Koss Sporta Pro Semi-open Headphone

Koss Sporta Pro Semi-open Headphone

Koss Sporta Pro Headphones (Electronics)

Customer Review

A nice cheap headphone with a good sound, Especially for the price.

This headphone is very comfortable to wear, you do not mention the fact headphone is on your head after a Matter of Time.
The headband has to eigthies-stylish look and can be moved up and backwards.
That the headband is movable has never been useful to me, but to others it might be.

The cushions are removable and that's clever and are Easily to be had.

The sound is so very good: When I heard this headphone for the first time I immediately Mentioned the warmth of the sound.
The bass is nice, not acurate and very deep but it is nice.
I have listened to the AKG K518 LE and the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo and theyhave defently a deeper and accentuated bass response.
So if you require a deep bass being accentuated, the Koss Sporta Pro may not be satisfying you.
The mids are smooth and clear but the treble is more rolled-off and muffled, and that last issue is the only thing I complain about as it sounds somewhat congested, but That is common to on-ear headphones.
I personally love the treble.
The sound signature reminds me of the Bose sound True On-Ear Headphone more have smooth mids and a rolled-off treble but a slightly deeper bass than the Koss Sporta Pro.
The Bose On-Ear Headphone Koss Porta Pro is like the a warm-sounding headphone.
So if you do not like a very bright, shrill treble sound, the Bose sound True On-Ear Headphone Koss Sporta Pro and the are a good choise.

The headphone is rather fragile but is unbeatable for its price range and more over you get a lifetime warranty.

So, this is my comment about this headphone, ... I hope it clear to what you ....
Here are my pros & cons:

Pros: Lifetime Warranty, nice sound; as to the price the best sound you can get; Nostalgic headband; comfortable; cushions are replacable.
Cons: Fragile; treble is rolled-off and muffled

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