Magnification information do not match description

Magnification information do not match description

DBPOWER 10 LED Handheld Magnifier excursions, 2.5x90mm main objective, DC4.8V 500mA output, dual purpose, 10x10x20cm (Electronics)

Customer Review

Have the model MG3B-1C received, this is the great with the 10 LEDs.
Unfortunately, however, agree the specifications of the product description does not match the goods.
The description is:
Main lens: 2,5x90mm
Conversion Lens: 8x25mm
However, as already the image (.. On the magnifying glass incl PSU incl Instructions to recognize is) to recognize when you enlarged it, the following lenses are installed:
Main lens: 2x120mm
Conversion Lens: 5x28mm
For someone who can not do anything with the data:
The first number represents the magnification and the second for the diameter of the lens (such as binoculars also). The large lens has so therefore no magnification of 2.5x but by 2x. Moreover, it does not have 90 mm diameter but (about) 120 mm. The small lens has accordingly therefore no 8x magnification but only a 5-fold. This value could suggest that it is merely a number Dreher ... but is only one possible explanation. But does not explain the outlying values ​​of the main lens.

So I do not want to seem petty ... but I find that the values ​​specified in the product description and in the specifications of the technical data should correspond with the product.

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