Magnificent heir!

Magnificent heir!

Hand.Can Not.Erase (CD)

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Heir of the seventies prog, especially Pink Floyd and King Crimson, it is no longer in doubt. SW has always defended its musical values ​​to become a human encyclopedia of the genre and artistically recognized by those so-called far too early and fallaciously the rock dinosaurs. He knew in recent years attracted an audience that largely draws from the past generations, let's be optimists, are interested more and more to the authenticity of the musical discourse, without ulterior commercial view.
SW Yet one feels able to do everything a long time and the title track with its format, its catchy rhythm, melody pregnant could appear in good position in the charts alongside Coldplay .... if only the author wished!
Each SW discs is significantly different here is actually sometimes an easily accessible pop side, the title track and also "Perfect Life" treated pleasant trip hop and "Happy return" side "folkleux the fire" with its SW "doo doo doo lalalala."
In this opus SW pointedly abandons jazzrock sides of his repertoire (the disappearance of sax Theo Travis is significant, and the relative shrinkage in the mix of bass Nick Beggs using increasingly his Chapman stick).). New also the presence of female voices: Ninet Tayeb beautiful and also the narration in "Perfect Life" katherine Jenkins.
Despite his influences present, here and there because of the SW and SW offers us a much more personal musical landscape that in its previous discs. The whole is much more homogeneous, no passage that can be described as long or boring even if it is a music that takes its time and breathes with the poetry and power that is habitual with him. Lovers of long pieces that are usually the prog fans are not disappointed with the Ancestral sublime (13 mns) and the suite is "Home Invasion / Regret / Transcience" (14 mns).
His qualities as a melodist peerless ooze throughout the disc. Porcupine Tree seems well and truly dead and the magnificent combo which he has surrounded himself to give relief to his melodies we greatly regret not too. We have two great guitarists himself SW course and Guthry Govan who seems to know everything (the solo seems to come out of Ancestral magical fingers Bonamassa!). Adam Holzman can happen to make us forget the great Richard Barbieri and Marco Minneman rises smoothly up to the fineness of Gavin Harrison. What about the bass "Squirienne" of beggs!
Side word "Hand ..." is intended as a concept album around the story of a real relationship but still full of young English woman found herself alone in her home in London two years after his death. Solitude in our communication society, impossible love, indifference, cowardice in our relationships, lost time. Two friends who lived as saeurs for a few months but have never tried to see if (Perfect life). A brother who returns his return but indifferent because "years have passed like trains that welcomes but does not slow down" (Happy returns ") .... No, in our society of the click, the clip and zap. .. "the hand can not reset this love" gay ..... Not all of this is the SW universe ...

Finally we know that SW is personally always been the production of his records. Here no approach despite the outrageously vintage instruments used but special attention to the sound can give these instruments in 2015 with the essential help of digital software (SW also has created its own version of EastWest Ghostwriter VI).
So the mellotron "3 years older" is the same as that of "In the short ..." (1969) but here it sounds just as deeper, more disturbing air months too. The minimoog of "Regret" is magic thanks to a digital processing time. Chick Corea could not make it sound that way in 1974. As the Fender Rhodes "Home Invasion": a delight with the battery, it seems to be at caeur of the instrument. The voice of Ninet Tayeb also perfectly integrated in the sound mix of a captivating way to the end of "Routine". Not including Phaser, Chorus and other effects that will delight leslie guitarists of all kinds! Nothing cold unlike its beautiful bidoillages 90s man progresses and we can say the same of his most pleasant voice than before.
Great art to listen on a good HiFi system to associate a music lover and audiophile pleasure.
Steven Wilson is a great rock and tout court music.

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