Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (computer game)

Customer Review

Am now going through !!! Game time was about 7 hours. Admittedly not much, but ... this is a reason (do not want to reveal too much).

The story I find anything but small, but very well worked. Very convincing.

I want to keep my review short and clear. That's why now is a pros and cons.



- Innovative gameplay: (KI, cover mode, tactical instructions ...)

- Incredibly beautiful graphics GENUINE: (Vegas much better nem

Implement helicopters will be difficult.)

- High realism: (AI behaves properly [almost always;)], Fast

action is needed ...)

- SUPER SOUND: I do not know how they did it, but I have

never heard such realistic sound

- Story Mode: So seriously, the real-time briefing (Briefing)

packs a punch. They want to talk to some extent with the application manager :)

- Team Play: While I can to the critical opinion of my predecessor

understand some places good, but Team Feeling came on with me

definitely on. It is the density of the team makes the this item.

Starting with the real-time briefing at Heli, to the cry for help of my

verletztens Team Members. Goosebumps to come, not a movie comes

as zoom.

- Intuitive gameplay: Yes, exactly not only innovative but above all

intuitively you should approach the missions. As of a

other Rainbow Members written, it comes in

dense crises it to act quickly and correctly.

This is possible here. One should sometimes use his creativity

to obtain no collateral damage, which then immediately start the

last checkpoint mean (which is often a proper punishment.

- Take cover: This feature has convinced me with the most. Never

so came to a dense and real atmosphere. It's almost hard

to describe. You have to feel it, then you understand it first.

Nevertheless, I try to explain it briefly. So the coverage mode

gives a feeling of warmth and Sichherheit ...;) * gg * (The well ...)

... But seriously: It is impressive hardly out of his

Trusting hiding place and together with the team from its coverage

to fire. It has several options, so you can, for example, from the

Coverage without that they must leave, throw grenades, or half

blind just stay out of the gun and losfeuern wild (very imprecise

course and stop at random ... but that's realism)

Another possibility is, for example, vertically from a squatting position

(Sets a box cover ahead is smaller than oneself) to

go and then firing on the box (very precise, since one is

may rebel ... but it will be taken relatively quickly).

The last possibility is then to move laterally to the cover

and then press and hold the keys sideways (A or D) on the

To shoot enemies (better Deckung-> Meet lower probability

but also more difficult to target because you can not lean to.

By the way sorry that I've ever written crate, you can

Of course everywhere seek cover. But it is precisely here tactic is needed.

You have to move to cover realistically of coverage. This comes

an insanely realistic to feel that this title by all

other differs significantly.

- Tactics is a wonderful thing: by commands like: 1. target priority,

2. priority target can be hostage realistic treatable and you

get a real shake Feeling against access. Then everything goes as

fast as in reality. Then I've been waiting so long, but

at any title, it was so real.

- I can think of a few pro's, but I do not want the article to

infinite draw. That is why now the ...


- More teamplay please: Unfortunately, there is a bit too little Teamanweisungs-

options. So I ask myself: "Why do I have to open the door,

to tell my team, they should take a frag grenade yet

better times use the flashbang. That's odd. Good: One

wants to keep the control simple and not a thousand keys for

Team instructions installing. I understand, but it was for my taste

in some respects unsatisfactory. Also annoys me that you can not

can be throw a flashbang sometimes without a door from the team.

I have the team play in the game even as some other bad stuff

noticed, but they are not so important now.

-> In fact, here's what needs to be improved !!!

- Revive me: Yes, what can I say. The pity is that I sometimes

Can rausholen 37 syringe and my teammates so repeatedly

"Mend healthy" can. What's going on then? :) Well, in so far

of realism, since you're in the real world, sometimes high-effective pain

medium injected, which acts immediately and the comrades from the

lebensgefählichen situation helps.

The other point of concern has also been mentioned by my predecessor. It is

not just of realism that I after a certain time after the

Hits'm completely healthy again. After a headshot it is indeed

Dead right, but why does it always needs some hits in succession

to be turned off? The course also contributes positively to the Game

added, because you can still get to safety, but is unfortunately

quite violently on the realism of the game.

- AI probably good, but not perfect: A pity, sometimes you have to

Of course sometimes long for the AI ​​to the head. Come opponents

sometimes out of nowhere, although previously the entire area thoroughly

has abgecheckt; Team members are very often not just happen on the

Attack Idea times a tango (Terrorist), although the in their

immediate reach is and their own people are sometimes

to run past me although still is too stupid ever lots of space

(Then complain always very discreet;))

So even with the cons'd probably come up with something more, but

the most important is called.


So, the density of the atmosphere, the incredibly beautiful graphics that

Feeling strong team and the Beautiful Story deceive a few

Shortcomings in the implementation of the Health Systems and the team instruction time.

Overall, we can say that this game tactics and real-time

Simulation combines good. I have to admit it to me especially on the

Realism arrives. I love it when I about to access

have sweaty palms and I then my creative and realistic,

can durchfühen spontaneous access. Very nice is that I my

Team often (almost always) can make to another door and then two

Pages can be accessed.

So all in all I am very confident and hope for improvements

in terms of team play and Health System. It will then hopefully

exciting and be even more real than it already is. I like that

it is really hardly limited partly in his ways

and by relatively simple control held. And it kommts yes

in! A good control, but which can be mastered relatively quickly,

the one but not too limiting in its freedom. I think

you understand me already.

Thus, Who still do not get it from Santa Claus, should quickly

access, because it really worth it !!!

HAPPY AND THEN OF COURSE a Happy New Year to all !!!

French manufacturing Rank: 4/5
July 20
Yellow etuit Rank: 4/5
April 19
Very good 1631 Rank: 5/5
November 22
phone very easy to use. Rank: 5/5
April 25
Cheap and convenient. I advise. Rank: 5/5
September 5

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