wis12abgnx compatibility list


  • Compatibility List  

    Tokina ATX 2,8 / 100 Pro D Macro Lens for Nikon AF (Accessories)
    A compatibility list, which makes it clear, this lens offers on the D5300 no autofocus would have the merchant saves a return. Too Bad.
  • Always observe Compatibility List  

    Netgear MBR624GU 3G / UMTS Mobile Broadband 54 Mbit / s 802.11g Wireless Router (Personal Computers)
    Even if the published on the Internet compatibility list of NetBSD appears outdated, it is (unfortunately) still current. From my 3 sticks was only the oldest compatible. The compatibility list of Netgear is sorted by country. Many sticks that are so
  • "Printer Compatibility List" observe  

    D-Link DPR-1061 Multifunction Print Server, 2 USB 2.0 and 1x Parallel (Personal Computers)
    Basically, a good device. Price / performance approached me and 18 positive ratings (4.3 stars) have let me buy blue-eyed this device. True to the motto: If already fit. Unfortunately, the Kyocera FS-820 runs only conditionally. In particular, when p
  • Not suitable for each printer, beforehand View Compatibility List Producer  

    CSL - Print Server (print server) C190 (New Model) Fast Ethernet | Windows 10 compatible | PC and MAC | 1x USB 2.0 10 / 100Mbit / LPR | Print Server (Personal Computers)
    Unfortunately I could not use the print server for a sw Laser Printer OKI B2200 via WIN 7-64. Have all connections tried - as already described in previous reviews. Only in the accompanying manual (also with regard to the CSL Manufacturers website) y
  • Also works with make printers that are not listed on the compatibility list  

    D-Link DP-301P + Enet Print Server (Personal Computers)
    The device can be easily configured via a Web browser: Default IP: Default User: Anonymous DefaultPassword: The revision of the device, which was sent by Amazon to us D2. Have the print server set from Linux; after a few minutes we could
  • The compatibility list is not accurate  

    AmazonBasics Dual USB Car Charger for Apple and Android devices, 4.0 A (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have a tool for measuring charging current and my Nexus 5 only charges a bit below 500mA. The same tool I used with another car charger and wall charger and one Those are charging with 1A
  • Quick Compatibility List  

    Samsung WIS12ABGNX / XEC WiFi Dongle for TV (Personal Computers)
    This stick is only compatible with the following models: Blu-ray Player: models of 2010-2014; BD-C5000 Series, BD-D5300 ~ D5500, BD-E5500, E6300 Home Theater Systems: Models of 2010-2014; HT-D5000 ~ D5500, D7000, HT-E4200, E4500, HT-F5500, F5200, FS5
  • Ingenious energy battery on the go - invites many micro USB devices: smartphones, cameras, BT earphone / speaker see list.!  

    Sony CP-ELS USB portable power supply for smartphone (Accessories)
    The offered here Li-ion battery consists mainly of the white lithium-ion battery Battery "Sony CP-EL" with a capacity of 2000 mAh nominally. The CP-EL / ELS has been offered by Sony to date for MSRP of 24,90 Euro. Any price below offers, is
  • Caution: Check before compatibility exactly!  

    Gigaset L410 hands-free clip for cordless phones black (Accessories)
    The unit itself is compact, but has a special battery, which can, however, at some point relatively easy to replace yourself. Caution: The "call pickup by pressing a button" only works with certain base stations! Without this feature, you m
  • Superb remote ... but attention to the compatibility  

    Philips SRP2008B / 86 Universal remote control 8 in 1 10 m Black (Accessory)
    The remote itself is perfect (desgin, touched, manufacturing quality) because of its price (a 5 star) but despite a high compatibility (see list on the site philips), my PEEKTON DVD drive is not recognized (watch still to this compatibility list. PEE
  • attention to the compatibility! 1  

    Noctua NH-L12 (Accessory)
    Very well finished product, we see the Noctua quality. But beware, we must refer to the motherboard compatibility list on the website of Noctua before choosing. Indeed, it is hardly installable on any mini-ITX motherboard that we would want to use th
  • The list of compatible models is not just  

    ABC Products® USB Cable Panasonic Replacement (For Image Capture / Charger - Charging stand on some models) for most Lumix Digital Camera (model shown below) (Electronics)
    I'm really disappointed, it is not suitable for Lumix DMC TZ55 for transferring photos, while the list mentioned for transferring pictures. I trusted, so far I have not been deceived on products, but this is a little big! Compatibility list again! An
  • Warning to the list (amazon) compatible products  

    Logitech Unifying Nano Receiver (Personal Computers)
    I bought it because apparently compatible with Logitech MK320 Wireless Desktop ... this is not the case at all! Remember to check the compatibility list on the Logitech site as accurate! But otherwise I am sure that the product is fine in itself.
  • Wide compatibility  

    90W Notebook Charger Adapter Original HP Pavilion dv7 dv7-1000 laptop power 19V 4.74A HP Compaq 2510p HP Compaq 2710p HP Compaq 6510b HP Compaq 6515b HP Compaq 6530b HP Compaq 6535b HP Compaq 6710b HP Compaq 6715b HP Compaq 6720s HP Compaq 6730b HP Compaq 6730s HP Compaq 6735b HP Compaq 6735s HP Compaq 6820s HP Compaq 6830s HP Compaq 6910p HP Compaq 8510p 7.4x5.0mm (Electronics)
    Personally I use it with an old laptop HP is not included in the compatibility list. I took it as a replacement for 18.5V 3.5A 65W charger. As long as the voltage is the same there should not be any problem. The current provided will depend on what t
  • Camera list completely useless - bag much too small, operation extremely fiddly, delivery incomplete  

    DiCAPac WP-S3 outdoor Underwater Camera Case (Electronics)
    Unpacked bag and looked at - the "zip closures" can not first open - therefore seems tightly against invading cameras ... on the board of big warning, only to read the instruction manual that beiliege in printed form. But is not it. So Internet:
  • Limited compatibility and audibly  

    Raidsonic IB-IcyBox 372STU3-B hard drive enclosure (8.9 cm (3.5 inches), SATA, USB 3.0) (Personal Computers)
    First of all: Most Windows users will not have much to complain about. The hard disk installation is simple and the quality is also acceptable despite plastic. Nevertheless, I can not rate with five stars the housing. I have two of these housing. One
  • Compatibility should remember, no other radio (eg. S5230)  

    Samsung AAEP433 Headset & Mic. Cable AARM021 Compatibility: Samsung SGH-B300, C180, D880, E210, F110, F200, F210, F330, F480, F490, F700, G600, G800, G810, i200, i550, i560, i640, i780, i900, J700, L170 , L760, M110, M310, U800, U900, Giorgio Armani-Samsung Phone (Electronics)
    With my GT S5230 Star Unfortunately, the headset works only partially. 1) The earbuds fit very well and but sit tight, not oppressive, but pleasant, thanks to rubber lip. Processing well. Lettering "Samsung" is both the listeners as well as on t
  • Be careful with the compatibility  

    TomTom TMC receiver and USB car charger, incl. Micro USB Adapter (Automotive)
    As mentioned in a previous review already previously, the cable does not work with the TomTom Via120. The adapter plug (cable) does not have good fit and is likely only partially suitable for the entire VIA series. In my case, neither the charging fu
  • Good sound, good comfort - thoughtful features - no manual  

    Amazon premium headset (accessory)
    The headset comes in a little black box and works when you unpack inconspicuous as it is. Ear studs are each clicked thanks magnet and a convex / concave back. A flat cable ensures less twisting of the cable, it works actually-, the plug is flat and
  • Works 12  

    Remote Multi universal remote control Remotes for gate / garage door 433.92 MHz and 868.3 MHz
    I was always having to handle suffering with 2 Fernbedinungen, so I tried this remote control. The Teaching the remote control worked perfectly for me. Just as described in the video. I have a door drive of the Fa. BFT (hand-held transmitter is MITTO