Like all LEGO games worth the money

Like all LEGO games worth the money

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - [Nintendo Wii U] (Video Game)

Customer Review

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a typical LEGO game. Two players can put together as heroes team the evil villains of the Marvel Universe.

The number of playable characters is huge, elaborated the animation superb and in great detail.

The German version is unfortunately very poorly synchronized. It is often not clear which figure is a saying of itself, unless it is clear from the context. They all sound too similar. Fortunately, you can switch to the Englishen tone and gets out the original voice of Agent Coulson and the other voices are catchy.

Furthermore, some mistakes have crept into play. So it can happen, that will awaken a figure over a precipice to life again and dies again, or that one must take a level with a specific person, so the game does not finish. (Asgard).

It an update has already been delivered. How far this improved these problems I can not say, because my experiences relate to the pure disc.

Who is Marvel fan, comes here not around it. Inside jokes and a Stan Lee in top form (in original Englishen he himself set to music) make this game a pleasure. Long-term pass is guaranteed by the free play in New York, where countless tasks off the 15 missions wait.

My tip: In spite of the smaller Möngel strike and save the world.

Medea v. ELENI Rank: 5/5
February 2
disappointed 1193 Rank: 2/5
February 24
Very good buy 150 Rank: 5/5
September 23
protects screen 9 Rank: 4/5
March 12

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