• Highly recommended compilation, especially if one is interested in the full-Mixes  

    Tomorrowland Music Will Unite Us Forever 2014 (Audio CD)
    In my opinion, it is in this set, consisting of three CDs to a highly recommended compilation of contemporary music (especially within the DJ mixes) and classics (CD 3). This year there are rather a mix of Yves V, which is about 80 minutes, no fewer
  • No pure yellow  

    Sony SE20 silicone bracelet for SmartWatch 2 yellow (optional)
    The bracelet is not - to suggest as in the picture is - yellow, but has more of a "dirty yellow-green" mixed paint. Is not ugly, but definitely not a pure yellow. Otherwise, it's OK. Stop only a little over priced for a silicone bracelet.
  • A good flashlight  

    ThruNite® TN4A Cool White 1150 lumens waterproof LED flashlight (tool)
    Short info in advance. ... Caution when ordering, as there is the TN4A Cool White with (CREE XP-L V6 LED) and as neutral white with (CREE XM-L2 U2 3C LED). If Cool White is sold is mostly only the Neutral White offered. The ThruNite TN4A has no Lanya
  • Beautiful pendant 7  

    Miore - MH9092SN - Necklace - Yellow Gold Gr 9 1.05 Cts 375/1000 - Zirconium Oxide (Jewelry)
    Beautiful pendant with white gold yellow gold mix, I did not know the brand miore but really disappointed, I recommend
  • Lilac: With irrigation mixed against yellowness  

    Directions Hair Dye LILAC (Personal Care)
    This hair color (Lilac) can be either very light bleached hair (pastels work only on extremely light hair) tones trendy colorful and there is no danger, completely washed out as substantive hair color. Or you can get a half a teaspoon in his flush or
  • Long-term antifungal, mixing processing with white silicone Pattex goes well, so far no yellowing  

    Pattex shower and bathroom silicone transparent, PFDBT (tool)
    The use of anti-fungal silicone has the necessary joints renewals significantly extended with me around about 3 years, so I have resorted back to the appropriately equipped silicones. Since I had to combine white edge joints and sealing tests on tran
  • For og Zewcke unusable (PC / MP3 Player - Mixer / speaker) because cable Balanced  

    3.5 mm stereo jack plug to XLR Male PC Laptop Mixer Speakers 1 m (electronic)
    Ships from and sold by kenable ltd. Unfortunately, the cable Balanced is structured and thus not usable for the above purpose, since the audio signals are not properly "routed". This results in an odd distorted sound. Here emerges the term "
  • A (nearly) perfect mp3 player  

    Sandisk Sansa Clip + MP3 player 2GB (FM tuner, microSD Slot) (Electronics)
    The most important innovation in Sansa Clip +, compared to the normal "clip", is probably clear the card slot for microSD cards. A limitation of the possible card size I could not refer to the manual, so you can now expand the tiny thus alm
  • very bright, brilliant light, only slight yellow tinge  

    Osram LED MR16 Star 35, 5.6W (35W replaced), socket GU5.3, specially warmton (827), reflector shape 50 mm, 12 Volt, 36 Beam 910393 (household goods)
    Once in our bathroom the transformer broke down, I take the opportunity also equal to the lighting completely changed. Based on the positive recommendations I have decided for the Osram lamps. They replace the 20 watt halogen MR16 lamps. From the lum
  • Super Set; in the MP3 version, unfortunately only 4 stars  

    Universal Religion Chapter 4 (MP3 Download)
    A really good mix, unfortunately you get at the MP3 version only the "Continuous DJ Mix" at a time. In online store with the apple there also the individual title ...
  • Beautiful Mix  

    Bayern 2-native sound (audio CD)
    A nice mix that has made me curious about the one or the other band that I might otherwise have not discovered. That the Amazon MP3 version is instantly downloadable, is also chic.
  • Good mix 4 1  

    The Hunger Games - Catching Fire (Deluxe Edition) (MP3 Download)
    Since my 3 credits songs I have liked very well treated myself to the soundtrack in addition to the score. Here, of course, a distinction must be ... in the score by James Newton Howard finds the film music again, here in the soundtrack "only
  • No Spool function in MP3s  

    Panasonic SC-PM500EG-K compact system (iPod / iPhone dock, 2x 20 watts (RMS), USB input, radio with RDS) (Electronics)
    About Sound and Design I do not have to write a lot. The previous reviews give my opinion very well again. But what not even came up is a shortcoming that I absolutely can not understand. Within an MP3 file, regardless of whether this is on a USB sti
  • Recently 16GB model with camera - - Note Note More than an MP3 player, but not a phone  

    Apple iPod Touch 5G 16GB MP3 player (10.2 cm (4 inch) Retina Display, Bluetooth) black / silver (Electronics)
    22/12/2014 - Update to avoid misunderstandings: Since the older version of the iPod Touch 5G is still sold here by some traders, you should ask the dealer if it is the current model with rear camera before purchase. Buyer at the Apple store you will
  • Ideal for MP3 DJs and laptop  

    USB soundcard Reloop Play Sound Card MAC / Windows (Electronics)
    The sound card provides two independent output channels, which is essential for the computer-DJ. Here, the sound card provides two modes of operation: 2 RCA outputs to control an external mixer at (and there to use the preview function) or for pure P
  • completely satisfied - good quality - balanced color mixing - Single colors  

    STABILO EASYcolors 12er Case with Spitzer right - ergonomic crayons (Office supplies & stationery)
    My daughter knows the pins of a classmate and wanted this also necessarily have. In your opinion, was the advantage in that they really can grab it right through the notches as well. I was skeptical, but the pins are completely convinced: - You can a
  • A mixed-ear headphones  

    Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision in-ear headphones 1.2 m Black (Electronics)
    I bought this helmet away because I wanted to change the original headphones of mp3 / mp4 I had to offer me. The sound is clear, the bass pretty good, treble it passes, the bass is average but overall I'm pretty mixed. For me the son headsets, headph
  • The LEDs are transparent and mixed  

    The LEDs are transparent and mixed, so you have to test them one by one to know the color. I used a USB power supply and put a resistor in series with the LED test. A value between 150 Ohm and 1 KOhm appropriate. All LEDs work. I have 19 blue, yellow