xcess speaker for dj


  • The music speaks for itself  

    The Well-Tempered Clavier Vol. 1 (Audio CD)
    The Well-Tempered Clavier of Bach's Preludes and a collection of joints - across all the keys - with whom the master the possibilities of the new mood of his piano (namely the well-tempered) wanted to explore. Here a work that often and gladly as exe
  • Recommended: MPOW Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker for 17, - €  

    Mpow® Mini Portable Rechargeable Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Speaker for mobile phones - Compatible with iPhone 6 6 Pluss, Samsung, Galaxy, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Google, LG, Nexus, iPad, tablets, smartphones, PC, laptops, etc. (Blue) (Electronics)
    The roughly egg-wide Bluetooth speaker comes in a small cardboard box safely in foam laid on. In the package are still a 30cm micro USB cable, the instructions in English only and the rubber band that you can see on the product picture to hang the sp
  • It speaks for itself  

    10 x Halostar 64415 Osram bulb G4 12V 10W Halogen (Housewares)
    Having bought a chandelier in a DIY market that works with 12 of these bulbs. I soon found myself with HS bulbs after 2 months of course the warranty does not work for the bulbs, thank you C .... The supermarket selling 2 ampoules of its own brand fo
  • Unfortunately worse than the copy (Icemoon Bluetooth speaker for smartphones and tablets Computer speakers)  

    Trust 19314 Jukebar Bluetooth Speaker for smartphone and tablet red (Accessories)
    Recently, I was looking for a portable, acceptable-sounding Bluetooth speakers, which is equipped with a line-in and a line-out (audio output) in order to use it as a Bluetooth receiver on your home amplifier. I ordered: - The "Icemoon Bluetooth spea
  • WMF ... Speaks for itself!  

    WMF 1280236040 Steak Cutlery 12-Piece (household goods)
    WMF ... Speaks for itself! Super processing, is great in the hand, the perfect companion for every good barbecue and to nem hearty steak !!
  • Speaks for his talent  

    Freedom (Audio CD)
    I have to say this album is really versatile, several different styles but not like other albums but really good bad. Also on the recording quality, it is one of the best instrumental albums I've heard. What because Michael has released wiedermal spe
  • UVEX speaks for itself  

    UVEX adults Radhelm I Regulation CC (equipment)
    The UVEX brand everyone knows kneepads as well as with hearing protection Safety glasses ect. they are also at bicycle helmets very safely! The quality speaks for itself here are It leaves nothing to complain about the helmet is very good and easy to
  • Save-speaks for itself  

    10x Ledman GU10 LED bulb 3.5 Watt - 120 ° viewing angle - 300lm - Warm White - 230 - 15 SMDs spotlight
    The save-energy consumption speaks for itself! "Warm White" but I would not describe the light. I use the lamp in the nursery (large room, 40m², high ceilings). Here If the rather cold tone on hardly. In the kitchen, however, it looks very cold.
  • Outdoor stereo speakers / mini smartphone Box / Mobile Speaker for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S3 Mini, S2, S2 Plus, Nexus i9250,  

    Outdoor stereo speakers / mini smartphone Box / Mobile Speaker for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S3 Mini, S2, S2 Plus, Nexus i9250, Express, Note 2, Galaxy S Advance i9070P, Ace 2 (electronics)
    Outdoor stereo speakers / mini smartphone Box / Mobile Speaker for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, S3 Mini, S2, S2 Plus, Nexus i9250, Express, Note 2, Galax Just great after 2 delivery, the first had no display It has 15 presets for FM 26/09/13 Supplement the
  • Multimedia USB Speaker for Computer 168R  

    Multimedia USB Speaker for Computer 168R
    I bought a few weeks ago the Multimedia USB Speaker for Computer 168R and must say I am totally satisfied !! The very long cable I find positive because I thus have the possibility to set up the speakers as I wish the. The pink frame hold exactly whe
  • Speaks for itself - simply top.  

    Greatest Hits (Audio CD)
    Speaks for itself - simply top. The best songs on a CD. A must in my collection. Timeless beauty.
  • Functional small speaker for tablet, mobile and Co.  

    Etekcity Rover Beats T16 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Mini Carrying Case for Smartphones, Tablets PC, laptop, Ultrabook, with Built-in Mic, increased bass resonator, 3.5 mm audio jack (Electronics)
    The sound of most built in tablets and phones speaker is rather poor, here, the Rover Beats T16 quickly and easily remedy. Of course, his sound is not great, but a lot stronger and even more accentuated than that of many a mobile phone and tablet, an
  • Very good Bluetooth speaker for the price  

    Poweradd Magic Sonic M1 Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker boxes Supports NFC and Handsfree (Black) (Electronics)
    I want to share my experience on this Bluetooth speaker here. My expectations were not particularly high, at the price of 15.99, but I was more than surprised by the quality of this small speaker. I also still have a bit more expensive portable speak
  • Small Bluetooth speaker for the sole fleet in the shower  

    TaoTronics Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with suction cup (Bluetooth 3.0, handsfree, integrated microphone, A2DP / AVRCP) (Electronics)
    So far we have always be a simple radio in the bathroom. In order to also shower and rippling water closed still had to have some of the Mukke you already turn on the radio very loud, what the neighbors has certainly not always happy. By TaoTronics B
  • small speaker for listening practice car music  

    ORIGINAL G & P® - Bluetooth Speaker Fixing Sucker Pure White (Electronics)
    perfect little speaker saved me to buy a new car radio in my old car I listen to my smartphone plays lists; I can also load it on my cigarette lighter also perfect for the phone bluetooth phone but I rarely drive it's nice and investment is so inexpe
  • Bluetooth speaker for great fighters and nomadic  

    Hercules WAE BTP04 Outdoor Adventure Pack nomadic Bluetooth IP64 enclosure with mounting brackets (Electronics)
    The wireless speaker BTP04 Adventure Pack is very compact (15cm long) and light (280g). I use it to listen to music wirelessly everywhere: in the bathroom, the dining room, the bedroom and even the outside (in the car or on a table at parties with fr
  • Amethyst iPig Portable Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone / Smartphone Black  

    Amethyst iPig Portable Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone / Smartphone Black (Personal Computers)
    In the title it says portable speaker, which mean that we can take her in principle, everywhere! ride in the forest, in the car, on the street etc ... It is the principle of the laptop! that is like a cell phone that we can take it anywhere, where yo
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for all wet conditions  

    VicTsing speaker stereo waterproof, rechargeable Bluetooth V3.0 + Anti Shock A2DP ISSC With suction cup and microphone for iPhone 5 5S 5C Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 Note 2 March HTC One M8 Sony Experia Z1 Z2 and Bluetooth devices Green (Electronics)
    A waterproof loudspeaker, this is the right solution for listening to music in the shower, on the beach or camping. This small Bluetooth speaker has a suction cup that allows to press it against the tiles in the shower, or any smooth flat surface. It
  • Super speaker for low money  

    Rokono B10 Bass mini bluetooth speaker and Titanium Black (Electronics)
    I have already bought this speaker very pleased about 3 weeks and I am with the decision this speaker. Before that I was in possession of August MS425 speaker in black, which is about as expensive as the Rokono. I was already surprised by the sound o
  • Bluetooth speaker for smartphones and other devices  

    EasyAcc® Music Cube Bluetooth Speaker 20 hours. Playback time with microphone and bass (schawrz) (Electronics)
    This recession refers to the "EasyAcc Music Cube Bluetooth Speaker with built-in speakerphone and rechargeable lithium battery, up to 20 hours. Playtime with Bass Amplification Technology" I'll start with the packaging and delivery. The speaker