why e technology pc are called so?


  • Towels, which are called washcloths  

    Molton flannel washcloth 25/25 - 10-pack Boy -NEUHEIT (Baby Product)
    These washcloths are strictly speaking not really a washcloth as they otherwise commonly known adult. Granted, they are super soft and fluffy, just Molton and 100% brushed cotton, but actually they are folded soft white towels with a colored seam as
  • Why "cheap" Android devices are good nothing.  

    Alcatel One Touch Star Smartphone (10.2 cm (4 inches) AMOLED display, 1GHz, dual-core, 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory, 5 megapixel camera, Android 4.1) Grey (Electronics)
    One thing first: No. I have the Alcatel One Touch Star not ordered through Amazon and taken No exactly did not hear me the copy which is just next to me actually. I'm just there to be forced to use currently because my Nokia Lumia 530 had quite ungen
  • Why all OTG cables are not like that ...?  

    Adaptare 40228 Micro USB cable + universal Y-Adapter Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Practical and cute little cable. Indeed, it does not to power the upstream USB host, just the unit downstream, but is not a problem of the product. One wonders why mostly they sell OTG cable without this power outlet.
  • Not without reason they are called "ONLY"  

    Only The Women Thigh Highs 715 999 (Other colors) (Textiles)
    Super stockings, stay there where they should be and look great. They are also quite inexpensive compared to other renowned stockings.
  • No idea why the hut shoes are referred to as children slippers.  

    Haflinger slipper socks Paul 631 051 unisex Children slippers (shoes)
    The hut shoes are well made and do exactly what they want: the feet toasty halten.Ich wear them to prefer barfuß.Zur specified size is said the following: I have a rather wide foot and usually wear shoes in sizes 45-45 ; 5. I have the house shoes ord
  • Why do songs recently are constantly gecovert? Will Sony earn twice?  

    Diamonds (MP3 Download)
    Take a less well-known singer, let him a no. 1 hit of another artist sing and grab the song in a commercial. So then is to create a new smash hit, the flushed back a lot of money into the coffers. Terrible! Although Josef Salvat can sing, but the pla
  • Why only these openings are so warped !?  

    Slatted 160x200 cm, bed frames - for all mattresses suitable
    Video at Amazon.com Please check out the video review for details. It consists mostly of pictures. If you run too fast, please just pause the video the slides. Here the conclusion (identical to that of the video review): + On the Cheap + Excellent, t
  • Why rummage in large areas without finding anything rays?  

    D371 Duracell Alkaline Battery 1.5V Multicolor (Accessory)
    I highly recommend Amazon to my friends and relations is always perfect either for books, hi-fi, household electrical or computer accessories!
  • Why the negative comments are not at the top?  

    Coming Out (CD)
    Forced to put a pair of breasts on the cover to sell albums! Funny, clever, absurd and rock'n'roll, they have become a group of variety that sometimes makes us smile but mostly bored. A single arch-sucks to refrain (despite a funny clip), a catch-all
  • It should be "The fighters are called"  

    The Settlers: Heritage of Kings [PC Download] (Software Download)
    In each mission you start from scratch, that's still OK. From the 1st mission you will be at the beginning attacked, one has hardly time to draw up troops. It must first be laboriously sought by iron and money you have at first hardly. No dollars, no
  • Cable 1a why expensive if there are effective solutions.  

    5m Full HD Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable | miniDP to HDMI | Full HD 1080p | Certified | 24k gold plated contacts | PC and Apple / Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air | White | 5 meters (Electronics)
    Had previously used an HDMI cable with a mini display port adapter and it did not work, no sound or picture. My decision to buy this cable proved to be correct. With the cable all (sound and picture) has now worked on my MacBook Pro (mid 2010). A pre
  • Why so many devices are not supported ??? !!  

    Prime Instant Video (app)
    As you can already be really upset if (prime) Instant Video does not work on the Galaxy Tab 3! I just got comfortable on Movies-Check with the tablet in the kitchen - Nope!
  • optimal price performance with small weaknesses that are perfectly acceptable in the price  

    Mobistel Cynus T6 Smartphone (12.3 cm (5 inch) IPS screen, 8 megapixel camera, 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 8GB of internal memory, dual SIM, Android 4.4 KitKat) (Electronics)
    This review refers to the Mobistel Cynus T6 with Android 4.4.2 and the firmware version T6_T12. Most reviews here are quite positive with 5 stars, so I will not dwell on the positive attributes of Mobistel Cynus T6. What I personally like about this
  • Technology and Action meets in the core philosophy ...  

    Automata (Amazon Instant Video)
    I guess this film, besides technology and Action, quite his philosophical approaches. The robots are servants, which will trigger the absolute rule of their masters of the people. A robot of a man he says was a violent, naked ape, before he would not
  • Challenging game hunting - Countless monsters are waiting to be killed. Do you have what it takes to become a professional fighter?  

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (video game)
    Since 13 February 2015 verschlägt us back into the breathtaking world of Capcom's Monster Hunter for the Nintendo 3DS. In the meantime 4th installment of the series with the full title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is dipped again in a diverse, beautiful
  • Why go white?  

    Elastoplast Sensitive 1mx6cm (Personal Care)
    Why the sensitive patch of Elastoplast necessarily have to be white to me is still a mystery, because they see more quickly from unhygienic and dirty. I personally prefer the transparent patches. Sensitive they are called, because they are much more
  • Why Audio CD?  

    Headway - CEF - Edition. Level A2 - Student's Book, Workbook, CD and CD-ROM (Paperback)
    I bought this for self-study textbooks, they are also in order. But a question arises for me: Why it is believed that the user could it have pleasure to learn only at home on the computer? The enclosed CDs are provided with protection, so that normal
  • Cool gadget - for people who are much invoked  

    Curve Bluetooth Handset with Base - High Gloss Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have to deduct 2 stars, because I quite annoying find the behavior of the listener when dialing now! The often criticized One-key operation is used to, but works well and should all technology lovers from other digital controls to be known. Annoyin
  • Call the police ...  

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Video Game)
    As a fan of NFSU 2 it was for me almost a duty / blind buy. But around the same one to anticipate ... with no regrets! For about three weeks, I call this my own title and have the grand finale of the career mode after many hours reached this week of
  • Sham - the most important songs and bands are missing  

    The Ultimate Chart Show-synth-pop hits (Audio CD)
    What I was looking forward to this mission. Synth - pop chart show .... I have recently rediscovered some old vinyl stuff in my collection. Because I was pretty excited to see what have so chosen or devised Oliver G. and his men this time. The longer