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    Children Of The Storm (CD)
    Here in this delicious time vorticien Calendar of Storms Methane (August 28 Old Time Immemorial) Bag what the fashion typolographie Oracleux wrote in "hand" ... "The Revolution KBCN (Kentucky Chicken Name Bride) Brahe or Kepler-Copernicus-N
  • Overdue Remasters: The River finally heard!  

    The Albums Collection Vol.1 (1973-1984) (Audio CD)
    This box is not just a compilation of the first seven Springsteen albums. The photographs included here are completely remastered. You can tell the difference enormously, especially in the first two albums "Greetings" and "The Wild
  • "Welcome to the Royal Albert Hall, the annual dust-up!"  

    24 Nights (Live from the Royal Albert Hall) (Audio CD)
    This double-CD (the title is a play on his live album "Just One Night" of 1980), recorded in early 1990 and early 1991, Eric Clapton turned his versatility. It is divided into four sections: 4 Piece band, blues band, 9 Piece band and Orches
  • Music trickling snow  

    Monday's Ghost (Audio CD)
    A fragile voice, a great personality greeted with a "Shape" to the sounds of an acoustic guitar. Such starter I like. Although I Sophie to their freshness and simultaneous Age wisdom sometimes very envy. The lyrics run, the melody flowing,
  • Mystery Masterpiece  

    Wuthering Heights (Puffin Classics) (Paperback)
    If a world in what is unchanging to freeze when a society - here is a small village community - to suffocate in a rut is threatening and people only hold on out of habit to each other and their daily monotony, which makes them not really happy, as
  • Not exactly brilliant 1  

    Joby JB01256-BWW Griptight GorillaPod Stand for Smartphone (Camera)
    The concept of Gorillapods's already a bit older, and you realize that (unfortunately). The plastic is for today simply too cheap, and bends to the part too much, then the joint blocks to jump right out of your case. Even the included clamp is anemic
  • Sound very good, handling could be better  

    Devil Aureol Groove In-Ear Headphones Stereo White (Electronics)
    I ordered the Devil earplugs because my Phillips SHE have 9500 set to one side after two years in service. I was always well satisfied with the Phillips. Now I have (unfortunately only in one ear) compared the Devil Aureol Groove with Phillips. The D
  • Class battery for the OM-D E-M5, one must overcome only ...  

    Olympus BLN-1 Li-Ion battery (1220mAh) for OM-D cameras (accessories)
    ... To want to pay the price of the original already wrong. Personally, I have also tested an alternative battery for the E-M5 and therefore returned to the original. In the alternative batteries Billgteile- -at least one feels gentler lesser capacit
  • Beatles Covers  

    I am Sam (Audio CD)
    Although I am in and of itself not a fan of Beatles covers, but rather listen to the originals of the Fab Four, but I can recommend, especially at the price of 5.95 EUR. This album quite The reason why I wanted to have the CD in the first instance, w
  • Mini HiFi?  

    Yamaha AS 500 stereo amplifier black (Accessories)
    I had been a MARANTZ 2265B, which has a number of quirks with its 36 years. "Instead of expensive repair a new amplifier with excellent recommendations," I decided. The Yamaha makes a good first impression. That was about it. The sound is underg
  • too little, too normal ...  

    Max Payne 3 - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)
    I have the game now played 5,5 hours, in three to four attempts. I think to myself every time, it must sometimes slow start but now but somehow I hear after an hour but again, because it's too boring. The gameplay is so far always the same: you come
  • When is a realization on the part of Sony?  

    PS4 Dual Shock 4 - White (Video Game)
    For fifty euros, Sony merely levers to deliver low-end components: an anemic battery that takes only hours, tumblers creaky and eventually crash. This is simply unacceptable ... I've known devices "no name" ten times cheaper that were more relia
  • Inadequate performance  

    SanDisk Ultra SDHC Memory Card 32GB Class 10 UHS-I with a read speed up to 30MB / s (SDSDU-032G-U46) (Personal Computers)
    Very disappointed with sandisk instantly. I am however not demanding performance but there anemic rates handwriting make using this card in a rélfex be discouraged, not to mention burst mode. All you need is the easy bit initiation and machine easily
  • datasheet feels the sting  

    Enermax TB Silence UCTB12 Fan (Personal Computers)
    In other respects, this fan is perfect: well made, lightweight, comes with what it takes to connect, and it actually silent, very silent. But that silence comes at a price: this fan does not breath! It is totally anemic, even at 12V. It just provides
  • Klipsch really?  

    Klipsch Mode M40 Headphones Copper / black (Germany Import) (Accessory)
    I bought this helmet on Amazon UK for £ 129.99 at the time. Currently the price is £ 99.99 ... and certainly not worth more! Positives: - The presentation and quality of workmanship are impeccable. Really beautiful work. - Despite its weight and the
  • WiFi router to replace ac WiFi Box  

    Netgear R7000-100PES NIGHTHAWK Wi-Fi Router AC1900 (Accessory)
    I bought this router WiFi ac to replace the anemic box SFR WiFi from my Fibre. It's a shame to be limited by its speed WiFi (300 Mb / s fiber and 10Mb / s at best WiFi, 2Mb / s as soon as you move away from the box). Once configured (not very difficu
  • A hymn to the family, to love and against racial segregation  

    The Grapes of Wrath (Paperback)
    Through his writing, John Steinbeck wants controversy. It describes, during the Great Depression in America in the 30s, the exile of a family, the Joad, their native Oklahoma to California. The meaning of the title helps to understand the fighting St
  • A progressive hair removal, patience and length of time  

    Philips SC2008 / 12 epilator Lumea Pulsed light body, face and bikini slide and Flash (Health and Beauty)
    In our family, the ladies have brown hair, no restrictions related to the complexion, then they took control of the device to see if, thanks to him, the wonder of permanent hair removal occurred, and how so to go about doing it! Here in a few words w
  • Brahms Handel Variations and (III): Claudio Arrau  

    Claudio Arrau plays Brahms (4 CD Box Set) (CD)
    The recording of Handel Variations Arrau must be one with which I discovered the work. In his stereo, with the famous name of the pianist, republished with other important works, he has probably as a choice that many make in confidence and will not b
  • Brahms Handel Variations and (IV): Egon Petri  

    Piano Variations (CD)
    Series disk "great pianists of the twentieth century", there a dozen years, had still managed this feat, "forget" among them Annie Fischer, but also Egon Petri (Hanover, 1881 Berkeley, 1962 ), German pianist naturalized American in 193