Magnificent work

Magnificent work

Cosmos (Paperback)

Customer Review

"Towards an unincorporated wisdom" perfectly captures the essence of this magnificent work.
This book is pure balm to madness or the blindness of our modern society, a call to return to basics: who and what are we really behind our cultivated facade, supposedly civilized, but so few really?

With an objective, detailed and of course very rational and rigorous, M Onfray rids us of our cultural and religious trappings to place us, as a human species, in the great circle of life and make us' tu 'the' sublime '.
This sublime, that we should be dictated by who or what it is, we must find in ourselves properly opening her eyes. It is in 5 parts of 5 chapters covering all areas that just opens our eyes, if it was not already. The result is a reading experience as wonderful as cruel and sometimes painful.

Special mention for the very moving preface and the part about our relationship to animals, our conscious and criminal blindness concerning them, sadism we can, without thinking, to demonstrate against them. Both have really touched me.

We may not always agree with some of the political positions of Mr. Onfray, but there is here no question of policy.
It is an initiatory work that speaks of our responsibility as a species of generational transmission too, life trajectory and fidelity to lost loved ones. Everyone should read it and meditate on it. It should make it better.

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