback)
    This book is very well done and very complete with different approaches to well-being, both physical, psychological and spiritual, all worn by beautiful pictures.
  • Well done 37  

    Know yourself redo its seats (Hardcover)
    This book is well done: it begins with the necessary tools and the basic technique step by step with pictures and diagrams to support it. There's even advice on the choice of fabrics. Then he explains the most common models of chairs with their parti
  • really well done and suitable for all ages  

    Grace Ling (Graceling Realm Books) (Hardcover)
    Katsa, which is endowed with the gift of killing, since his early childhood has the most horrible orders for her uncle, King Randa from Middluns running. Your gift was discovered when she was just eight years old, because they killed a relative who h
  • New style, still very well done!  

    Bossaura (Audio CD)
    At the beginning it can be said that Kollegah relies on a completely different style. Autotune adorns many hooks and so the whole thing looks slightly covered, but also tracks are (For details see the individual reviews) in which the Autotune really
  • very well done, with few exceptions  

    Crack Street Boys 3 (Audio CD)
    As a fan, I have the album directly ordered the release and several times up and down played. Ultimately, I am very satisfied with the album, except for a few tracks. I simply take time for each song position. Here, I represent only my own opinion, t
  • Upgradable but well done!  

    Assassin's Creed Unity - Special Edition - [PC] (computer game)
    OS: Win 7 64x bit Prof ... Graphics card: Asus NVIDIA GTX 760 TI with 2 GB RAM Processor: AMD FX (tm) -4130 Quad-Core Processor 3.80 GHz RAM: 8 GB 1866-10 Graphics card driver: v 344.65 INFO: I play AC Unity for a while now and that have also been a
  • Certainly well done, but ...  

    The Life of David Gale (Amazon Instant Video)
    ... But I wonder if such a film actually the distress and misery of the people somehow appeals to suffer the innocent (and guilty) to death by the death penalty. The question is whether this movie really is the problem, and does not remain only at th
  • Super kit, well thought out, well done.  

    Wooky - 615 - Creative Leisure kit - Friendship Bracelets - Former 715 - Pink and Black (Toy)
    So, I put 5 stars because I am downright fan of this kit! In the box you will find: a leaflet explaining how to make friendship bracelets, shamballas and Kumihimo, a plastic foam wheel for making Kumihimo bracelets, 4 models to pose on the wheel (2 d
  • well done and perfectly studied English for beginners  

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar board book (Board)
    A book well done for children who start Anglais.On learns the days of the week, names of fruits, and some food and there revises the numbers from 1 to 5.Belles illustrations and easy vocabulary to explain beginners in Anglais.Et this little caterpill
  • very well done 7  

    The cut, the barber shop, accessible and finalized 45 models (Paperback)
    Book very well presented and well done. I enjoyed sketches and simple explanations that allowed me a good explanation to my students.
  • Very well done but not for smaller ...  

    The guide sexual willy (Hardcover)
    I find this book explains a lot. It is very well done. For cons, I'm surprised the indicated age (9-13ans). It affects very sensitive issues and I advise it from the college (11 years) to over 13 years (even I'm older and I do not find this baby).
  • Very well done to start  

    Educating her dog clicker (Paperback)
    I did not know the clicker, and I expected this first book to know more, then you can put into practice. I have not been disappointed. This book is very well done to discover, try and practice the basics of clicker. It will not bring anything to a co
  • Well done 7 2  

    The Parc naturel régional du Haut-Jura walk (Paperback)
    The book is really well done, for now I have hiked, the only downside to e Br swore all the rondo are shown in "yellow", you get lost quickly